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    • Practically the entirety of "When Pants Attack" is a CMoF.
    • Or there's Hugh attempting to give Jimmy a heart-to-heart father-son talk about...pants. It's practically Hugh's Establishing Character Moment for the TV show.
      Hugh: Hey there, Jib-Jab, I was just in the neighborhood, and I wanted to have a little chitchat with you about this, uh, "pants" business. (dramatic music swells) Y'know, son, believe it or not, there was a time when I myself used to leave my pants on the floor. And then one day, I...I picked them up! And, well, the rest is history, son! Speaking of history, just think: what if our Founding Fathers had left their pants on the floor? What if Attila the Hun hadn't picked up his pants? What about Luke Skywalker? I tell ya, the Force was with that guy's pants! (beat) I'm glad I've cleared this up for you, son. (sniffs) Goodbye. (beat) Whoopsy-daisy, barn door's open! (zips up his pants)
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  • Practically everything Hugh says counts as a funny moment, given how dumb and eccentric he can be.
    Hugh: A chimney sweeper! Do you sing and dance?
    Hugh: Having your planet blown up could ruin your whole week!
  • Jimmy's attempt to conquer his arrogance in "Substitute Creature": "It's hard not to seem like a know-it-all when you do actually know it all."
  • "I Dream of Jimmy", full stop.
    • How do you know it's a dream? Libby says, "Sorry I'm late. My paddle broke so I had to row my desk to school with a plastic leg" as she rows her desk in like a paddleboat.
    • Jimmy tries to convince Carl he's dreaming.
      Jimmy: Carl, you're asleep. There are llamas in the classroom. Libby rowed to school with a plastic leg!
    • It gets even better later on, where Jimmy tries to prove that Carl was dreaming by kissing Cindy. Carl immediately declares that he must be dreaming because of that. Then, at the end of the episode Cindy walks into the Neutrons' kitchen and slaps Jimmy, saying "Not even in HIS dreams, Nerd-tron!"
      • Even better is that this comes immediately after Jimmy asked Carl if he would ever tell anyone about the crazy thing he did to wake him up, and Carl says "Oh-of course not!" with shifty eyes and a really uncertain tone and expression, like he's thinking "Oh, that was supposed to be a secret? Oops..."
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    • Also, when Jimmy first enters Carl's dream and is making observations...
      Jimmy: Wow, when Carl's asleep, he dreams he's a genius, like me!
      Cindy: Like you? Please, you can't even spell your own name!
      Jimmy: (He looks at the paper on his desk which has his name misspelled several ways such as "Jimy" and "Jimme"... And the last attempt is "Bob.")
      • Later on:
        Sheen: You've insulted Carl, the smartest and handsomest student in all the land! I sentence you be his Monkey-Boy for a million years, with the duty of testing his inventions and fashionably festive doily hats for him to wear!
        Jimmy: I'm not gonna agree to THAT!
        Sheen: You already signed your name -incorrectly, by the way- on this binding Monkey-Boy contract!
        Jimmy: HA! That's not my signature!
    • Sheen hamming it up:
      Sheen: I am the ULTRA-PRINCIPAL!
    • The loud and obnoxious laugh Judy has in the dream.
    • After the killer lima bean escapes from Carl's dream and chases the boys around a little, we cut to the boys cutting it up and eating it. This exchange ensues:
      Jimmy: Luckily, as all bean farmers know, Phaseolus lunatus perishes when exposed to dry air and overly hydrogenous soil!
      Carl: But you hit it with a hammer...
  • The Pizza Monster in "Sleepless in Retroville".
    • Even earlier than that is the conversation Sheen has with the scary story narrator.
      Dr. Dark: Good evening. I am Dr. Dark, teller of terrible tales!
      Sheen: Hold up. Do you mean "terrible" as in "lousy" or "terrible" as in "scary"?
      Dr. Dark: Scary!
      Sheen: Gotcha...
    • The Twist Ending: The episode was a series of dreams. In the second-to-last dream, Sheen screams when confronted by the Pizza does the Pizza Monster. Then, the Pizza Monster wakes up in a pizzeria. Turns out he thinks children are monsters in the literal sense, and his wife has to reassure him that there is no such thing as kids.
    • The Pizza Monster came to benote  when Carl tries to whip up a pizza himself from Jimmy's invention. "I want pizza. Love, Carl."
