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Awesome / James and the Giant Peach

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  • After Mr. Centipede is discovered to be a fraud and he challenges Mr. Grasshopper to a fight, Grasshopper takes him out with a single kick to the face.
  • The Centipede redeems himself big time by saving James and Miss Spider from the undersea pirates, and fighting them all off by himself.
    • Hell, Miss Spider holding her own against the pirates was awesome in itself.
  • James finally standing up to his aunts at the end.
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  • How about James facing the Rhino yelling out "I'm not afraid of you!"
  • Mr. Centipede cutting the peach's stem, beginning James' getaway from his aunts.
  • James and his friends fighting off the giant shark.
  • Say what you will about James' aunts but they managed to drive across the Atlantic Ocean just to reach James and their peach in New York City.


  • Spiker and Sponge catch up with James and his new family, leading to this exchange:
    "Spiker (to James): It was very naughty of you to steal our peach.
    Grasshopper (holding onto James protectively): You can HAVE the peach.

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