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Awesome / The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants

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  • Episode 2 has quite a few:
    • George and Harold crashing their school dance to make it fun.
    • The robot duel of DJ Drowsy Drawers vs. George and Harold piloting Melvin’s Raise-The-Roof-O-Tron 2000.
    • George and Harold using music to get Captain Underpants to “sleep-dance”, then “sleep fight” against DJ Drowsy Drawers.
    • After he wakes back up, Captain Underpants delivers an epic beat down to DJ Drowsy Drawers... while rapping.
  • In episode 3, George Harold, and Cool!Melvin managing to defeat the Homework Hydra with laser pointers.
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  • Melvin of all people gets one in the Season 2 finale. When Melvinborg reveals his intent on betraying George and Harold (after they just saved the day, no less!), Melvin actually says “No” and saves them, changing his future and erasing Melvinborg from existence! Way to redeem yourself, little guy!
    Melvin: I refuse to become the monster you are when I grow up! And that decision means... you no longer exist.
    Melvinborg: (starts to disappear from existence) NO! But… but I’m you! BUT I’M YOU! (disappears completely)
    Melvin: You were me...
  • Say what you would about Krupp, but he was able to pull I Lied to such a magnificent extent that he actually completely tricked George and Harold into thinking that he reformed in the season 3 two-parter.


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