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Hey bird, get out of here! BIRD! BIRD! BIRD BIRD BIRD! BIRD!

Spoooooky Game

  • The Score Creeper getting miffed at others ignoring his creepy monologues, which he actually spent hours of rehearsal on. He switches from an ominous voice to a ridiculously casual one at the drop of the hat thanks to this.
Sparkle Matter MattersNo Day Like Snow Day
  • When Master Frown gets trapped inside the snowman Puppycorn pierces his eye with a carrot, inflicting lots of pain on Frown who then makes the snowman wiggle around. Puppycorn assumes his snowman came to life.
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  • This moment:
    Puppycorn: But what about the power of love and my holiday spirit?
    Dr. Fox: Oh silly... (Sudden zoom-in on her face.) LOVE IS NO MATCH FOR THE SUN!!!
  • After Unikitty, Puppycorn and Dr. Fox head back for more hot cocoa, Richard asks Hawkodile if he knew the snowman was really Master Frown. Hawkodile reveals that, yes, he did know.
Action ForestKaiju Kitty
  • Dr. Fox becoming a cyborg.
    Dr. Fox: I haven't had to move in so long! I don't even know where the robot ends, (Starts talking in robot voice) AND I BEGIIIIIIN!!!
  • Everyone pilots a part of the body, and Richard gets the appendix.
    Richard: Wait, what am I?
    Dr. Fox: You're the appendix! It's a part that just sits there, and occasionally explodes.
    Richard: (Flatly) Why?
    • The appendix turns out to be where the mecha's self-destruct button is.
  • The giant robot rose up from Craig's (the moose farmer) garden. It would later turn out she was sitting on top of the robot’s head the entire time they’ve been piloting.
Fire and Nice
  • In the end, when Unikitty and her angry side talk out their problems, she tells Dr. Fox to put them back together. But then...
    Dr. Fox: I never said I could do that. You're stuck like this.
Kitchen ChaosCrushing Defeat
  • Puppycorn’s advice to Hawkodile is when ever Puppycorn likes something, he eats it in “Crushing Defeat.”
    Hawkodile: That’s liking someTHING, I like someONE.
    Puppycorn: I’m pretty sure you can’t eat a person, I think that’s illegal.
Little Prince Puppycorn
  • Puppycorn's inability to realize being Unikitty's brother makes him a prince.
    Dr. Fox: She's a princess, you're her brother, so that makes you...
    Puppycorn: A dog!!
  • Puppycorn faking his death by "pizza poison" in "Regime Change Theater Time", then coming back to life to say he was an alien all along and leaving the kingdom.
  • The Puppycorn aliens at the end.
Kitty Court
  • In lieu of an ambulance carrying Frown away, Brock just slaps a siren onto his head and makes the sound himself while driving him away.
  • Unikitty Court itself is just nothing but techno raves and cheering.
    • Special mention to how they select the Judge; they use a while to pick one. At first it was going to land on Master Frown, but it lands on Puppycorn instead. Followed by Master Frown's EXTREMELY pissed off expression.
  • Judge Puppycorn issues a recess (a literal one), where Unikitty notices that Master Frown isn’t happy. We cut to a wide distance shot of Master Frown from far away with a ridiculously grumpy look on his face.
Too Many Unikitties
  • It's hilarious seeing everyone acting just like Unikitty, but especially the normally deadpan Richard.
  • The shot of Richard rotating has his butt very pronounced.
Film Fest
  • The film that Unikitty and Puppycorn made. All of it.
Tasty Heist
  • Unikitty gets geared up for the heist in a montage...Before deciding to find a crew. She then proceeds to do the montage in reverse before skipping away.
  • Puppycorn's excuse for double-crossing the others:
    Puppycorn: Sorry sis, but Richard said if I set you guys up, he's let me have half dessert now, and half later! That's two desserts!
    Dr. Fox: No, that's just one dessert split into two.
    Puppycorn: Exactly! Two desserts!
  • Richard's face during the flashback when he discovers exactly what the "big deal" was about eating dessert before dinner.
  • Richard's triple-double-cross culminating into him flying away in a helicopter with the ice cream, all the while laughing in a maniacal (yet still deadpan) fashion... only to immediately stop and go back once he discovers the ice cream sandwiches had all melted. Everyone cheers up once he offers to take them all out for ice cream instead.
Space Mission: Danger!
  • When the incredibly jealous Dave keeps misinterpreting every single male character who happens to be seen with Dr. Fox as a boyfriend of hers. He thinks Hawkodile is Dr. Fox's boyfriend, Richard as her second boyfriend, and Puppycorn as her third!
    • Puppycorn even responds "Yes!" when Dave asks if he's Dr. Fox's third boyfriend.
Memory Amok
  • The entire episode, really. It's a collection of the characters' memories with the framing device of the gang trying to remove an embarrassing memory of Unikitty from Puppycorn.
  • The only memory Puppycorn has of Richard is of his fake death from "Hide 'n Seek".
P.L.O.T. Device.
  • At some point in the episode, the slime monster and the giant robot from the episode ‘Kaiju Kitty’ get married to each other. Kitty yells “congratulations!” to them.
  • During the soap opera-like segment, Evil Richard enters. This leads to assorted character reaction shots, ending with Master Frown and Brock. Brock is glad to actually be in this episode, but Master Frown refuses to be part of this silly plot.
  • Brock changing costumes and yelling “UNNECESSARY COSTUME CHANGE!”


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