    • "GOOD MORNING TO YOU! GOOD MORNING TO YOU! WE'RE ALL IN OUR PLACES [degenerating into a blubbering mess] WITH SUNSHINY FACES!!!!"
  • When they're all at each other's throats in "Battle of the Bands", except Carl, who's just yelling "DRUM SOLOOOO" over and over again in a bad Liverpudlian accent.
  • "Retroville 9"
    • After Jimmy admits he's been using advanced bats and mitts, he gives his team a Rousing Speech saying they can win without them if they just believe in themselves. However, they're playing against Japanese professionals, and the match ends with them having gotten 0 points.
    • At the end, they go see a Godzilla expy, and when Sheen sees that it's laughably small, it breathes fire in his face. He then asks Jimmy if he knows the Japanese word for "ambulance".
  • The entirety of "Grumpy Young Men", though some highlights include:
    • Sheen stares at the standee for an M-rated game in an attempt to spite the cashier after he throws the trio out, which the cashier responds to by throwing his ice cream cone in Sheen's eye.
    • Goddard's reaction to seeing Old Jimmy, which is to let out a stock horror movie scream.
    • Old Sheen complaining about how kids today wear their pants.
    • When Cindy and Libby offer to assist Old Jimmy in crossing the street, he refuses twice before Cindy grabs his arm and tells him, "Listen, Pops! We can do this the easy way, or we can earn our tae kwon do badges at the same time!", which leads into them both dragging him across the street as Jimmy screams, "Help! I'm being old-napped!"
      • Later, Hugh also drags Old Jimmy across the street against his will. Cindy and Libby are impressed with his determination.
    • Old Jimmy tries to convince Old Carl and Sheen to step through the Chronotron with offers of prune whip on the other side, followed by them trying to squeeze through and Goddard pushing them through the gate with about 1 second to spare.
    • At the end of the episode, Carl eats Jimmy's bowl of experimental truth serum and promptly spouts out deranged secrets, including liking Jimmy's mom and not really believing in Ultra Lord.
      Sheen: (covering his ears) LALALALA LALALA, I don't wanna hear it!
  • "And the gold under our lawn to use in case Dad decides to give all our money to telemarketers! ...Again."
  • The Nanobot duo are very amusing (being voiced by Tom Kenny and Daran Norris, respectively). Some of their highlights in their episodes...
    Nanobot 01: (knocks on Jimmy's door to the lab) Telegram.
    Carl: Like I'm gonna fall for that.
    Nanobot 02: Llamagram.
    Carl: Llamagram?! Oh boy! (opens the door... gets deleted)
    • "And we want our cookie back!" (pulls out a plunger)
    • After the Nanobots first get into the saucer transport:
      Nanobot 01: (Sees Nanobot 02 glaring at him) What?
      Nanobot 02: Your chair is bigger than mine.
    • The above becomes a brick joke later on once the Nanobots enter their saucer in another episode:
      Nanobot 02: I call captain's chair!
      Nanobot 01: Over my dead relays! (Beats up 02, throws him into other chair)
      • The best part is that the chair Nanobot 02 makes a beeline for in the latter scene is the chair he was complaining about in the former.
    • This:
      Nanobot 02: Hey! You stole my idea!
      Nanobot 01: No, I used your idea as a springboard!
      Nanobot 02: Well, you stole my springboard!
    • When they try to "correct" Ms. Fowl's hair, we get this gem:
      Nanobot 01: Look at that hairstyle!
      Nanobot 02: Ugh, I'm trying NOT to...
    • They also get into the kitchen of the cafeteria, where their saucer proceeds to "analyze" the sloppy stew by taking a spoon and putting some in an unseen part of its underside. After arguing over whether to "correct" it by adding steak sauce (02) or spicy mustard (01), the following occurs:
      Nanobot 02: Oh, really, Wolfgang? Well, why not just throw an old shoe in there?
      (Their saucer proceeds to do so before flying off)
      Lunch lady: But I already made shoe twice this week!
  • In "Sorry, Wrong Era," Carl begins dancing calypso and Jimmy stares in shock before briefly giving an Aside Glance to the viewers.
    • Jimmy tested the time gizmo on Cindy and Libby when they had smoothies come out of their nose while laughing. Soon Hugh tested on them too, even using the slow-motion button.
    • When they end up in the past:
      Jimmy: He sent us back TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS!
      Sheen: What did you say?
