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Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

  • The Eds must try and start Eddy's brother's car in order to get out of Eddy's room safely and before the rest of the cast break open the door and kill them (figuratively or literately, take your pick.) Unfortunately, the car is unable to start, so what does Ed do? He kicks his feet through the floor of the car and powers it with his feet and he manages to go fast enough to not only break through the room's wall but break open half of the freakin' house!
  • Early in the film, Eddy points out that he didn't see Edd try to stop him from creating the scam that destroyed the neighborhood.
  • Arguably one of the greatest moments in the entire series, Edd growing a huge pair of balls and standing up to Eddy and Ed after they pull the quicksand prank on him, giving Eddy a much-needed reality check and Heel Realization in the process.
    • Crossing over with Tear Jerker, Eddy finally breaking down crying and admitting that everything bad that ever happened to the Eds was his fault, and revealing that even he hates himself and is a "fouled-up, wannabe loser". Even though this scene is heartbreaking, it's satisfying to know he's finally taking the steps he needs to being a better person.
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    • During Edd and Eddy's fight, Edd is usually portrayed as a weakling "who can't lift a butterfly", but when Eddy had him pinned down, he threw Eddy off of him. A rare show of strength from a normally timid character.
    • The fact that Edd, who said in an earlier episode that he was a pacifist, actually fought his friend/enemy just shows how much he's Taken a Level in Badass.
    • Meanwhile Eddy gets his own little moment by telling Edd that he's not as innocent as he thinks he is and built the device that destroyed the cul de sac.
      Eddy: Like you were pickin' daisies! You built the stupid thing!
  • When Eddy is clinging to his brother's door, trying to keep away from him so he won't get beat up again, it's Ed to the rescue. But this time it's different: Ed doesn't use his strength to beat up Eddy's brother, he does something SMART. He grabs one of the door's hinges and pulls it off, sending the door rocketing towards Eddy's brother, which slams into his face and knocks him out. Now this is ED we're talking about. This guy's mental capacity, which would have most people worried, is doing something SMART. That is AWESOME. This is specifically shown as Ed being smart. He's terrified at first, not sure about what to do, until he notices the door is about to burst and has an "Eureka!" Moment. It wasn't a "What does this do?" that Ed usually does- he went for that door hinge with purpose, knowing exactly what it would do.
    • Let's emphasize that: Ed won by being clever. No Super Strength, no reality warping, just a smart move at the right time, by Newton's First and Third Laws. It's like the writers were apologizing for his ditzy phase.
      • There's also the fact that Ed probably was remembering last time he used his strength in anger, nearly killing Plank in front of Johnny, and is bound and determined that the only person who gets hurt this time is the one person who deserves it, hence the being clever.
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  • Not to mention soon before that, Edd of all people SCOLDED Eddy's brother for his behavior. Eddy's brother, who even Rolf was terrified of. Sure, he kinda lost his steam pretty soon, but it still counts. And even then, after getting HAMMERED INTO THE GROUND by Eddy's brother, he still stayed behind to try and help Eddy.
    Edd: MR. EDDY'S BROTHER!!! As the older sibling, don't you think you should rather be setting an example for Eddy? And not, um... (Eddy's bro gives him a Slasher Smile; Edd loses steam) belittle him... in front of his... friends?
  • The other kids spent the whole movie trying to kill the Eds for a horrific scam. And when they see Eddy getting the beating of a lifetime from his bro, in-universe Fridge Horror sets in and they stop to think about what it must have been like to live with this guy. So what do they do? Even after what was pretty much Eddy's fault, they bury the hatchet and try to save Eddy!
    Rolf: Rolf has had enough of your flapdoodle, elder one! PREPARE YOURSELF FOR A MERCILESS THRASHING!!!
    Kevin: Hey, bro-guy! Lay off of him, man!
    Nazz: Yeah, Mr. Macho Man!
  • Then, while Eddy's Brother is distracted, Ed gets the honor of finishing him off, as detailed earlier above.
  • One moment that stood out there was Kevin. After Rolf throws him into the fray, he's slightly nervous of being near Eddy's Brother. He looks around before manning up and calling him out. Even more awesome if you realize that Kevin Got Volunteered, he has pretty good reasons to hate the Eds and to fear Eddy's brother.
  • How about the moment we heard his voice. Nah that's happened before—wait we actually SEE HIM??? Sure our hopes were sunk seconds later, but a NEW CHARACTER!!!
    • Eddy's Brother in general. He has only five minutes of screentime and we got a fully fleshed-out character.
  • Also from the movie, Nazz finally HAS IT with Kevin ignoring her crush on him in favor of his precious bike and demolishes the thing! Damn, Nazz of all people just Took a Level in Badass!
    • Nazz slapping Kevin!
    • Nazz, in general, being more than just a Flat Character than she was in the show; she finally gets more focus and more characterization... SHE EVEN GETS A FULL NAME, the ONLY one besides the Kanker Sisters to get that canonized! Nazz Van Bartonscheer. (Spelling confirmed by Tabitha St. Germain, Nazz's V.A.)
  • After that quicksand prank, Edd EXPLODES and viciously tears Eddy a new one, nearly abandoning him!
    Edd: I'd rather face my consequences, Ed, than wander aimlessly with a SO-CALLED FRIEND!!!
