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Recap / The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

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  • The Adventures of Johnny Quasar: An early prototype of the series created in 1995. Another short also came out in 1997. Both star an early version of Jimmy named Johnny.
  • Runaway Rocketboy: A 1998 short that would later inspire the film. In it, Jimmy runs away from home after his parents ground him for sending Carl into space in a rocket.

  • Carl Squared: Jimmy tests out his baseball bat while Carl messes with the cloning machine.
  • Cookie Time: Jimmy uses his Time Travel Remote to eat the same cookie over and over again.
  • Hyper Corn: Jimmy invented the Hyper Cube to put anything inside, including creamed corn.
  • New Dog, Old Tricks: Jimmy and Goddard are confronted by Cindy and Humphrey to see which dog is better.
  • Sea Minus: Jimmy completed his oceanography report, but he is in deep trouble.
  • Pain, Pain, Go Away: During a visit to Dr. Pane the dentist, Jimmy tests out the Pain-Transference Helmet with Cindy ending up having the pain.
  • Ultralord VS the Squirrels: Sheen's Ultralord toy is stuck on a tree and Jimmy has to use the Hypnobeam to trick the squirrels into thinking Ultralord is an acorn.

    Calling All Aliens (Prologue to the movie) 

    Season 1 
  • When Pants Attack: Jimmy creates a nanochip in his pants because he's too lazy to hang them up himself. However, the pants gain a mind of their own and plot to take over the world.
  • Normal Boy / Birth of a Salesman: Jimmy is sick of getting grief for being a genius, so he drains his brain to make him have normal intelligence, but he accidentally becomes a total moron; Jimmy and Cindy compete in a fundraiser in order to win a trip to Retroland.
  • Brobot / The Big Pinch: Jimmy is lonely, so he invents a robot brother, but then grows jealous when he wins over his friends and parents; To prove Cindy wrong, Jimmy brings Thomas Edison to the modern world, but all the electric appliances start vanishing as a result of him vanishing from history.
  • Granny Baby / Time is Money: Jimmy turns his granny into a baby; Jimmy wants a new set of encyclopedias, but his parents can't afford it, so he goes back in time to convince Hugh to invest in a fast food joint, so they can be rich. However, being rich isn't all he dreamed after all.
  • Raise the Oozy Scab / I Dream of Jimmy: Jimmy takes Cindy, Carl, Sheen and Libby on a treasure hunt at the bottom of Retroville Bay, where a mutiny is started; Jimmy enters Carl's nightmare's to vanquish a monster that's been haunting him.
  • Jimmy on Ice / Battle of the Bands: To cool off on a hot day, Jimmy freezes the sun with Carl's sunblock, but it starts a brand new Ice Age; Jimmy, Carl and Sheen start a band to compete against Cindy and Libby in the talent show, but their egos go out of control, which leads to the instruments being smashed.
  • See Jimmy Run / Trading Faces: Jimmy invents a new pair of sneakers that make him so fast that he can seem invisible and he uses this to his advantage by playing pranks on his friends; Jimmy and Cindy accidentally switch bodies.
  • The Phantom of Retroland / My Son, the Hamster: To prove to Nick that there's no ghost haunting the amusement park, Jimmy takes Carl and Sheen to Retroland at closing time; Jimym and Carl's hamster accidentally switch heads.
  • Hall Monster / Hypno Birthday to You: Jimmy becomes the new hall monitor, but his friends become afraid of him when he goes drunk with power; To get a new chemistry set, Jimmy hypnotizes Hugh and Judy into thinking it's his birthday.
  • Krunch Time / Substitute Creature: Jimmy creates the perfect candy, which everyone gains an unhealthy addiction to; Jimmy's plant accidentally turns Ms. Fowl into a rampaging monster.
  • Safety First / Crime Sheen Invesitgation: Jimmy creates a pair of nanobots to protect him from bullies, but his robot's become overzealous and start bullying Jimmy's friends; Sheen's Ultra Lord action figure goes missing and Jimmy becomes a detective to find out who stole it.
  • Journey to the Center of Carl / Aaughh!! Wilderness!!: Jimmy gets everyone sick, so he and Sheen go inside Carl's body to create a vaccination; Hugh takes Jimmy, Carl and Sheen on a camping trip, where they run into a grizzly bear.
  • Party at Neutron's / Ultra Sheen: While Hugh and Judy are out for the night, Jimmy decides to throw a house party for all of his friends; Jimmy transports Sheen into his favorite video game, where he fights side by side with Ultra Lord.
  • Broadcast Blues / Professor Calamitous, I Presume: Jimmy, Cindy, Libby and Brittany team up to make a public access TV show, but they fight over the spotlight; Professor Finbarr Calamitous, who can never finish anything kidnaps Jimmy and plots to make him his slave and take over Retroville.
  • The Eggpire Strikes Back: King Goobot and Ooblar come back to Earth and pretend to have reformed. When Jimmy discovers the truth, he must stop them before his friends and parents are doomed.
  • Maximum Hugh / Sleepless in Retroville: Jimmy and Hugh compete against Cindy and Sasha in the Parent-Child Games; Jimmy, Carl and Sheen have a sleepover that goes horribly wrong when Carl creates a pizza monster.
  • Make Room for Daddy-O: Jimmy turns Hugh into a superstar to prevent him from embarrassing him at the Father's Day Talent Show (even cooler than Nick), but soon, Jimmy misses Hugh when he isn't home anymore and starts neglecting his son and wife.
  • Beach Party Mummy: Jimmy and his friends travel to Egypt to see the lost tomb of Libby's ancestor, where they are chased by mummies and Libby gets a makeover.

