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"We saved the Mixel Festival!"
It wouldn't be too surprising to find loads of action in the show, because the Mixels are really competent at their mixing and are tough fighters overall.

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    In General 
  • The Mixels themselves. Heck, they can dish out the problems they face, have the ability to combine with each other, and can access new abilities, which makes them the somewhat-adorable variations of badass.
  • Anytime a Mixel uses mixing to solve a problem at hand.
  • Every time a Mix manages to defeat an army of Nixels.
  • When a Mixel manages to beat a single Nixel just by attacking it.

    Season 1 
  • Coconapple
  • Cookironi
    • The initial appearance of the Series 1 maxes and the all-out brawl between them. It's just a Big Ball of Violence, but still...
  • Hot Lava Shower
    • The Infernites Max unclogging a shower clog by blowing fire through the system. But what follows afterwards isn't very subtle...
    • Vulk solving a problem on his own by taking out Krader and Teslo for ice cream. It's awesome, but also very funny on how he managed it.
  • Electrorock
    • Krader digging so deep that he wins the "dig-digging" contest, right into the Electroid kingdom. Which is actually pretty impressive for a Determinator.
    • Seismo and Shuff stepping in and stopping the Electroids from shocking a tied-up Krader even more.
    • The Electroids Annual Dance Party that the Cragsters join in. Not to mention the music.
    • The Electroids and the Cragsters maxing together to spice up the dance party, and later having a dance contest at the end of the episode.
    Cragsters Max: "Whoa! You dance moves electrify!"
  • Nixels
    • Seismo kicking away a Nixel that was bothering him and Flain at the beginning of the episode. Then he stomps on the same Nixel at the end.
    • The Flain/Seismo Mix defeating a whole army of Nixels by stomping on the ground to create lava geysers that launch the Nixels out of sight, on which one of them ends up creating a Super Ginormous Ultima-Lava Slide.
  • Pothole
    • The Zaptor/Vulk Mix using its powers to fix the pothole on the road, though it ends up destroying the landscape.
  • Murp
    • For the whole episode, Flain managed to keep his cool about how him and Krader were going to cross the river, and even suggested that they mix to cross it. They murp the first time, but on the second try, they make a mix and manage to cross said river, though it ends up literally crashing the party.
  • Mailman
    • Seismo and Krader's plans about stopping Zorch so Shuff could get his package. This demonstrates their cunning streak, but unfortunately for them, their plans don't work.
    • Then Shuff suggests that the Max to chase down Zorch and to "crush [his] rush". It works, and Shuff gets his Ceramic Teddy Butterfly, although he accidentally breaks it while doing a touchdown dance.
  • Another Nixel
    • The Zaptor/Seismo Mix pwning Major Nixel by zapping him with levitating rocks.
  • Changing a Lightbulb
    • The Electroids Max repowering the lightbulb in their room by feeding electricity into the outlet. Though it ends up destroying the Lightbulb Sun instead.
  • Rockball
    • Krader managing to beat Shuff at the beginning of the episode. The spectating Infernites even cheered for Krader.
    • Krader and Flain (who formed teams together) beating Seismo and Shuff by launching a flaming boulder at them. Thus creating the new game, Mixelball.
    • The other two Infernites joining the Cragsters and Flain to play Mixelball, and launching flaming boulders at each other. Unfortunately, it creates a scorching heatwave through the air that manages to burn Volectro.
  • Wrong Colors
    • Flurr and Gobba rescuing a falling Shuff and Volectro by making an ice slide for them. Then the former duo mix together and manage to fool the Nixels chasing Shuff and Volectro by creating an ice statue that looked like Major Nixel. It manages to hold them off.
    Flurr: "Well, that oughta hold 'em!"
  • Nixels "Mix-Over"
    • The Balk/Lunk Mix appearing out of nowhere in Nixels Land and taking the Frosticon/Flexer Cubit the painted Nixels "borrowed" from them earlier.
  • "Bar-B-Cubes"
    • Vulk and Krader creating two new different types of food by accident and mixing with Slumbo and Volectro to sell them, respectively.
    Krader: "And..."
    Vulk: "It's..."
    Krader and Vulk: (together) "DELICIOUS!"
  • Snow Half-Pipe
    • Flurr and Kraw, Slumbo and Jawg managing to make mixes with each other and getting back to the top. However, it doesn't go well for Flain and Krader.
  • Hamlogna Conveyor Belt Madness
    • The Lunk/Tentro Mix managing to make an impressive amount of Hamlogna sandwiches.
  • Elevator
    • Lunk managing to get to Balk's birthday party by mixing with Tentro and bursting through the cake, giving Balk quite a surprise. Unfortunately, his present didn't make it.
  • Epic Comedy Adventure
    • The Mix Festival Celebration. You'll have a bunch of Mixels mixing together there thanks to the power of the Cubits. Also, Flain's speech about the Mix Festival.
    • Teslo's speech about getting more Hamlogna sandwiches to save the Festival.
    • The Series 1 and 2 tribe leaders (save for Jawg, Gobba went in his place) braving Mixel Mountain to reach the giant Rainbow Cubit. Then they manage to beat the Nixels that got there by going underground and hitting the giant cubit. Then they mix and manage to restore color back at the Mix Festival.
    • This little exchange:
    Gobba/Flain Mix: "But to be honest, [the cupcakes are] missing something."
    Major Nixel: "What could be missing from my perfect cupcakes!?"
    Gobba/Flain Mix: "YOUR FACE!!" (smashes the table of cupcakes onto Major Nixel's face)
    • The sudden appearance of the Series 3 Tribe Leaders. Everyone parties all together in the Mix Festival (sans the other Series 3 Mixels) and has a good time while the Mix Festival seems to switch between locations, and then back to under the Lightbulb Sun, which brightens up. It's not called "Epic Comedy Adventure" for nothing.
  • Murp Romp
    • The Wiztastic tribe's initial appearance, via a Smoke In and a Smoke Out, advertising their new magic show.
    • The pep talk Magnifo gives to himself about how the new show won't be like the last one.
    • Footi managing to comfort Hoogi by reassuring him that they can catch the Scorpi/Glurt Murp. Also doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
    • Footi and Torts, Glomp and Hoogi mixing with each other to catch the Scorpi/Glurt Murp, but unfortunately, it was making things especially hard for them.
    • The Torts/Mesmo Mix finally being able to catch the Scorpi/Glurt Murp on the rafters, and Glomp and the other two Spikels cheer for them.
    • At the end of the episode, Magnifo finally manages to do something magical enough to amaze the audience by unintentionally creating an upside-down Mixel pyramid (specifically Vulk), after many implied attempts at trying at magic tricks.

    Season 2 
  • Mixel Moon Madness
    • Despite they made a Murp, twice, Burnard and Meltus managed to save Flamzer and the Magma Wasteland just in time before they got frozen by a forest freeze.
    • When the Infernites were captured by the Orbitons, they fight back by Maxing. Of course, the Orbitons Maxed too. They flew and heading face to face against each other, only to have a dance competiton.
  • The Quest for the Lost Mixamajig
    • The Ultra-Miximum Max may look stupid, but it's powers are nothing to laugh at!

  • Nixel, Nixel, Go Away

  • In the first Breaking News article on's Mixels page, Tapsy managed to play a drum solo for five hours, three minutes, and thirteen seconds.

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