    • Eddy's Heel Realization immediately after this, as he realizes what a huge jerk he's been and breaks down sobbing in front of Double D, earning their friendship back in the process.
  • The Kankers giving Sarah a "wet willie", then making her and Jimmy pull their battle wagon as they try to save the Eds, giving her a taste of her own bossy, domineering medicine. It balances out all of her Karma Houdinis, making it more awesome.
    • Love her or hate her, you gotta give props to Sarah for trying to act like the hero for Jimmy by standing up to the Kankers. Even though Sarah was obviously outnumbered, that was bravery on her part. Imagine what the Kankers would have done if Sarah didn't intervene.
    • Sarah's strategy to get away from the Kankers. She compliments Lee Kanker's toenails, and when Lee gives her paint, she takes the paint can and slams it on Lee's foot!
  • Jonny's Melon Lair!
  • Plank driving the bus.
    • Kudos to the writers as well for saying "fuck it" and deciding to outright confirm Plank's sapience and character status. A fitting send-off.
  • Hell, this show OF ALL SHOWS actually portrayed Domestic Abuse in a straight and serious way.
  • An awesome moment from Edd: During the car chase, the kids catch up to the Eds and grab onto the car as it approaches the playground. Ed quickly blames Eddy, who then blames Edd, who calmly says "Excuse me, I'll be right back," and then reaches out and grabs the merry-go-round. The centrifugal force that results sends the kids flying off the car, and the car itself slingshotting into the desert. That. Is. BRILLIANT.
  • The Kankers deserve some kind of mention. When they learn that the neighborhood kids (sans Sarah and Jimmy) are going to try and get revenge, they drop everything to go to the rescue of their "boyfriends" and along the way, they manage to hogtie Nazz, Kevin, and Rolf... but not Johnny and Plank.
    • Their Batman Gambit to capture Kevin deserves mention. To elaborate, Marie disguises herself as Eddy. When "Eddy" is spotted by Kevin, he immediately chases after "Eddy," and is quickly captured by the trio.
    • The Kankers, who weren't above abusing a curb-stomped Edd near the show's end, help the Eds by capturing all the kids who were hunting them down in order to protect their "boyfriends", finally evolving beyond Diabolus ex Machina. And, even if it was an accident, they arrive at exactly the right time note , so everyone can see Eddy's Brother in his full glory, which results in Eddy's apology. So, the Kanker Sisters are indirectly responsible for the Eds being accepted by the Cul-De-Sac Kids. Who saw that coming?
      Lee: What a deadbeat this guy turned out to be!
      Marie: He don't look so tough!
    • There's also the fact that when Lee saw Eddy's brother beating the tar out of him, she had to be physically restrained by her sisters from attacking him. She was also the first character who tried to stand up for Eddy.
      Lee: WHAT'S HE DOIN' TO MY MAN?!
  • Even though it was all a prank, Double-D thinks his friends are in mortal danger of dying from the quicksand. And when they sink beneath the surface, he starts clawing at the mud to get them to safety. A touching moment for anyone, but remember: this is Double-D we're talking about here! He can't sleep if he's in an unlabeled environment. He goes insane if he doesn't have a shower in the morning. And here he is digging through filthy mud to save his friends without a second thought or a moment's hesitation. Pure awesome.
  • Edd and Eddy saving Ed from Rolf during the car chase scene. A rare moment where Eddy shows concern about one of his friends.
  • After Eddy's Brother gets defeated and Eddy makes his apology, it looks like the Kids are still coming after him. (except for Johnny and Plank, who haven't even arrived yet) What does Ed do? Run up and yell: "NO! TAKE ME!" Ed was willing to sacrifice himself for what Eddy did. Pretty noble of Ed.
  • Sarah beating the ever-loving shit out of Johnny/Captian Melonhead (who arrived alongside Plank too late to witness Eddy's Brother being revealed for what he truly is and Eddy's apology) for attacking her new friends, especially her brother. Followed by Kevin, Rolf, and Nazz.
    Sarah: You idiot! Leave our friends alone!
    Kevin: Back off, Melon Dweeb!
    Rolf: Leave some produce for Rolf!
  • Edd singlehandedly constructing the "S.S. Mutant Almost a Chicken Duck" boat deserves a mention.
  • This movie itself: It was basically an apology to the fans (and a chance to end the series properly) and it was able to deconstruct everything: The Eds' flaws (Ed doing something smart, Edd standing up for himself and showing physical strength, and Eddy displaying remorse and humility for being such an asshole), The Kankers (by making them help the Eds instead of torturing them), Kevin and Sarah getting what they deserve, and the Eds finally getting accepted by the kids as their friends.
    • Let's not forget that, The Powerpuff Girls Movie, Billy and Mandy's Big Boogey Adventure or Regular Show: The Movie aside, this was probably among the closest Cartoon Network has gotten to doing a legitimate feature-length movie. This wasn't a two-part movie episode. This wasn't a sixty/seventy-minute episode. This was an entire hour-and-a-half MOVIE. AND IT WAS A HIT.
      • Furthermore, the movie currently sits at an 8.5 on IMDB, with a few professional critics remarking on its quality that is unexpected of an animated tv movie based on a cartoon.
  • It's a bit meta, but considering how scared Eddy is of his brother, he has to have BALLS OF TITANIUM to act so calm and collect about it during the show and earlier scenes in the movie.


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