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Awesome / Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures

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"The Adventure Begins Part I"

  • Ghosts running away from Pac as soon as they see he's yellow.

"All You Can Eat"

  • Metal Pac-Man 'nuff said.

"Pac To The Future"

"Pac-Pong Fever"

  • This episode was a huge moment of awesome for Pac's aunt Spheria.

"Stand By Your Pac-Man"

  • Pac-Man after being stuck in in ice for a chunk of the episode until Pinky saves him via The Power of Love, sends the one who is stated to have done something to his parents running away.
  • Doubly so in that Pac, for the first time, combines two berries at once—namely, the Fire and Kung-Fu Berries, stating he's not about to take any chances with the Pacinator. As one can imagine, this results in an even more one-sided battle than what usually occurs when he takes a berry.


  • While Pac-Man and Friends, the Ghost Gang, as well as Betrayus and his minions are all scrambling for the last Youth Berry, a group of ghost sharks continuously hinders them. Pac eventually gets fed up with their getting in the way, uses a chunk of debris to block one's bite, and proceeds to use the ghost shark to beat down its cohorts.

"A Berry Scary Night"

  • Pac goes up against Count Pacula with the Chameleon Berry. Normally, this form isn't exactly combat-oriented; until Pac uses the additive of stretchy tongue to slingshot himself around a skyscraper to elbow drop Pacula while the latter is chasing him with freaking eye lasers.
    • A small one, but one still deserving to be mentioned, after the berri wore off, Pac soon started to fall, before grabbing onto a helicopter piloted to by Grinder. However, Count Pacula tried to hypnotize Grinder...but to no avail, as Grinder merely just made a reaction that could easily be translated to "Screw you buddy! That isn't going to fly with me!"
      • It gets better as Grinder then feeds Pac the berry of the day, granting him the power of burping/shooting garlic gas balls at Count Pacula, even summoning a giant garlic gas ball to help him. It soon climaxed to Count Pacula trying to hide in his coffin he sees in the maze...only to reveal when its opened up, that Pac was inside it, and the giant garlic gas-ball was hiding behind a hedge. One more burp, and count Pacula and his REAL coffin EXPLODES! To recap, Pac made what was possibly the biggest threat to him, AFRAID of him!

"Robo Woes"

  • Pac Brown Note causing The robot and its controller to wince in pain.

"The Spy Who Slimed Me"

  • Specter proves to be the first ghost to give a real hard time for Pac with his constant Body Surfing. He's such an effective opponent that Pac, with the aid of the Ghost Gang, had to resort to tricking him into an Engineered Public Confession to get on Betrayus' bad side as eating him would not stop him from simply coming back.
    • Speaking of which, outsmarting Specter with the Engineered Public Confession was actually not that bad too. Made even more awesome as it is revealed that Doctor Buttocks helped with a certain part, making the ending of him laughing at Specter more glorious, as if he was saying "THIS is why I am Betrayus's right hand ghoul!"

"Invasion of the Pointy Heads''

  • Betrayus and Apex team up to invade Pac World. There are several moments here that require noting:
    • Apex double-crossing Betrayus
    • The Pointy Heads neutralizing the Power Berries by frying them
    • Pac-Man leading the Pac-Worlders to fight back.
    • Pac's plan of using the ghost's eyes to freak the aliens into retreat by gobbling them and the first one is non other than Betrayus himself, making it the first time Pac has gobbled him down. Even the ghosts cheered upon seeing this happen.

"Meanie Genie"

  • President Spheros gets one as he tricks his brother and the other ghost that the repository was in the Netherworld (A place that they weren't able to go due to Pac wish) and when it was done with all the wishes reversed, Spheros called and reveal the Repository IS still in Pac World.
  • The Wizard Duel between Jean and "Wizard Berry"!Pac, ending with him luring her to a spot where Cylindria and Spiral are waiting with her lamp in hand — ready to suck her back in.


  • Pac using the fireberry to chase away three Pacasaurus Rex (Not bad considering the last time he faced those he had to go King-kong to face them). Though it helped these ones weren't controlled by Betrayus.

May the Pac be with you

  • Blinky and the other ghost got to help pac during the invasion (Blinky knocking something over just as a ghost flew by squishing him, with the others successfully beating Buttocks and Buttler)
  • Pac epic rematch with Goober when he master Pac-fu by using his roundness.


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