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  • The episode "Nightmare Assault". Dr. Mindbender has invented a machine that allows him to give the Joes nightmares to (a) disrupt their sleep and make them less effective in the field; and (b) create opportunities to Mind Screw them by re-creating nightmare imagery in the real world. Then he turns the machine on Low-Light, who's already prone to nightmares (unresolved father issues, it seems). Turns out, the machine's nightmares are so weak compared to Low-Light's standard fare that he's not only able to overcome the device and help his teammates do likewise, but he actually makes progress with his own nocturnal terrors.
    Low-Light: You gotta be tougher than that. I'm not a wimp anymore! I'm a G.I.Joe - and nothing stops a G.I. Joe! NOTHING!!
    • To top it off, he makes sure Mindbender gets Hoist by His Own Petard when in the process, Low-Light ends up giving the Doctor such a scare through the machine that Mindbender destroys it, having seen this was too much even for him.
  • The climax of the five-parter "Arise, Serpentor, Arise!": With Serpentor as its new leader, Cobra stages an assault on Washington DC and, in a frightening display of power, seizes the city; Serpentor declares himself the emperor of the nation. This is all following on the heel of several episodes where Cobra managed to outmaneuver G.I.Joe. G.I.Joe's response? Infiltrate the city and proceed to open a can of whup-ass on Serpentor and his forces. The next few minutes of battle that ensue make for one of the most woot-worthy action scenes in 80s Western cartoons.
    • Just to be clear, they infiltrated the city by disguising themselves as the president and other American politicians, claimed to surrender and then revealed the deception right in front of a very surprised Serpentor (who had ignored Destro's advice about how conquering the capital wouldn't just leave the US instantly defenseless).
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    • Earlier than that, Sgt. Slaughter took on Serpentor one-on-one and won.
    • Even before that, he managed to wake up a few minutes after the DNA extractor was used on him, when it should've knocked him out for weeks, only for him to promptly start unscrewing the door controls with a thumbnail. Cobra Commander's response?
      "That man has the constitution of a vending machine!"
    • Zartan is holding tryouts for a new Dreadnok. True to the organization's philosophies, said tryout is a battle royale, last man standing gets the position. All the applicants dogpile on one another, except one (Monkeywrench) who sits on the sidelines. After the established Dreadnoks wonder why he isn't fighting, he lights a stick of dynamite and tosses it into the fracas. Explosionnote , thugs flying everywhere, Monkeywrench wins. The way Zartan responds to accusations that Monkeywrench cheated suggests that actually improved Zartan's opinion of him.
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    • Cobra Commander as the ironic Savior of Serpentor, when a flamethrower stream stops the Joes from advancing on the Emperor, and it's shown the Commander was the one who fired it.
    • The real moment of awesome comes from Serpentor planning to kill Cobra Commander where he stands after Cobra Commander just saved Serpentor's life... and Cobra Command "in a rare moment of brilliance" asks Serpentor how he plans to maintain the loyalty of the Cobra rank and file when they see how imperfect Serpentor really is, and that Sepentor needs him as a scapegoat!.
    • A season and a movie later, Cobra Commander starts the season as Serpentor's pet snake... and by the end of the five-part season premiere, he's mostly human again, has reclaimed Cobra for himself (at last!) and as a cherry on top mutates Serpentor into a lizard.
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  • In "Lasers in the Night", Gung-Ho sucker-punched a snake while running from Cobra.
  • In "In the Cobra's Pit", Lady-Jaye knocks down five gliders with one javelin, and Cobra Commander's C.L.A.W. a while later...On her first mission, no less.
  • "The Gamesmaster" sees the titular character — a Psychopathic Manchild with an entire island, and a whole crew of robotic soldiers — successfully kidnap Cobra Commander, the Baroness, Lady Jaye and Flint, all to participate in a twisted "game". Once both sides figure out what's going on, Destro and Duke agree to work together to rescue the four. Cue two entire armies bearing down on the Gamesmaster's island with hundreds of planes. But this guy is prepared — he's got battleships and missiles! Still, they get taken down anyway. On the ground, Scarlett and Zartan team up to kick the butts of the robots and break through. Zartan actually compliments Scarlett on her fighting. And even despite all this (and throwing a tantrum because the other players "cheated"), the Gamesmaster manages to get away scot-free, promising to return and play more "games".
  • Doubles as funny, but Snake Eyes breakdancing during "Pyramid of Darkness Part 2." The man's got moves.

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