    Season 2 
  • A Beautiful Mine: Jimmy and Goddard take Carl, Sheen, Cindy and Libby to an asteroid to look for priceless rubies. On the asteroid, they become greedy and start to turn against each other. To make matters worse, three space bandits are trying to steal their rubies.
  • Sorry, Wrong Era: Hugh accidentally sends Jimmy, Carl and Sheen back to the Late Cretaceous Era with Jimmy's new remote. They must find a way to get back to the present because the cataclysmic asteroid that killed the dinosaurs is about to strike Earth.
  • The Retroville 9 / Grumpy Young Men: Jimmy is sick of his baseball team losing, so he fixes up the team's equipment to catch and hit everything that comes their way; To buy an M-Rated video game, Jimmy, Carl and Sheen age themselves, but accidentally turn into old men and must find enough titanium or else they'll keep aging until they turn to dust.
  • Operation: Rescue Jet Fusion: Jimmy is recruited by a top secret spy organization to team up with Jet Fusion and stop Professor Calamitous and his daughter, Beautiful Gorgeous from destroying Mt. Everest.
  • Nightmare in Retroville: Jimmy's new monster machine accidentally turns Carl, Sheen and Hugh into monsters and they haunt the town.
  • Holly Jolly Jimmy: After accidentally scrambling Santa Claus's atoms, Jimmy must do his job of delivering presents all over the world in one night. Meanwhile, convinced Jimmy's mistake cancelled Christmas, Hugh invents a replacement holiday, Pule.
  • Love Potion 976/J: Jimmy's new love potion causes him, Carl and Sheen to fall in love with the first woman they see. Jimmy falls for Cindy, Carl falls for Judy and Sheen falls for Libby.
  • Monster Hunt / Jimmy for President: A rumor spreads that a lake monster will haunt Retroville, but Jimmy thinks otherwise; Jimmy, Sheen and Libby run against each other for class president.
  • Return of the Nanobots: Jimmy upgrades his nanobots to correct for error, but they get out of hand like last time and start deleting the entire town.
  • Sheen's Brain: Sheen is in danger of failing history and falling back, so Jimmy makes him a genius, but Sheen soon gains telekinetic powers and plots to send all of Retroville into chaos and darkness. Now, Jimmy and Carl must stop Sheen from taking over the world or else his brain will keep growing until it explodes.
  • Maternotron Knows Best / Send in the Clones: Feeling unappreciated around the house, Judy takes a week off at a spa, with Jimmy inventing a replacement robo-mother, which takes over the house and puts him and Hugh through serious pain; Jimmy makes clones of himself in order to avoid his chores, but they cause trouble and one sinister clone has escaped.
  • The Great Egg Heist / The Feud: Jimmy, Carl, Sheen, Cindy, Libby and Goddard must rob the Retroville Museum for a precious jade egg before Princess Peggy Tsu's evil brother uses it for a deadly doomsday device; The Neutron's and Wheezer's are at feud with each other and Carl and Jimmy must find a way to bring their families back together.
  • Out Darn Spotlight: Jimmy becomes the stage technician for the school play to impress Betty. When Nick breaks his leg, Jimmy must fill in for him.
  • The Junkman Cometh: Jimmy, Carl, Sheen and Goddard travel to the moon to rescue Brobot's parents from the Junkman.
  • Foul Bull / The Science Fair Affair: Jimmy, Carl and Sheen become rodeo clowns to impress a cute cowgirl; Jimmy is banned from the science fair to give his friends a chance at winning.
  • Men at Work: Jimmy, Carl and Sheen take jobs at the greatest fast food restaurant in town. When Jimmy becomes sick of the humiliating work, he soups up the place into an automated and hygienic place. Everything goes smoothly until Hugh makes the restaurant come to life and it starts attacking every place that sells food.
  • The Mighty Wheezers / Billion Dollar Boy: Carl and his parents get superpowers after taking a pill that not only makes them healthy, but gets rid of their allergies; A snobby rich kid wants Jimmy's dog and starts his master plan by stealing Jimmy's friends with gifts.
  • Win, Lose and Kaboom: Jimmy, Carl, Sheen, Cindy, Libby, Goddard and Bolbi are abducted into space where they are forced to compete in an intergalactic game show in order to save the Earth from being blown up.