      Jimmy: He sent us back TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS!
      Sheen: Oh, that's what I thought you said.
    • Sheen's Logic Bomb:
      Sheen: How can I watch my eyes dissolve?
      Carl: No, watch before they're dissolved.
      Sheen: "Watch my eyes?" That doesn't make any sense.
      Jimmy: Guys, please!
    • When the boys encounter a T. rex and Carl is in front of it not knowing what to do, Sheen tells him to stand perfectly still so it won't see him. Jimmy points out that this theory has been discredited, so Sheen just tells Carl to run.
    • People complaining to Judy about Hugh using the time gizmo on them.
      Sam: He disgusted all my customers, yeah!
      Libby: He gave us brain freeze!
      Woman: He made me experience the miracle of birth again and again and again... (sobs)
      Sam: Yeah, birth.
    • As punishment for disobeying her, Judy grabs Hugh by the ear. He tells her he needs his ear to listen.
    • Upon returning home, Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen see what their actions caused to the timeline. Judy has locked Hugh in a cage, leading Jimmy to believe female warriors rule the world and keep human men as slaves. Carl and Sheen run over to Libby and Cindy to beg for their forgiveness. Judy explains she only put him in the cage to prevent him from messing with the time remote any further.
  • In "The Tomorrow Boys", heavy metal rock band Graystar is about to play at Retroville. Upon the future Cop-Bot seeing them:
    Cop-Bot: Graystar! My favorite classic oldies band!
  • Doughnut Boy.
  • This scene from "Billion Dollar Boy".
  • Bolbi's traditional dance: "Slap slap slap! clap clap clap!"
  • Macbeth in Space, all of it.
  • "Lights, Camera, Danger!":
    • Hugh's imitation of Gollum.
    • When Sheen sends his script in.
      Sheen: I just taped pieces of the phone book together. I call it Attack of the People Named Frank Johnson!
    • Jimmy going through a bunch of old movie clips for inspiration for his script. After we hear "Gotta blast!" in the montage, Jimmy gives a sly smile and Aside Glance to the camera. It gets even funnier when you realize that Jimmy asked for "the most successful movies" (Forrest Gump and Star Wars, for example). It's no surprise that the writers would throw in their own film just for kicks.
    • And then just to prove that the writers were really freaking proud of that nomination, we get this from Sheen:
      Sheen: Okay, I'm not saying I would have won the Oscar, but I would have been nominated!
  • "Carl Wheezer: Boy Genius":
    Carl: I didn't think Elkie would like a hefty nerd with glasses who plays with llamas and sleeps with a blanky and has unsightly spots all over his—
    Sheen: (covering Carl's mouth) TOO MUCH INFORMATION!
    • Carl accidentally summoning Attila the Hun from the past, and sending him back to impress Elkie.
      Attila: Destroy! Attack! Kill! Maim! Conquer! Pinch!
      Carl: (Panicking) Who wants fudge brownies!?
      Attila: (Stops breaking things) Plain or with nuts?
      Carl: (Nervously bites into a brownie) N-nuts.
      Jimmy: Nuts?!
      Attila: NUTS!? AHAHAHAHAHA! (Chases brownies back into time vortex)
    • "Ah, love is strange, Jimmy. Like the Swedish poet once said: Herda gerda gaberda shamerda curla hurla herda..."
  • Sheen coming back to the electrical shock-inducing doorknob in "Krunch Time" was hilarious.
    • At one point, he was about to lick it.
  • "Party at Neutron's" is full of moments like this.
    • This gem :
      Jimmy: Well, Mom didn't say anything about Sheen inviting anyone over, so okay! Sheen, uh, I guess it'd be OK if you invited just a few...
      Sheen: Could you keep it down, Jimmy? (Into two phones) Yeah, you heard me! Party at Neutron's! Call everyone you ever met in your entire life and tell them to get over here right now!
    • then this gem:
      Sheen: This will be the greatest night of our young lives!
      -Carl: Or it could be a horrible night of regret and humiliation.
      Jimmy: Carl, why'd ya say that?
      Carl: Hey, I calls em as I sees em! (goes back to making phone calls)
    • As Cindy and Libby arrive.
    Jimmy: Right this way, ladies.
    Cindy: Ah-ah-ah, can it, Neutron. We're only here to make catty observations and rude remarks.
    Libby: And there was nothing good on TV.
