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  • In "Action Forest", Eagleator suplexes Hawkodile during an apology hug. Unikitty responds by going angry and summoning a giant fist of fire to send his ass off a nearby cliff.
  • In "Stuck Together", after the other doomlords bully Master Frown to the point of tears, Unikitty jumps out of their disguise and unleashes hell onto them.
  • From "Birthday Blowout", Master Frown shows he's not so harmless and transforms his car into a Mini-Mecha to go toe-to-toe with Unikitty and Puppycorn in their vehicles. Also Unikitty evening the odds by turning her Cloud Car into a mecha as well to fight Frown on even ground.
    • He does this again in "Dinner Apart-y", this time rendering Unikitty's car useless with gelatin. It becomes even awesomer when Brock manages to fight his machine to a standstill with kitchen utensils and his bare hands.
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  • From "License to Punch", Hawkodile refuses to continue the Action test, so the Action Police offers an instant A to any of the students that can take him down. Hawkodile dominates them effortlessly. He also passes the test this way, since not taking the test was the test.

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