    Season 3 
  • Attack of the Twonkies: Jimmy accidentally brings back a cute creature from space called a Twonkie and reluctantly lets Carl keep it as a pet, but it turns into a hostile beast after hearing music.
  • Lights! Camera! Danger!: Professor Calamitous disguises himself as a director and casts Jimmy and his friends in a fake movie in his latest plot to do away with them.
  • Fundemonium: Hugh becomes a toy inventor so the Neutrons won't have to move, but he uses Jimmy's Nanobots as batteries for one toy, and it causes chaos.
  • Stranded: Jimmy and Cindy get stranded on a deserted island when they argue about whether or not the equator is visible. Meanwhile, Carl, Sheen, and Libby get stranded in the middle of the ocean when the hovercar runs out of gas.
  • Jimmy Goes to College: Jimmy is recruited by a prestigious science academy, but he's made fun of by the other students and another one steals his plans for an unstable molecule machine.
  • The N-Men: After being zapped in the Van Patten Radiator Belt, Jimmy and his friends get mutant powers and decide to become superheroes, but are captured by the army after causing trouble. Now, they must escape and find a cure or they will die.
  • The Tomorrow Boys: Jimmy, Carl, Sheen and Goddard travel to the future to see what their lives are like. However, they find out that Libby has become an evil dictator (thanks to Carl's carelessness) and must prevent this from happening by changing the past, but an evil police robot is on their tail.
  • My Big Fat Spy Wedding: Beautiful Gorgeous hypnotizes Jet Fusion into killing Jimmy at their wedding in her latest plot to do away with the two greatest crime fighters in the world. Can Carl and Sheen rescue their friend before it's too late?
  • Who's Your Mommy? / Clash of the Cousins: Carl becomes pregnant when an alien parasite attaches itself to his face; Jimmy finds out there's an evil genius in his family who is plotting to do away with the clan at the reunion.
  • Crouching Jimmy, Hidden Sheen: Sheen searches for a Kung-Fu master at Shangri Llama so he can rescue Libby when she is captured by an evil monk who wants Sheen's position as the Chosen One.
  • The Incredible Shrinking Town: Jimmy accidentally shrinks the town and they must deal with their new sizes until Jimmy can rebuild his Shrink Ray. However, the Space Bandits capture them and plot to sell them as living toys.
  • One of Us / Vanishing Act: Jimmy and Cindy must stop the Happy Show Show from turning the citizens of Retroville into mindless zombies; Jimmy puts on a magic show to impress Betty, but the gang ends up in a strange, magical dimension.
  • The Trouble with Clones: Jimmy attempts to turn his evil clone good, but the clone only pretends to reform and creates a brand new Earth where everyone is just as evil as him. Can Jimmy save the Earth from fading away before it's too late?
  • The Evil Beneath / Carl Wheezer, Boy Genius: Jimmy, Carl and Sheen go to the Bahama Quadrangle to investigate the mysterious vanishings. They realize that the evil Dr. Sydney Moist has been kidnapping people and turning them into algae men; Carl decides that he wants to become a boy genius so he can impress a girl, and makes Jimmy his lowly assistant. Carl starts milking the moment and starts putting his friends in danger.
  • Who Framed Jimmy? / Flippy: After being falsely arrested for a bank robbery, Jimmy searches for the fiend who framed him; Wanting to help his dad impress the kids at school for Career Day, Jimmy creates a chip to make him and his new Flippy dummy a funnier comedy duo. However, Flippy possesses Hugh and plots to suck out his brain to turn real.
  • El Magnifico / Best In Show: Jimmy creates a high-tech supersuit for Sheen's father; Goddard feels left out after being disqualified from a Pet Show and runs away.
  • King of Mars: Eustace attempts to take over Mars, so Jimmy and the gang must stop him before he disturbs the Martians, who want to destroy Earth.
  • How to Sink a Sub / Lady Sings the News: Jimmy sends some of the teachers into hyperspace for a week, so his, Carl and Sheen's parents become substitutes and they start embarrassing the boys; The kids become news anchors for a kids news program, but Libby starts abusing her gossip segment and betrays her friends.
  • The League of Villains: In the series finale, King Goobot returns once more and recruits most of Jimmy's enemies to defeat him once and for all. When Jimmy and Sheen are kidnapped, Carl, Cindy and Libby must go on a mission to rescue them.

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