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  • Lucy, on a plane to Australia, realizes she's in love with Gru. She promptly leaps out of the plane, pulls a hang-glider out and flies off to be with him.
  • The way in which El Macho faked his death. He fell out of a plane on a shark, strapped to a rocket, loaded with dynamite and grenades, hurtling into a powerful volcano.
  • Some people have given Lucy a lot of flak because of her being used as a Damsel in Distress in the climax. But, she isn't one by nature, just in that one instance. If you look more carefully at how she was captured, she was in a crowded area with civilians, most of them children. She was dealing with the Big Bad who was well known for his Charles Atlas Superpower. To avoid collateral damage, Lucy let herself get taken to avoid innocent people getting hurt. And even with being strapped onto a rocket strapped onto a shark, Ms. Wilde still remained calm and her usual self. This woman is not only braver than people may think, this woman does the thing that most impulsive Action Heroes don't consider: The consequences of their choices. She chose to be taken so others wouldn't be endangered.
  • Gru jumping onto the rocket that Lucy's been tied to (El Macho planning to kill her in the same manner he fake-died) and managing to stay on while it flies off, sawing through the ropes with one hand while holding on with the other. Pret-ty cool.
    • Gets even more cool when you think about way the rocket was flying. Gru kept his cool. All he can think is getting the woman he loves out of danger.
  • The whole bit where Gru and company shoot the jelly antidote at the mutated minions to turn them back to normal.
  • Ninja Edith. She plays Ping-pong with Nun-chucks! It's an easily missed scene when mutated Kevin attacks the house.
  • One that's easy to miss, but when Gru finds out that the Fairy Princess he hired for Agnes' birthday party won't be coming, he sucks it up and puts on the dress himself to fulfill his promise to Agnes. It takes a lot of guts to do that.
  • Gru blasting Antonio with his Freeze-Ray after Antonio breaks Margo's heart. No Calling Your Attacks anymore.
  • To save her beloved unicorn, Agnes lets loose a scream so loud it is able to shatter solid rock.
    • At the same time, Margo keeping her cool and doing her best to get her younger sisters to safety in a situation where it would've been easy for anyone to panic, much less a preteen home alone with younger siblings.
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  • The girls helping return the Mutated Minions back to normal! Now remember, all of them are quite young with Margo at about 12, Edith around 9, and Agnes is 6. And yet, all of them are taking on creatures that are indestructible and can eat through anything. Then, recall what happened earlier with Mutated Kevin and that incident should have made the girls too scared to encounter more of them; but that doesn't stop them from going to help Gru and the other Mutated Minions. If these girls can do that at their age, imagine what they'll be when they get older: Even more awesome!
  • Seeing Margo with her first heartbreak is sad, especially considering how much it looked liked Antonio was smitten with Margo. She's upset, but we don't see her cry over him or ask Gru what she did wrong. All this girl does is give Antonio a deadly glare before she leaves; next day comes and Margo looks like she's over Antonio and she is. It's a subtle Moment of Awesome, but Margo's whole attitude after her first heartbreak is nothing short of inspiring. She teaches everyone that even though a first heartbreak can hurt, that doesn't mean to whine over it. Margo did something in minutes that most people couldn't do: She moved on.
  • How about when Lucy kidnapped Gru? He's one of the most famous and skilled villains in the world. The man who stole the moon! A guy who once punched a shark! Then, newbie AVL Agent Lucy Wilde, was only equipped with her flamethrower and lipstick taser; not only made Gru's Freeze Ray unusable, but in a mere five seconds, this girl tasered a villain of Gru's reputation and abilities. And she's a newbie. But, she doesn't stutter or look intimidated by THE FELONIUS GRU! She's just her usual quirky and polite self. No wonder Gru falls for this woman.
  • During their fight with El Pollito, Lucy shows her natural athleticism. While Gru was being beaten up by the chicken, Lucy got the job done. She hops on a table, lands squarely on Gru's shoulders, and FLIPS him over. Now remember, Gru is more bulkier and muscular than Lucy, but she still was able to flip him over almost effortlessly.
  • Even thought it was played for laughs, Shannon gets props for doing a short, intense workout while in a dress.
  • Gru being introduced as a Badass Biker.
  • El Macho's defeat coupled with this dialogue:
    El Macho: I am not afraid of your jelly guns.
    Dr. Nefario: Oh, this ain't a jelly gun, sunshine!
    ( Uses the FART gun on El Macho, knocking him out from the stench)
    • Counts as a massive Brick Joke as well, as in the first film, Dr. Nefario had wondered under what circumstances they would need it.
  • Agnes' unexpected Armor-Piercing Question to Gru about what he can do to show his feelings to Lucy.
  • When sneaking into El Macho's lair, Gru accidentally sets off all of the traps...and manages to survive every single one.
  • Gru effortlessly smashing a glass cup when Antonio gives a smug look.


  • The sequel's rank in 2013? Second highest grossing film of 2013. Its rank worldwide with $970.8 million? Oh, nothing special....the sequel just ranked fourth in the highest grossing animated films of all time! The sequel beat its original. Nothing can be more amazing than that, but the reviews were positive, just not as positive as the original.
    • What's more? It made a little more than twelve times its budget, making it the most profitable film in the history of Universal Studios.
  • Awesome Music: "Happy" by Pharrell Williams which Gru was dancing while planning to ask Lucy for a date. The music video is also awesome where it is a 24 hour video of celebrities and various people dancing and singing with the song.
  • The film has been nominated for two Academy Awards, one for "Best Original Song" (Pharrell Williams' "Happy") and the other for "Best Animated Feature Film." Awesome!
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