    • Sheen: We could play Spin the Bottle...[spins bottle with a seductive look at Libby]
      Libby: Yeaaah, *stops bottle* or we could play, "Spin Sheen and Hit Him with a Bottle!"
    • This gem:
      Sheen: Hey, Jimmy! I used your Time Pincher to bring Harry Houdini to your party to do magic tricks!
      (The curtain opens to reveal...a velociraptor )
      Jimmy: Sheen, that's a ferocious, prehistoric velociraptor!
      Sheen: Oh, yeah. I always get magicians and dinosaurs mixed up.
    • As Betty Quinlin dances with Jimmy:
      Cindy: Why would anyone wanna dance with Nerdtron? I wouldn't dance with him if he were the last person on earth!
      Sheen: Methinks the lady doth protest too much.
      Cindy: Methinks you better button your yap before I button it for you! [holds up her fist]
      (Sheen literally buttons his mouth shut)
    • Then at the end, Hugh and Judy arrive home. Jimmy looks like he's gonna get away scot-free...but he forgot the velociraptor in the closet that Sheen accidentally brought to the party with the time machine!
      Hugh: Um, Sugar Booger? How long have we had a raptor in the closet?
      (Raptor roars; Hugh screams)
      Jimmy: I can fix that... I hope.
      Hugh: [as he's being chased by the raptor] Bad dinosaur! Bad! Okay, that's it, out of the house! OW! Ow! I'm glad you're extinct! You're mean! AAAAAAAAH!
      (Raptor chases Hugh, closing the episode)
  • In "Ultra Sheen", Jimmy tells Sheen and Carl to head over to his lab with their favorite video games. Sheen is there the very next second.
    Jimmy: Hey, how'd you get here so quick?
    Sheen: I already had a copy of, Ultra Lord vs. Robo-Fiend: Mega Battle in my pocket!
    Jimmy: And you carry that around all the time...?
    Sheen: Maybe. I can quit whenever I want to. I DON'T HAVE A PROBLEM!!!
    Jimmy: Not today you don't.
    • "That's going to leave an ultra-bruise!" (faints)
    • I'm Head-Growing-Out-Of-The-Ground Man!
    • After Robo-Fiend blows up:
      Ultra Lord: Join us next time on a never-ending battle against... EVIL!
      (Robo-Fiend's head smashes Ultra Lord)
      Ultra Lord: ARRGH!
  • The Idea Bulb that comes from Jimmy's mind, which Doc promptly grabs because he needs to change a light bulb in the teacher's lounge.
  • "Jimmy For President" has Mrs. Fowl listing off the transgressions of the candidates as bribery, blackmail and MURDER!, causing all the students in the auditorium chairs to scream in horror. Mrs. Fowl corrects herself, stating that the last one wasn't murder, but piloting a blimp on school property without a permit.
    • Before then, after Carl reveals the dirty tactics of the candidates in question, said candidates can be seen whistling nervously.
    • Earlier on in the episode, all of the nominees stop by Carl's house to campaign. By the time we get to Jimmy (who is the last visitor), Carl is so overwhelmed by the ridiculous amount of visitors that...well...
      Jimmy: (rings Carl's doorbell)
    • Then what tops it off is his angry tirade that ends in "STOP THE WORLD, I WANNA GET OFF!"
  • Jimmy is now half hamster, half human: "It's a good thing my human half is completely in control! It's going to take every ounce of brainpower I have to-Are those nuts I smell?!"
  • Lots from "Beach Party Mummy":
    • This exchange before they watch the video on Egypt:
      Ms. Fowl: Butch, would you hit the lights, please?
      Butch: Sure thing, teach! (Pulls out a slingshot, shoots at the light, destroying it)
      Ms. Fowl: (Pinching the bridge of her nose, understandably annoyed) Thank you.
      • Just the mind-numbingly boring Egypt video itself.
    • "I'll feel better as soon as I see Ms. Fowl's sweet, smiling face." (Smash Cut to a picture of a mummy) "AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"
    • Everything about the Egyptian beach party sequence. The fact that Jimmy decided to have a beach party in the middle of a huge desert, and that everyone went along with it, is funny on its own. It's even funnier when you notice that they're somehow surfing (on water) in the middle of the desert, among other things. It'd be a total Big-Lipped Alligator Moment if not for the fact that their partying caused a sandstorm, which led to them discovering the tomb.
