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Awesome / Batman vs. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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  • Batman vs. Shredder. Just...all of it.
    • For the villain's side, Shredder manages to hold his own against Batman and even defeat him during their first battle, albeit barely. Shredder even manages to catch him off-guard with the Sato-Oshi technique.
      Shredder: You picked the wrong battle, warrior.
    • On Batman's side, he more than holds his own against an opponent that seems to operate in Bullet Time during the fight, and is depicted in most media as almost inhumanly strong and fast. While Shredder clearly has the upper hand at the beginning, Batman adapts to Shredder's abilities and evens the playing field by breaking Shredder's blades and countering most of Shredder's moves. It takes Shredder busting out the Sato-Oshi to actually put Batman down.
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    • Also before the fight is Shredder actually cutting Batman's grappling hook with his blades, which according to one comic issue cannot be so easily cut. This tips Batman off that Shredder is not some run-on-the-mill common thug.
  • Batman being able to take down all four turtle brothers by himself with little to no trouble during their first meeting, while injured from the above mentioned Sato-Oshi strike.
  • Raphael calling out Batman for being grudging and judgmental and even forcibly turning him towards himself to get his attention definitely counts; made even more resonant by the fact that it succeeds.
  • Batman allowing Mikey to push all the buttons on the Batmobile's console. Also a funny moment.
    Batman: Michelangelo, press some buttons.
    Mikey: (squeals with joy) I’mma hit all of ‘em!
  • Though mostly serving as funny, it's really cool to see Leo shut up Ra's al Ghul's Evil Gloating with something as simple as a Groin Attack (and it's implied that Leo may have even broken Ra's' pelvis) before ultimately taking him down with a Pressure Point-attack that Master Splinter taught him.
    Ra's: I'm hundreds of years old, and have trained with the greatest teachers in history! How could you possibly— (cut off by Groin Attack)
    Leo: Oh yeah? Well I'm sixteen... and I learned this from a rat! (proceeds to beat him down)
  • The mutated forms of the Arkham Rogues and the fights they put up, particularly Mr. Freeze who manages to send Raphael, Michelangelo, and Damien into retreat.
    • Batgirl and Donnie fighting Bane, currently mutated into a hulking jaguar mutant. In straight up blows, Bane sends all of them flying and attempts to do his back-breaker on Donatello.... Only to break his knee trying to bust Donnie's shell on his leg. Barbara follows up by smashing a barbell across Bane's face to knock him out.
    • That being said once Batman becomes an mutant he easily takes them down incapacitating Two-Face by throwing he out a window and tackling through multiple floors and (doubles as Nightmare Fuel) possibly killing Freeze in a matter of seconds.
  • When Batman is all but beaten by Shredder, and he asks the cliche Any Last Words? Batman's response:
    Cowabunga. (Cue The Turtles and Batman taking Shredder down.)
  • How one random Foot Ninja in the climax was mutated into a T-Rex.

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