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  • Dodgers displays surprising moments of competence:
    • In the very first episode, Dodgers successfully laid out a seemingly unlikely plan to save the Earth by cramming loads of potatoes into the gun ports of the Martian ship.
    • In "The Spy That Didn't Love Me", he successfully laid out explosive charges on a tower broadcasting a control signal to the Martian Centurions, allowing an effective revolt against Martian control.
    • In "Enemy Yours", Dodgers gets two.
      • First, at the opening of the episode, he deliberately and successfully pulls off a Big Damn Heroes moment by putting his ship between Commander X-2's and a damaged Protectorate medical supply ship.
      • At the end of the episode, having previously made a fool of himself, manages to rescue the Martian Queen and defeat the dreaded Doctor Woe while wearing something that greatly resembles Doctor Doom's armor and firing Eye Beams at his opponent. He even treats the Queen with gallant chivalry.
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    • During the trials to see if he was fit to be the King of Mars, Dodgers wins all three challenges on his own.
      • In the first trial, he goes Guile Hero on his opponent in a moment that would have made Bugs Bunny proud.
      • In the second trial, he not only survives the Martian Desert, he does so while eating copious amounts of salty snacks without water, and is able to endure the ordeal better than X-2 because he's lived in Palm Springs.
      • In the third and final trial, he defeats the Sages of Mars in a game of Three Card Monte. Effortlessly.
    • In Where's the Baby Smartypants, Dodgers manages to stall for time at a peace conference and actually manages to get both sides to like each other. It's pretty extraordinary that he was just reading off fortune cookies, but did a better job promoting peace than Osmo did.
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  • Of course, not every moment of awesome belongs to Dodgers. The Eager Young Space Cadet definitely gets one for taking on the titular characters in "Big Bad Bug Mamas" with a Giant Robot.
    Cadet: Excuse me, but I believe you have my duck.
  • Commander X-2 manages to get one on Dodgers, as well. When it looks like his hated foe is about to become his King and wed the Queen, he convinces Dodgers that the King's sole purpose is to run the non-existent methane farms of Uranus.
  • In "The Queen Is Wild", Duck Dodgers displays surprising prowess with a set of laser nunchuku, using them to carve a giant snow sculpture of himself while maintaining eye-contact with the Queen. He also handily parries the Queen's attacks.
  • In "Green Loontern," when the chips were down, he really came through for the Green Lantern Corps, providing an entrance for Kilowog, Katma Tui, and Ch'p, and then, even as he was being squashed flat by Sinestro, using his borrowed ring to revive the captured Green Lanterns.
  • In "Hooray for Hollywood Planet", Dodgers manages to tame a rampaging space dragon by treating it like an overgrown puppy.
    • And he does so because the thing ate Cadet and caused Dodgers to snap out of his Dirty Coward routine and order the thing to spit out Cadet.
  • In "Invictus Interruptus" when Dodgers manages to single-handedly bring down the Martian Super-destroyer with chewing gum.
  • In "Pig Planet" Dodgers knowing how to deal with Cadet's evil cousin Zag, pointing out to Princess Incense that she does know how to stop Zag's Lava Monster, and they both end up taking the monster down and saving Cadet's life.
    • Cadet himself gets an awesome moment when he defeats Zag in a laser sword fight.
  • Both Dodgers and X-2 get one in "The Fudd", when they conquer their inability to read and fear of heights, respectively.
  • Cassiopeia's song.
  • So much of the Season 2 finale, "Of Course You Know This Means War and Peace pts. 1 & 2".
    • The Martian Queen gets one for taking out Dish, who was already shown to be a skilled fighter as well.
    • Z-9 discovers that it isn't Dodgers who's taking out his ships, but Star Johnson. Then Dodgers, X-2, and the Cadet all Evaporate into the bridge.
    • Dodgers redeems himself for letting The Cadet take the fall in the first episode of the story.
    Dodgers: Then this time, I take the fall.
    • That moment is followed by the Cadet forgiving Dodgers.
    Dodgers: I'll raise this crate or die trying!
    Cadet: No, w-w-we will!
    Cadet: C-cheerfully disobeyed, Captain.
    • A Villainous one for Z-9. Upon realizing that he doesn't have the access codes to Earth's defense field, we get this exchange.
    Dish: Shall we call off the attack, General?
    Z-9: Maintain course, Counselor Dish.
    Dish: But, no Martian ship will make it through the shields. We'll be vaporized.
    Z-9: We're not in a Martian ship.
    Duck Dodgers (elsewhere): WE ARE!
  • "In Space, no one can Hear you Rock": Calling in Megadeth to fight off the Martian Fleet's "Sax "oblivion". Dave Mustaine's guitar has a laser.
  • The fact that Daffy got his own show way before Bugs did is pretty awesome to think about.

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