    • Sheen's attempt at reading hieroglyphics.
      Sheen: The queen flew on the wings of an eagle. She had a VCR, but wanted a DVD and the gods sent munchkins to hypnotize her waterskis. So she took her peanut butter sandwich out for a walk. The End.
      Carl: Wow, Sheen, that was amazing!
    • When Jimmy's torch goes out in total blackness, and as he tries to find it, he accidentally does something that makes Cindy squeal.
      Jimmy: Stand still. I'll find my torch.
      Cindy: OW! That's not your torch!
      Jimmy: Sorry.
    • The entire scene when Libby acts like the mummies' queen.
      Libby: (dressed like the queen and speaking commandingly) STOP!
      Mummies keep lurching toward her
      Libby: (uncertain) Halt?
      Mummies still keep lurching forward
      Libby: (commanding again and full of sass) YO, DEAD GUYS! YOUR QUEEN ORDERS YOU TO COOL IT!
      Mummies actually stop, everyone else gasps in surprise
      Libby: Now I'm your queen! Bow down to my queenly queenliness!
      Mummies look at each other. One shrugs before bowing gracefully. The second one does so awkwardly. The third one just falls forward.
      Cindy: Great. You stopped the mummies, but now you've created a new monster.
      Libby: Now lemme hear you say yeah!
      Mummies: Yeah!
      Libby: Say, "oh yeah!"
      Mummies: Oh yeah!
      Libby: Mm hmm, mm hmm.
      Mummies: Mm hmm, mm hmm.
      Libby: Now raise the roof and shake your boo-tay!
      Mummies: (complete with matching her dancing) Raise the roof and shake your boo-tay!
    • Turns out the school doesn't have a tanning salon.
    • The kids get a few good licks in during their time at the desert.
      Cindy: Shouldn't we call National Geographic to investigate the lost ruins?
      Libby: Or Harrison Ford!
    • Inside the tomb:
      Sheen: Hey guys, I think I found the bathroom! It smells like a bathroom. I wish I had one of those air fresheners you hang from the rearview mirror.
      Carl: (pulls two out) Lemon or strawberry?
      Sheen: Thanks! (beat) Wait, why do you carry these around with you?
      Carl: Cause.
    • When Jimmy gets an idea of having a beach party in the desert, Sheen and Carl mistake his eagerness for Sanity Slippage.
      Sheen: Jimmy's got desert fever! (picks up a rock) We'll have to put him out of his misery.
  • In "Crouching Jimmy, Hidden Sheen":
    Jimmy: It's Yoo Yee's temple, alright, and it's crawling with ninjas!
    (Cut to shot of ninjas literally crawling on the ground)
  • When Flippy comes to life and starts messing things up, we have this gem from him after Jimmy subdues him:
    Flippy: ("pleading") Please Jimmy! All I want is to be real like you and your friends! Well, not your friends, they're morons!
    (Carl and Sheen look extremely offended)
  • In the episode where Jimmy creates a little brother, earlier he tries to explain with charts on how a family with more than one child is a happier family. Then Hugh starts playing with the salt and pepper. Aggravated, Jimmy gets to the point of wanting a little brother, causing a Spit Take from his parents.
    • When Hugh tries to shoot this down, mentioning how complicated making a baby is, Jimmy proceeds to launch into the exact specifics of how a baby is made, prompting Hugh to desperately drown him out.
  • In the "Egg-Pire Strikes Back" Jimmy discovers that the Yolkians have revived Poultra and are coming this way towards the "picnic trap". When the crowd blows them off, Cindy, states that she think that Jimmy is correct about the Yolkians still being evil. She then state how many messes he made but fixed, and that "the least we owe him is our trust." The citizens start cheering "We believe in you Jimmy!'' Principal Willoughby however, isn't so convinced.
    Willoughby: Now, wait just a darn minute! I'm not believing a word Jimmy says until I have some decent, credible evidence! [Poultra's roar echoes] Works for me. [joins the crowd running for their lives]
  • Sam's reaction to the smart Sheen in "Sheen's Brain":
    Sheen: I said, "Give me my free sundae!"
    Sam: And I said there's no way you could've known there were 12,082 beans in that jar without cheating!
    Sheen: I told you, I used a complex algorithm, based on the dimensions of the jar!
    Sam: Uh-huh. Yesterday you thought seashells were money! Today you're using algorithms?
