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Their will eventually be a season 4
  • It was once planned, but was shortly canceled due to the lackluster box office performance of The Ant Bully.

This universe's version of Thomas Edison got along with Nikola Tesla.
  • It can seem quite odd that someone as bright as Jimmy would admire Edison, who was more a businessman and entrepreneur than an inventor, and never mention Tesla at all, whose aspirations were much closer to Jimmy's than Edison's. When Edison DID eventually appear in the series, he turned out to be a lot nicer and friendlier than the real Edison. Hence, it is very possible that the real-life rivalry between Edison and Tesla never materialized in the Jimmy Neutron universe, and the two of them shared inventions and knowledge with each other, or at least that Tesla invented things while Edison sold and marketed them with Tesla content knowing his inventions are helping the world, which would've led to Edison having a much higher profile than Tesla. Alternatively...

This universe's version of Thomas Edison successfully shut Nikola Tesla out of the public eye completely.
  • Which is why Tesla is never mentioned even once in the entire duration of the TV show even though his contributions to society as a whole are present: Edison managed to take credit for everything Tesla did and erased Tesla from the records. If this is true, then the friendly, jolly nature Edison puts up in the series is either a fašade or he's friendly specifically to Jimmy but not Tesla.