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Awesome / The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

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Meeting your hero is always awesome.
  • In "Carl Wheezer: Boy Genius", Jimmy becomes so fed up with Carl's ungratefulness that he punches Carl in the face.
  • The entirety of "The Eggpire Strikes Back" is one for Jimmy. First off, there's the scene at the beginning of the movie where he brings down the Yolkians' ship by launching a tomato at their windshield. In addition, he's the only one who sees through the Yolkians' plans to get revenge and destroy Retroville throughout the movie and once the new Poultra is created, instead of panicking like everyone else, he quickly comes up with a plan to destroy her and it works beautifully.
    • Made even better with the episode's ending. Many other shows would have the hero graciously accept the apology of the town for doubting him. Jimmy revels in rubbing it in their faces, making them say "You were right and we were wrong" in two different languages. After everything the town normally puts him through it's nice to see him get some respect.
      • It's subtle, but it's impressive that pretty much everyone in town knew French well enough to correctly repeat that sentence. It must be part of Retroville's early curriculum.
  • In "Crouching Jimmy, Hidden Sheen", Sheen gets a singularly epic Moment of Awesome when he acquires the "Eye of the Tiger" and defeats Martial Arts master Yoo dancing. This also doubles as a Heartwarming Moment, since Sheen was doing it to to save Libby (not to mention that he only got the Eye of the Tiger after she declared herself to be his girlfriend). This also reveals that Sheen cares about Libby more than Ultra Lord.
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  • Cindy gets her moment in "The N Men" when she goes one-on-one with giant Hulk-Jimmy, only to realize that the only way to quell his anger is to get down on her hands and knees and apologize.
  • Hugh also gets one of these in "Win, Lose and Kaboom", when he saves Team Earth by answering the alien pop culture question on a "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" reminiscent game.
    • The best part? The question couldn't be answered and he not only knew that but could explain exactly why it couldn't be.
    • Speaking of, the entire fight sequence of Team Earth and the others fight back to stop the show, especially against the alien host, whose cufflinks allow him to warp reality.
      • These "matrix generators" are also so dangerous that if their poles touch, it could destroy the entire quadrant. Cue Jimmy threatening to touch the poles with a stoic and fearless look on his face to get the guy to give up.
  • In the episode "Hall Monster", it was nice to see Jimmy assert his authority over his peers, for a while at least.
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  • Jimmy gets one in "Return of the Nanobots". In this episode, Jimmy frees the nanobots, only for them to go berserk trying to correct everybody. When his first attempt at creating a Logic Bomb results in them trying to erase humanity from existence, Jimmy's solution: trick them into calculating the exact value of pi. They promptly explode because of all the digits. It is cool seeing Jimmy defeat a villain as dangerous as them without his technology and only his brilliance.
  • In "My Big Fat Spy Wedding," Carl and Sheen of all people save the day. Having overheard Beautiful Gorgeous's plan to eliminate Jimmy and Jet, they call her on it and despite being captured, Sheen calls the Atomic Monkey Special Forces Squad to free them. He and Carl then race across town and manage to get to the church just in time to reveal everything, ruining her plan.
    • "I have the ring! Yes, I have the ring! I have the ring right here!"
  • From "Brobot", Jimmy revealing that he doesn't need to be given The Talk. He already knows how the human reproductive system works. At ten-years-old.
  • Baby Eddie gets one in the final scene of "The League of Villains." He and the other villains are stuck in the Cretaceous Period and he's staring down a hungry T-Rex. Completely unafraid, Eddie quickly scares it off by holding up his secret weapon: his five-day-old diaper. Doubles as a Funny Moment especially with the horrified reactions of the other villains.
  • Sheen transforming into "MEGA ULTRA SHEEN!"
    • When it turns out Sheen and Robo-Fiend are evenly matched in power, he reveals he knows Robo-Fiend's one true weakness: lactose intolerance. And Carl summoned a herd of llamas into the game...
  • From "Billion Dollar Boy", Goddard is forced into a fight with Eustace's feline Adapt-toy, which copies all his weapons and amplifies them tenfold. After being beaten down, Jimmy gives Goddard a simple command, harking back to his first appearance: Play dead. Just as Eustace thinks he's won, his Adapt-toy explodes as well, and completely fails to reassemble itself like Goddard always does.
  • Throughout "Clash of the Cousins", Jimmy's been taking nothing but crap from his family, even taking the blame when his gifts for everyone suddenly explode. After he finds the true villain, his cousin Baby Eddie, intends to take out the entire family with a bomb, Jimmy escapes from Eddie's traps and manages to save everyone. Naturally, the whole family is pissed off, especially when he starts fighting with Eddie, and call him a vicious, rotten child...until Eddie's rattle starts vibrating and he chucks it before it explodes. Jimmy rigged it during their fight and Eddie exposes himself with an angry outburst. Nice one, Jimmy.
    Eddie: You broke my rattle! You dweeby, no-good, pointy-haired, weasel-face freak!
    (The whole family stares in shock)
    Eddie: Uh, I mean...Goo!
    Aunt Amanda: That baby's a bad seed! It's Jimmy who's the good nephew!
  • Hugh and Mr. Wheezer get an awesome moment taking on the mutant crab grass in "The Feud", even though they were fighting in it. They were about to argue, but they quickly go back to helping each other the minute the minute they see that their sons are in danger.


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