    Sheen: Yesterday, I wasn't a genius! Now, give me my ice cream, monkey boy!
  • A lot of things Miss Fowl says:
    (in response to Ultra-Sheen picking the town's perfect female as his queen) I'm afraid of commitment!
  • Attack of the Twonkies has plenty.
    • Judy gives Hugh money and tells him to spend it on the groceries, not on any of his weird obsessions. Hugh arrives home with the puppet Flippy, to Judy's aggravation.
    • This exchange.
      Sheen: What did I miss?
      Carl: Jimmy's got a date with a comet and I'm gonna go sniff some animals!
      Sheen: (Aside Glance) And they say I'm the weird one.
    • When Sheen gets rejected from the chorus that is to sing at the opening of Lindbergh Elementary's new library, Principal Willoughby tries to break the news to him gently, while Miss Fowl keeps bluntly saying that Sheen's singing sucks.
      Principal Willoughby: Don't take it personally, we needed an alto and,'re're a—
      Principal Willoughby: Ms. Fowl!
      Ms. Fowl: (mouths "What?")
      Principal Willoughby: You see, Sheen, your voice. Um, how shall I put this?
      Principal Willoughby: Ms. Fowl, please!
      Principal Willoughby: Look, Sheen, as chorus master, I know talent—
      Ms. Fowl: And that's what you have: NO TALENT! (Principal Willoughby gives her a Death Glare) I'm done.
    • Nick singing Brahm's Lullaby to his Twonkie in German.
    • The song Ms. Fowl sings to her Twonkie.
      Ms. Fowl: A is a letter that we all love so, without it we couldn't spell ANT! B is a letter that we all should know, without it there'd be no BOTULISM!
    • As the giant Twonkie monster is throwing rocks at every music store window.
      Mrs. Fowl: Not Sid's Sheet Music!
      (Another rock smashes another window)
      Sam: Not Krazy Mike's Pianos!
      (Another rock smashes another window)
      Hugh: Not Ventriloquist Dummies 'R' Us! Hey, what's that have to do with music?
      Judy: Actually, I threw that one.
    • When about to launch the Twonkie Monster into outer space, Jimmy needs some wood for fuel. Cue Judy handing Flippy over to Jimmy. The eager look on her face and just kills it.
      • Doubled with Hugh watching in absolute horror and sobbing hysterically as the rocket launches out of the atmosphere.
    • At the end, Sheen finally gets to perform his singing... except that he's in a soundproof glass booth!
  • "Trading Faces": Everything with Jimmy and Cindy switching bodies and abusing each other's bodies.
    (Jimmy as Cindy goes to the lab. Jimmy as Cindy then picks a tiny bit of Cindy's hair, and VOX scans it, setting off the security alarm)
    VOX: REJECTED! Girl hair! Girl hair! Girl hair!
    Jimmy as Cindy: VOX, It's me! Let me in!
    (VOX gets mechanical arms, then a trash can appears. The arms open the trash can and they drop Jimmy as Cindy in, then closes the trash can)
    Cindy as Jimmy: If you get garbage in my hair, I'll never forgive you!
    • Later on, Jimmy and Cindy try to make each other look bad while in each other's bodies after Cindy as Jimmy falls for her paint bomb prank that she set up in Jimmy's desk.
      Cindy as Jimmy: Oh, so it's war, is it? FINE!'
    • Then when Carl, Libby and Sheen are putting the correct traits in the correct brains.
      Carl: "Ability to whistle". Can Cindy whistle?
      Libby: I don't know.
      Sheen: We gave Jimmy "rapturous enjoyment of mustard"! Let's give Cindy whistling.
      (Time passes as Carl, Sheen and Libby wearily continue sorting the traits out. Eventually, they come to the last one.)
      Carl: "Extreme dislike of girls who dislike boys who dislike girls who dislike show-offy boys who dislike..."
      Sheen: TOO CONFUSING! Just throw that one away! (The complex trait is deleted. Then the words "memory allocation complete" appear on the screen)
      (Sheen pulls the lever on the device, and a pink fluid poors out of the tube, and into Jimmy and Cindy's mind helmets.)
    • As Jimmy and Cindy slowly wake up, the others check if they're back to normal.
      Libby: Jimmy, Cindy? Are y'all back in your heads?
      Jimmy: I...I...I can't see my ankles.
      Carl: Oh, no! HE'S BLIND!
