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  • Pretty much any fight Lucky Luke happens to be involved in:
    • In Emperor Smith, he manages to easily defeat an opponent armed with a cannon.
      Thug: Don't you see I have a cannon? One move from my hand, and you are obliterated!
      Luke: Make the move
    • In one book, he manages to use a very small gun to shoot inside his opponent's gun, destroying it from the inside.
    • In Dalton City, we are introduced at the beginning of the story to a corrupt, outlaw-populated city, run by the outlaw and de-facto corrupt mayor Fenton, where sheriffs are constantly either getting killed or intimidated into leaving, with Fenton collecting their stars as trophies... until Luke arrives as the new Sheriff. He then puts an end to the corruption in the city in one night, by defeating and taking Fenton prisoner, then setting fire to the saloon he was running his little empire out of. The other criminals abandon Fenton to his fate and Fenton Town becomes a ghost town overnight. Fenton is hauled to jail and sentenced to over a thousand years in prison.
      Fenton: I don't get it, dozens of lawmen had tried, and you shut down Fenton City in one night, just like that! How?!
      Luke: Because you're a coyote, and I knew all I had to do was take you out and all the other coyotes would abandon you.
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    • In Billy the Kid, Billy tries intimidating Luke by demonstrating his speed: he lets a candy fall from his hand, then draws his gun before the candy hits the ground. Luke's answer? He lets the candy fall from his hand, draws his gun, put it back in its holster, and then catches the candy before it hits the ground.
      Luke: [eating the candy] It's more hygienic that way.
    • In a similar fashion in another book, a bounty hunter sent to kill Luke tries to impress him by throwing a coin and shooting right in the middle of it. Luke reacts unimpressed, causing the bounty hunter to to do the same trick with four coins, only for Luke to mock him about how this is a waste of money. Eventually, the bounty hunter throws a card in the air and cut it in half by shooting at it.
      Bounty Hunter: So? Was that lame or a waste of money?
      Luke: No, but you just used the last of your six bullets. You are under arrest.
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    • In Lucky Luke vs. Phil Defer, the book ends with the two titular character facing each others in a gun fight. After a while, Phil seemingly manages to make Luke run out of his six bullets, and confidently gets out of cover, ready eliminate him... only for Luke to shoot once again and defeat him. Turns out Luke anticipated this, and had himself built a colt capable of shooting seven times instead of six just for the occasion.
    • When a man with a derringer tries to shoot him after believing he missed (the derringer being so small Blasting It Out of Their Hands would be hard without hitting the hand), when nothing happens he takes a magnifying lens and realizes Luke has hit the hammer of the gun.
    • In The Wagon Train, Luke agrees to a hand-to-hand fight with an Indian to convince an Indian raid to not attack the caravan he's guiding. The Indian chooses his best fighter, then sits down and lights a pipe, assuming the fight might take hours. It's over before his pipe is lit.
      Luke: It's the footwork, they always forget the footwork.
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    • A similar scene occurs in Canyon Apache as one of the manhood tests Luke undergoes to become an honorary Apache. The test entails defeating a brutish Apache armed with a butchers knife, while Luke is only given a stick. The chief barely has time to turn around before Luke calmly walks back into panel, whittling the stick with the knife he took from his defeated opponent.
  • In Calamity Jane, Jane takes part in an arm wrestling with the main villain's Dumb Muscle, Baby Sam. As they start, it seems like she is losing, and everybody places his bet on Baby Sam. Then, at the very second everybody has placed his bet, Jane reveals she wasn't using her full strength, and easily wins in one move of her wrist.
    • Earlier in the book, Calamity Jane pulls a Big Damn Heroes on Luke, of all people, single-handedly driving multiple indians with guns away.
  • At the end Go West!, Joe finally has Luke at his mercy, forcing him to drop his gun by holding a hostage. Just as he's about to kill him, a bullet that had seemingly missed its mark during the shootout in the mineshaft ricocheted out and enters the barrel of Joe's gun, dismantling the gun from the inside. This pushes Joe into complete insanity.
    Luke: My name is Luke, Joe. Lucky Luke.
  • In "The Black Hills", Bull Bullet, The Dragon to the story's Big Bad, hires a brute named Nebraska Kid to pick a fight with and kill one of the visiting European scientists who are in the U.S to help determine if the lands beyond the titular black hills in Wyoming are good for settlement. Bull Bullet had assumed that the fight would be a slaughter, as all the scientists had proven themselves completely inept with guns to the point that they're a bigger danger to themselves than any enemy. However, the scientist Nebraska picked on, an anthropologist from Austria, says that since he's the one who's been challenged to a duel, he gets to pick the weapon, and demands they fight with swords (which the bartender happens to have a pair of, due to a travelling sword swallower having lost his equipment gambling in the saloon a few years before). The scientist completely schools Nebraska, who for all his brute force can't stand up to actual skill.
  • The climax of Jesse James, when the townsfolk become so ashamed and disgusted with their cowardice over the James Gang terrorizing them (to the point that Luke himself had left them in disgust when no-one would testify against Jesse's cousin) that they rally the entire town and ambushes the James Gang when they attempt to resume their crime spree, forcing them to flee into a nearby forest, where Luke catches them.
    • Pretty much any story when the civilians finally get sick of putting up with the villains crap and follow Luke's example, like in Barbed Wire on the Prairie or The Daily Star.
    • The ending of Billy the Kid where Luke publicly humiliates Billy the Kid and then gives him a sound spanking before dragging him off to jail to show the townsfolk of Fort Weakling he had been terrorizing what he really is; not some invincible monster but a vicious, spoiled brat who happens to be decent with a gun. Before he leaves, Luke gives a speech that no matter how fearsome an outlaws reputation is, they're still just mortal men, and can be beaten. The townspeople take this to heart, and from that day on, Fort Weakling becomes a no-go zone for criminals, who quickly discover that their reputations mean nothing there. The citizens don't even flinch when Jesse James show up several months later, and just tar and feather him before chasing him out.
    • "Lucky Luke vs. Joss Jamon" being an early story had Luke being good but not an Invincible Hero, so his plan when Joss becomes mayor through force and intimidation is to turn the town against Joss and his gang by showing him as a mean coward, first he disguises himself as an old man who uncover the gambler of the gang now sheriff who tries to shoot him with a derringer, only to be stopped by a patron who makes it clear sheriff or not he won't let him shoot an old timer which starts a brawl. Then Luke starts taking potshots at Joss to show how vulnerable he is and how jumpy he can get, finally, when Joss arrests Luke and condemned in front of a Kangaroo Court the townsfolk have enough and breaks out Luke of prison. There is also the Sioux in Joss' gang who has been a Silent Bob the whole time who makes a long speech about knowing when it's time to surrender and threaten to scalp any of his allies who have "the misplaced courage to stop me".
  • The Character Development of Dopey from Oklahoma. Originally just the Dumb Muscle of the villain of the album, Dopey is elected mayor of Boomville due to the citizens preferring to vote for him over their political enemies. Though the villain originally thought this meant he'd have a puppet to run the town through, Luke convinces Dopey to govern fairly. While this doesn't work out, as Boomville eventually fails due to the poor quality of the land chosen for settlement (it's full of oil, which didn't see much use yet), after almost everyone else has packed up and left, the villain asks if Dopey's coming with him and the rest of the gang. Completing his Heel–Face Turn, Dopey responds that he intends to live an honest life from now on, but before leaving, he has some parting words for his former boss, and is last seen chasing the smug little creep out of Oklahoma at gunpoint.


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