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Awesome / Batman Unlimited: Mechs Vs. Mutants

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  • The film begins by introducing Gotham to a Kaiju-sized Killer Croc. Despite the heroes best efforts he rampages throughout the city without opposition. Until a Bat-themed Humongous Mecha appears to challenge him.
  • The civilian workers at the oil rig that Mr. Freeze tries to frighten off with his mutated monster actually manage to defend themselves. They're equipped with a Wayne Tech laser weapon, which actually succeeds in damaging Freeze's technology. Thus returning his monster to a normal animal and saving the platform.
  • The Flash makes his triumphant return as Batman and Robin charge Mega-Croc in the Batmobile. Though just seconds later he slips on some ice, and ends up in a dumpster.
    Flash: Hey guys, a minute ago I was having coffee in Paris when I saw the news.
    • Though he does better when helping save some police officers later.
  • As Mege-Croc is about to destroy the G.P.D. building, Gordon saves everyone by weaponizing the Bat-Signal. Pointing the bright light directly in Croc's eye's, temporarily blinding him.
  • Giant-Bane vs Mege-Croc.
    • Winner: Croc
  • Naïve Newcomer Damien is the one to figure out Penguin's plan in an Awesome by Analysis moment where he focuses on the chemical compositions of Clayface and the others who Penguin broke out of Arkham instead of just their powers.
  • Mr. Freeze proves that he isn’t as Genre Blind as he looks when he realizes Penguin plans to betray him and holds the villain at blaster point, nearly stopping his double-cross.
  • Green Arrow and Batman fighting giant Kaiju versions of Killer-Croc and Chemo in giant mecha.
    • When Chemo proves to be a tough opponent, even badly damaging the Arrow mech. Batman takes the arm with the giant crossbow. And attaches it to his own mech. Allowing him to combine the best parts of both robots and defeat Chemo.
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    • When Batman hits Chemo with his mech, he cracks the supervillain's outer shell for the first time ever, even though Chemo is far stronger than he usually is.

Alternative Title(s): Batman Unlimited Mech Vs Mutants