      Jimmy: No, Carl! I got my own pants back!
      Cindy: I warn you, Neutron, if anything at all is wrong with my brain...
      Jimmy: You mean other than what was wrong with it before?
      Cindy: I'll hit you so hard in the mouth, it'll wake up your dentist!
    • Then at the end of the episode, Cindy mentions that while their brains were together, one of them dreamed that they were walking down a country lane, holding hands, and kissing. Both of them deny thinking it.
    Cindy: Did you notice when our brains were floating inside that thing together—which was disgusting, by the way—one us was walking down a country lane, holding hands and kissing?
    Jimmy: Uh... I don't remember that. But it wasn't my brain thinking it!
    Cindy: Well, it sure as heck wasn't mine!
    (They continue to argue as they leave out the door, ending the episode)
  • "The Incredible Shrinking Town"
    • Sheen realizes the benefits of being only 3 inches tall.
      Sheen: I can date my Ultra Lady action figure!
      Carl: Sheen, you can't date Ultra Lady. She's Ultra Lord's fiance.
      Sheen: They've been engaged for 12 years. He clearly has commitment issues.
      Carl: Well, I don't approve.
      Sheen: I don't care.
      Jimmy: I have got to expand my circle of friends.
    • When Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen pretend to be the consciouses of Zix, Travoltron, and Tee, Jimmy tells Zix that he doesn't need to share anything with Travoltron and Tee because they're idiots, Carl gives Travoltron reasons to betray the others that are hilariously childish, like claiming Zix said that he's ugly and stinky and that Zix won't give Travoltron a birthday present, and Sheen just tells Tee to go beat the other two up.
      • What finally gets Tee to turn against Travoltron and Zix is when Carl uses his ability to imitate voices by making Tee think Zix called him stupid.
        Carl: (imitating Zix) But I still think Tee is as dumb as a post.
    • Carl contemplates accepting the idea of himself and the rest of Retroville becoming toys for alien children by cheerfully saying what he figures he'd say if he were a talking doll. Libby remarks "That's a ten on the creepy scale."
    • In the end, Travoltron, Zix, and Tee end up shrunk and are made the babies of Sheen's Ultra Lord and Ultra Lady figures. Zix complains that he's an evil mastermind while crying just like a baby would. Sheen then remarks that it's time for their nap.
  • From "Win, Lose, and Kaboom".
  • Quite a lot of "Operation: Rescue Jet Fusion".
    • During the mission debriefing given to Jimmy Neutron, the head of the BTSO (Big Top Secret Organization) chews out the other operatives in the room for spreading word of their organization's existence and refusing to change the batteries in one of Agent X's gadgets. Both times, the other operatives just continue blabbing incoherently as if he isn't there.
    • Pretty much every time Beautiful Gorgeous and her father Professor Calamitous argue.
    • When Sheen tells the monks of Shangri-Llama to do as he does, they start mimicking his body movements even when he shouts his excitement at seeing Beautiful Gorgeous again and trying to follow her by hopping on one foot due to having one foot put behind his head.
    • Jimmy's Imagine Spot in the ending where he stars in his own spy movie and rescues Betty Quinlan from ninjas.
  • "Who Framed Jimmy Neutron?"
    • When Jimmy is first accused of stealing a million dollars, Sheen congratulates him for committing his first felony and Carl tells Jimmy he didn't have to steal because he would've given him a million dollars. Sheen is quick to point out the flaw in Carl's offer.
      Sheen: Carl, you don't have a million dollars!
      Carl: It's the thought that counts.
    • The warden at first appears to have guard dogs chasing Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen, but then it turns out that he only has a boombox that plays the sound of dogs barking because of budget cuts.
    • Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen getting chased by a bear Benny Hill style, complete with a tune that sounds like Yakety Sax.
  • In "Journey to the Center of Carl", everyone in Miss Fowl's classroom is too sick to go to school thanks to Jimmy's sick patches, and a sad Miss Fowl tries to fill the void by imitating her students.
    Miss Fowl: How do clouds create rain, Carl?
    (Runs over to Carl's desk and starts imitating Carl.)
    Um, well, when the clouds get very sad, they cry.
    (Runs out of Carl's desk.)
    No, Carl. Jimmy?
    (Runs over to Jimmy's desk and starts imitating Jimmy.)
    Water vapor condenses on a particle called a condensation nucleus. Gotta blast!
