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Tooey's parents are divorced
Tooey's dad Kenji is always shown, but his mom is nowhere to be seen. However, she was mentioned in "Name Game" and "Fiddle Of Nowhere". It's strange that a show with a strong emphasis on family would exclude one of the most prominent child character's parents. I bet Tooey's parents are divorced and that his mom lives somewhere else in Qyah. Perhaps this will be addressed in an upcoming Very Special Episode. (They did an episode all about the forced assimilation of native kids into boarding schools, so an episode about divorce isn't exactly out of the question. Sesame Street and Arthur have done it.)
  • Jossed, as Atsaq's still shown sharing the same house. She's just busy most of the time.

Oscar the Canada Lynx
The episode "Climb Every Mountain" marks the beginning of Oscar's origin story as a lynx-themed, crimefighting superhero with superhuman climbing abilities.

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