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  • A bit meta and one for stop-motion in general the second trailer, which shows just how much work and attention to detail goes into a stop-motion film.
    • Even The Stinger shows this, as Mr. Pickles and Mr. Trout muse about how if they really are in a film, the animators have to animate them blinking and then talking about it. During their conversation, you can see a time-lapse of the animator doing that very thing as they're talking. Doubles as a Funny Moment.
  • After establishing quite clearly that Boxtrolls are shy and timid creatures who would rather hide from danger, even sometimes when running would be smarter, Eggs tries to drag Fish (who is curled up in his box) away from the attack in their home. When a bolo is fired at them and knocks Eggs out when it wraps around the two of them, Fish actually tries to attack the people who are trying to capture them. Yes, Fish is almost immediately knocked out, but that was kind of brave for the shy Boxtroll.
    • Even more awesome (and heartwarming) when you remember you've seen Fish growl like that the beginning of the film, when he's taking Eggs away from Snatcher! He had shown his Papa Wolf tendencies way earlier than we thought.
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  • Right at their Darkest Hour, the Boxtrolls leave their boxes.
  • The whole climax, with the Boxtrolls riding in to save Eggs and fight Snatcher, with the help of Winnie, Mr. Pickles, Mr. Trout, and Trubshaw.
    Eggs: You built this thing, you can take it apart!
  • Herbert Trubshaw somehow managed to keep himself together under ten years of torture and imprisonment to help Eggs encourage the Boxtrolls to save themselves.

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