    (Runs back to her desk.)
    Very good, Jimmy! I miss them all so much... except Sheen!
    • In order to cure everyone, Jimmy tells Carl and Sheen that he needs to extract mitochondria from one of the germs. This requires two of them to shrink down and entire the third.
    • Upon seeing Carl's uvula, Sheen decides to use it like a punching bag, like "in cartoons". Jimmy has to stop him by pointing out touching it will make Carl puke.
    • As Jimmy and Sheen proceed to make their escape, Sheen inquires on how they're getting out; Jimmy states "[t]hrough the nearest exit". They are currently in the stomach.
      Sheen: (uneasily) Uh, do you have a plan B, perhaps?
    • By the end of the episode, everyone is extremely glad to be able to go back to school... except they have a new student joining class that day, Yentl Marmelstein. And she has a cold. Cue everyone else running out of the room in fear.
      Mrs. Fowl: (cheerfully; to Yentl) I think they like you!
    • What makes it funny is the reason why they don't want to be sick again: their families. Not wanting to accept their kids missing learning by being sick, they end up making them all miserable trying to either home school them or cure them. Jimmy's dad home schools him with his usual goofiness while the rest have to deal with their parents' folk remedies: Cindy endures painful acupuncture, Sheen gets "the old pepper-up-the-nose cure" (though he seems to enjoy it), Carl ends up in a plastic bubble, Libby gets stung by a wasp and Nick gets the leech treatment.
      Jimmy: I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm glad to be back in school.
      Libby: I'm never getting sick again! That wasp sting really hurt!
      Cindy: One lousy sting? Try six hundred and seventy-eight needles and then talk to me about pain!
      Nick: (rocking bag and forth while hugging himself) No more leeches, Mama. No more leeches, Mama. No more leeches, Mama.
  • Sheen's Epic Fail of a science project in "Science Fair Affair", or at least Ms. Fowl's reaction, as while the judges walk off completely annoyed, she straight-up gives him the loser gesture.
  • "Once, when I was seven years old, I sat on a banana... And, of course, that changed my life..."
  • The caribou chant from "Jimmy on Ice".
    "Clug, clug, clug, yeah! Clug, clug, clug, yeah! OOOOOHHHHH CARIBOU!"
  • The end of the talent show episode.
    Carl: Cheer up guys, eighth place isn't so bad.
    Sheen: Carl, there were only seven acts.
  • The opening of "Lady Sings the News" has Jimmy switching the images of the local news anchor's and weather-girl's heads with those of Sheen and Carl, respectively. Carl discovers what happens on the screen when he spins around in Jimmy's room...
    Carl-head-on-weathergirl: Come on, Anchorman! Spin your head with me!
    Jimmy: Heh...we're in a lot of trouble.
  • Most of "Who's Your Mommy?". The main premise is that Carl gets attacked by a face hugger and a baby alien starts growing... inside his butt. It's treated like a normal pregnancy too, with Carl going to a baby shower and girls fawning over him.
    • And when Jimmy brings up the latter...
      Sheen: -wearing a pink hat and apron- Who wants clotted cream with their scones?
      Sheen: ...this is much more masculine than it looks.
  • How has nobody mentioned Dr. Sidney Moist from "The Evil Beneath" yet? A crazed Mad Scientist who made his home in the mysterious Bahama Quadrangle, kidnapping people to use as test subjects, he's also utterly nutzoid and incredibly hammy, constantly tapdancing and gushing about his antidote. "OH, THAT'S GOOD ANTIDOTE!"
    • "I call them.... ALGAEMEN!" And the fact that said Algaemen are named Nipsey and Russell (after the 1970s comedian/poet/game show fixture).
  • In "Men at Work" Jimmy is reduced to wearing a burger costume to advertise McSpanky's. Cindy and Libby see him and proceed to tease him with a hilarious Hurricane of Puns.
  • When Jimmy and Carl try to help Sheen with a math problem:
    Carl: "Tom has three pieces of bubblegum. If he trades all his gum to Ida for two raisins per piece, how many raisins will Tom have?"
    Sheen: What sort of idiot would trade bubblegum for raisins?
    Jimmy: That's not the point.
    Sheen: What is he, some kind of health nut? If you ask me, Tom needs counseling! And what kind of name is "Ida"? What's it short for? "Ida preferred a different name?"
    Jimmy: Sheen!

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