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This was made by Britney the prep.
And Master Frown and Frown Town are her venting on the goffs being mean to her.

The series is a Show Within a Show from the universe of The LEGO Movie.
Similar to Buzz Lightyear of Star Command giving Buzz his origins as a fictional franchise that became real, this is the case for Unikitty, and this is how we are perceiving her franchise.
  • A bit of support for this theory is the fact that the intro has a Couch Gag of actual minifigures watching the show (including locations and characters from the movie.)

Richard originally worked for Master Frown.
Considering his negative nature, simple design, gray color, and the fact that there was a larger minion next to Master Frown with similar features, only souped up, in the intro, there's the heavy possibility that Richard is a minion defector from Master Frown to Unikitty's side.

Unikitty and Puppycorn are half-siblings.
Still blood-related on the side of their unicorn relative, but with different parents explaining how one's a cat and one's a dog. They're still as close as completely full-blooded siblings, though, possibly raised by the unicorn relative together.
  • Should this be detailed in the series itself I am taking chances the unicorn is the mother.
  • Amusingly enough, Puppycorn originally thought that his alien parents left him with Unikitty.

Finn's sister created the world of Unikitty!
Just like how her brother created the world that The LEGO Movie and The LEGO Batman movie happened in, she took the character Finn told her was based on her and created her own world to tell her own stories with her own characters. The 2D animation represents how things look in her imagination, not necessarily what she's doing with her LEGO.
  • Which also explains the change in voice actresses in particular (as well as setting); that's her own "headcanon" voice, since she obviously couldn't hear Finn's.

Lego figurines will be made of the main cast.
Seems like kind of a no-brainer.
  • Confirmed. The theme launched in August of 2018.

Unikitty is a cosmic constant in the multiverse.
So each episode is set in a different dimension. Which could be why everything is back to normal in the next episode.
  • And not just Unikitty. But Puppycorn, Dr. Fox, Hawkodile, and Richard too. As Puppycorn's memories consisted of Dr. Fox being turned into corn.

In the show, the horn is linked to the unicorn's brain.
Puppycorn has a bite mark in his horn, which Possibly explains his ditziness.
  • Jossed. Puppycorn isn't half-unicorn. His other half is a corn.
Master Frown shares a birthday with Puppycorn.
His entire plan in "Birthday Blowout" was to steal Puppycorn's birthday cake and use it to make his own wish. It had to have been his birthday as well or Ancient Birthday Law wouldn't have punished him for speaking his wish out loud.

Puppycorn doesn't have powers unlike his sister cause...
...Of the bite mark on his horn. The bitemark prevents him form having any powers.

There will be an episode where Richard quits his job due to his Butt-Monkey status. And due to other main characters never listening to him.
And end with him getting his job back without any changes to the status quo.

The series' characters will be featured in the films.
Due to Phil Lord and Chris Miller serving as producers for the series.

Dr Fox’s evil counterpart will be Score Creeper.
Like with Unikitty and Master Frown, Richard and Brock and Hawkodile and Eagleator, Dr Fox and Puppycorn will get counterparts too. And with what happened in Spoooooky game when he turned her into corn as well as the whole science and magic dynamic, plus with Score Creeper being a popular character, there’s a high chance he’s the ying to her yang.

The P.L.O.T. Device isn't Dr. Fox's only invention that warps reality
She created a literal reset button that resets reality. And presses it without her friends' knowledge. Explaining the show's Snap Back tendencies.

The show takes place after The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part
In The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part Puppcycorn appears during a scene when Queen Whatevra Wanabi promises Unikitty glitter "a lot times infinity"; it also includes the appearance of their house from the show. However, it seems not just glitter, but a whole new kingdom to replace Cloud Cuckooland. It's understandable considering she's promised Benny a whole planet dedicated to making spaceships, an entire planet that works as a pirate ship for Metal Beard, and "half of everything" to Batman. It would make sense she would provide Unikitty a whole kingdom, which could explain why some of the Unikingdom citizens are Duplo characters.
  • As shown in the beginning of the film, Unikitty was apparently living with Emmett prior to meeting Queen Whatevra.

Adding into the above theory and the "The show takes place in the imagination of Finn's sister" theory...
After The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part, Finn was so angry at himself for being such a Big Brother Bully to Bianca that he offered to give her one of his characters permanently. Bianca, being the Girly Girl that she is, picked Unikitty and that's how this show came to be.

Alternatively, this show takes a few months before the second movie.
But it still takes place in Bianca's imagination - Bianca sometimes sneaks into Finn's basement to play with Unikitty. Also, it's possible that Master Frown is supposed to represent Finn and Unikitty's behavior towards him reflects that - she tends to get angry at him, of course, but she still believes that there's a good side to him and just wants to play with him.

This show takes place in the timeline where Emmet crashed under the dryer
So as you are watching the show, the main protagonist of the movies is helplessly watching as well and slowly going insane. He will eventually escape, go back in time and cause the entire show to get retgoned. Have fun with that.

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