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Awesome / My Little Pony (G3)

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  • The ponies dancing to the main My Little Pony theme on electric guitar.
  • The ponies making eight giant charms for Kimono and successfully surprising her. They also get her a smaller charm bracelet to wear.
  • The ponies creating a literal mountain of ice cream to take to the pegasus ponies.
  • The ponies rescuing Minty and Thistle Whistle from a runaway hot air balloon just before they fall into a canyon.
  • Wysteria choosing to be a princess in her own way and not the proper, stuffy way, then declaring that everyone is a princess.
    Wysteria: I can stay a princess and still be me!
  • In The Runaway Rainbow, the Breezies saving the ponies from going down a waterfall.
    • Rainbow Dash and Spike, who were proud of appearances, immediately wanted to jump in and save the ponies. They then use Rainbow Dash's boxes of luggage to save Rarity.
  • Rarity showing she can pay attention and correctly summoning the carriage to make it to Unicornia on time.
    • Later, when the unicorns think they missed their chance to make a rainbow, Rarity calls them together to try again—and this time they succeed.
  • Lily Lightly's song with the firefly, where she learns being different helps her shine.
    Lily: Let's light the world up, me and you! We will shine!
  • The ponies turning everything pink in Positively Pink is quite the accomplishment, even though it turns out Pinkie Pie's birthday was tomorrow.
  • Some of the painted backgrounds for the series, such as this one of Breezie Blossom and this one of the Rainbow Waterfall.


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