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Awesome / Batman Unlimited: Mech vs. Mutants

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  • The film begins by introducing Gotham to a Kaiju-sized Killer Croc. Despite the heroes best efforts he rampages throughout the city without opposition. Until a Bat-themed Humongous Mecha appears to challenge him.
  • The civilian workers at the oil rig that Mr. Freeze tries to frighten off with his mutated monster actually manage to defend themselves. They're equipped with a Wayne Tech laser weapon, which actually succeeds in damaging Freeze's technology. Thus returning his monster to a normal animal and saving the platform.
  • The Flash makes his triumphant return as Batman and Robin charge Mega-Croc in the Batmobile. Though just seconds later he slips on some ice, and ends up in a dumpster.
    Flash: Hey guys, a minute ago I was having coffee in Paris when I saw the news.
    • Though he does better when helping save some police officers later.
  • As Mege-Croc is about to destroy the G.P.D. building, Gordon saves everyone by weaponizing the Bat-Signal. Pointing the bright light directly in Croc's eye's, temporarily blinding him.
  • Giant-Bane vs Mege-Croc.
    • Winner: Croc
  • Green Arrow and Batman are fighting giant Kaiju versions of Killer-Croc and Chemo in giant mecha.

Alternative Title(s): Batman Unlimited Mech Vs Mutants


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