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  • Is Unikitty actually some kind of masochist / sadomasochist if she keeps expressing a like in forming a friendship with Master Frown and even kissing him on the cheek a few times in spite of how often antagonizes her? Or is she just way too forgiving of Frown and never able to comprehend just abusive he can be? I'm completely shocked over just how Unikitty can actually still like or love a monster who has outright (and I'm not exaggerating here) - hit her in the face with a baseball bat and stolen a birthday cake which she made and baked herself and did some major damage to her castle with a golf club!
    • One of Unikitty's traits is that she's nice to a fault and genuinely wants everyone to be happy. Unfortunately, the only way Master Frown is happy is when he makes someone else miserable.
  • In "Kaiju Kitty," if Dr. Fox built Mechakitty, shouldn't she know exactly how to defeat it?
    • I don't think Dr. Fox really keeps in mind what if her inventions become dangerous and she has to disable it. She never expects her inventions to come out wrong and destructive because you know, she's an egomaniac who takes pride in her inventions.
  • In "Hide and Seek," when Unikitty sends a cinderblock she mistakes for Richard down a cliff, how does she recover it to put in the casket without noticing that it's not Richard?
    • Richard did explain that she has a hard time recognizing him because of how boring, grey and monotonous he is, which is why she couldn't find him in Hide-n-seek.
    • Maybe she scooped it up with a net without looking at it more carefully?
  • Unikitty can change color depending on emotion, but why doesn't Puppycorn?
    • Puppycorn can't feel emotions as extreme as Unikitty can. He rarely gets angry (or at least as angry as Unikitty can) so that's why he doesn't turn red so often. Puppycorn actually demonstrated the ability to change color in Episode 19 by getting a horn that shaped him into the same person his sister is.
    • In addition, Puppycorn's own horn is missing a chunk - maybe that can explain why? Though I'm not sure why the series still hasn't explained how Puppycorn lost a chunk of his horn.
  • How does Unikitty fly?
    • Sparkle Matter.
      • No, because other characters have Sparkle Matter too, but they can't fly (except Richard, probably because he's a brick).
      • Are you sure that they can't fly and just choose not to?
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    • It seems to be part of her magic abilities. Puppycorn's bitten horn seems to have slowed his magic development a lot, since he points out in "Spoooooky Game" that he's unable to fly.
    • Or maybe it's just her positivity that allows her to fly. When Puppycorn and Dr. Fox put on the Happy Horns, they can fly too.
    • Some Fridge Logic here. I believe that in the epsiode, P.L.O.T Device (correct me if I'm wrong), it's revealed that Puppycorn is a mixture between a puppy and a corn, not a puppy and a unicorn. Unikitty is able to fly because of her unicorn half, which is shown to be able to fly in the episode that I mentioned. It may be possible that Sparkle Matter is at least the source of the whole "positivity allowing people to fly" thing, though. Puppycorn might have a horn that's bitten off because it's fake and is only there for the Visual Pun, or Puppycorn tried to eat it because it's made out of corn.
  • Is Master Frown ruler of Frown Town (as implied on "Stuck Together)? If so, why does he live in a nondescript apartment with Brock instead of a palace or mansion?
    • Master Frown is not the ruler of Frown Town. He's not even close. He's the lowest ranking of the Doom Lords. The series never indicates that Master Frown is wealthy.
    • "Landlord Lord" specifies that Master Frown and Brock have to live in an apartment room because they don't have the money to afford a better place. Either that or they spend all their money on omelettes.
    • That just raises a kinda bigger question. If Master Frown doesn't rule Frown Town, then why is it called Frown Town?!
      • The Doom Lords seem to get their kicks out of mocking Master Frown. It's entirely possible that they called it "Frown Town" just to make him feel important, to give them more mocking material.
      • Or maybe he was named after the town instead of the other way around.
  • Is Richard supposed to be a Lego-stylized representation of a grey cloud or is he really supposed to be a 1x3 Lego brick?
    • He's a 1x3 Lego Brick.
    • Or, perhaps, if you don't think about LEGO, he may be closer to a simple concrete block.
  • Judging by how Puppycorn explained what he likes to do to action figures in "Crushing Defeat", how come he actually does play with his action figures in "Big Pup, Little Problem" instead of bury them for a week and then eat them up?
    • Given that the "action figures" in question are Unikitty and the others, there would be the obvious problem with them getting buried for a week, then eaten.
  • On "Memory Amok", why does Puppycorn's memories consist of moments where he wasn't present? And why does he remember Dr. Fox turning into corn, if she was perfectly in the episodes that aired after "Spoooooky Game"?
    • Unikitty! seems to be Level 2 on the Sliding Scale of Continuity. Just because the effects of the events are reset doesn't necessarily mean the events didn't happen.
  • is this show canon to the Lego movies or no?
    • On the basis of the show introductions, it's a possibility that the show exists as a cartoon in the Lego Movie Universe.
      • Confirmed in the episode, P.L.O.T Device, where surprisingly, it's revealed that all Unikitty shows are aired on T.V.... inside of the Unikitty Universe. Funilly enough this implies that the entire series probably some form of live-action show within the LEGO universe, aired in Unikitty and Master Frown's world. Yeah, it's a real Mind Screw.


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