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Awesome / Molly of Denali

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  • In "Spring Carnival", Auntie Midge falls and gets a hip replacement, but she can't walk on ice for the time being, so she has to miss out on the spring carnival. Molly doesn't give up hope and she helps build a one-of-a-kind sled chair for her, so she can still emcee. Pretty epic.
  • "Molly and the Great One" is quite awe-inspiring. A ragtag team of adventurers successfully climbing up Mt. Denali! Not to mention Joy saving everyone.
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  • Everyone's ice sculptures in "Ice Sculpture" were very creative.
  • Molly and Tooey, inspired by Elizabeth Peratrovich, successfully stand up to the racist tourists in "Molly and Elizabeth".
  • In "Not So Permafrost", everyone in Qyah chips in to restore the kids' clubhouse. Quite a cathartic team effort.
  • Molly meeting the frickin Kratt Brothers! A more ambitious crossover than Avengers: Infinity War.
  • In "Heat Wave," Tooey and Mr. Rowley manage to make a working solar-powered fan out of everyday objects such as a ballpoint pen. Ah, the wonders of MacGyvering.
  • "Midnight Sun Fun Run": What was the special surprise at the finish line? A gigantic water slide!
  • Everything about Eugene Pike, Tooey's idol. He's a renowned dog musher, won the Moosenose Classic when he was 15, has built schools and hospitals, did the Pickled Salmon Belly Regional in five hours, and turns out to be a Master Archer. It's not hard to see why Tooey idolizes him (and seems to have a Celeb Crush on him at times).
    Tooey: He's a great musher and a great archer? Oh man...