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Heartwarming / James and the Giant Peach

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  • When James literally drops in on the group, the bugs could've easily reacted badly to a human in their midst. Instead, they comfort, befriend, and later adopt James as their own because they don't see him as just a human, but as a frightened child who's just as vulnerable as they once were. And it only gets better, they act with such compassion and kindness towards James for the entire movie, all of them!
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  • Just after escaping the North Pole in the movie, the Centipede takes his task of navigating the peach very seriously, to the point where he tries to fend off sleep in order to do so. And just as he desperately tries to force himself not to doze off, the Grasshopper (who had earlier knocked out one of Centipede's teeth in anger), makes it up to Centipede by relieving him of his post. By bringing him a chair and blanket, and playing him off to sleep with his violin. D'awwww...
    Grasshopper: I say, old sport. Came to relieve you of your duties.
    Centipede: I said I'd steer the peach. Have to steer the peach. Can't
    Grasshopper: Good show, old boy.
    Centipede: (sleepily) Thanks... Mr. Grasshopper...
    Grasshopper: (smiles at the sleeping Centipede and slightly tilts his head to the right)
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  • When Miss Spider is making James's bed, he asks her why she's so kind to him. She replies because he was kind to her first, since she was the spider he rescued from his aunts earlier in the movie.
  • Although they've been rather viciously snarking at each other up til then, after the Centipede dives into the water, Miss Spider is very quick to volunteer to help James save him—and when their first attempt fails, immediately heads down to try again. Not to mention the kiss on the cheek she gives him when it turns out he's all right.
    Miss Spider: Centipede, I do not know whether to kill you, (holds pirate sword up to his throat) or... (puts sword down and kisses him on the cheek) kiss you.
    Centipede: (blushes and smiles sheepishly)
  • A blink and you'll miss it entry—during the song That's the Life For Me, Mrs. Ladybug throws Mr. Grasshopper his top hat and cane. They have obviously already been good friends for some little while, if they are comfortable with Mrs. Ladybug toting around his spare accoutrement in such a way. They seem to be very in tune with each other, since she throws them to him precisely when he needs them.
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  • Another blink and you'll miss it entry. When James first falls asleep, his coat is merely draped over him, courtesy of Miss Spider. When he wakes up, the coat is wrapped around him like a blanket. Some one had obviously checked on him and wrapped the coat more tightly around him.
  • The song "We're Family". It's just so sweet and heartwarming.
    James: We'll always be together, won't we?
    Centipede: Kid, you're stuck with us for life.
  • When the group was lost in the Arctic, the others didn't wake up James and let him sleep when they were arguing with Centipede.
  • Say this about New York, they're hospitable when a girl with a telescope points out to a police officer that a boy is on top of an orange thing that landed on top of the Empire State Building. Rescue workers quickly approach James, who confusedly asks where the building is, and they tell him he's standing on it. Then they quickly secure him and lower him to the ground, reassuring him that everything is okay.
  • Unlike the cops, who have a reason to believe the paperwork that Aunt Sponge and Spiker present, the ordinary New Yorkers are suspicious of them. They can see that James is cringing in fear. Then a familiar face appears, the old man from the beginning of the movie! He starts a chant that the peach is not theirs and let the boy go. Soon the crowd takes up the same chant.
  • The bugs pull a Big Damn Heroes moment, landing between the aunts and James when the former two try to attack their nephew with axes. Centipede takes great pleasure in scaring them, threatening them for hurting his kid and asking if they want a piece of him now that he's big.
  • Because the bugs all rallied together to save James from his aunts, an innocent child in their eyes, and he helps incapacitate them, the crowd cheers for the strange creatures. They all get a round of applause each when James introduces each of his friends.
  • At the very end, James and the insects all live together in a house made out of the peach's pit — as a family.
    • Doubling up the heartwarming, in the book, it's revealed at the very end that James wrote the story so everyone could know of his adventure; in the movie, the narrator who notes that James "wished for a way to share it with everybody" turns out to be the mysterious man who gave him the magical crocodile tongues, having made one last effort to grant James's wish.


  • Though it doubles as a Tearjerker, the song 'Everywhere That You Are' qualifies. The opening dialogue between James and the Ladybug especially.
    The song is a promise that a lost loved one is with you no matter what. Ladybug and Grasshopper are hinted to be the reincarnations of James's parents, so in a way, James's own mother and father are assuring him that they will always be there for him.
  • The reprise of 'On Your Way Home.'
  • 'Welcome Home' is one CMOH. Seriously, try listening to it and not feeling happy for James and his adoptive family.
  • Listen carefully to "Floatin' Along." Who are the first people to join Grasshopper in the song? Ladybug and James. Essentially, the two people who immediately support him when he encourages everyone to enjoy their journey are his wife and son.
  • After Centipede and James are pulled back onto the peach (Centipede fell off the peach and James went to save him), Ladybug and Grasshopper both immediately hug James to them out of sheer relief that he's okay. They have essentially adopted him by this point and seeing their joy at having their little boy back safely is just so sweet.
  • Most productions of the play have James being the only member of the group to have a blanket when the group is asleep on the peach. As such, its implied there was only one blanket available and it was either given to James due to him being a child or he had fallen asleep before the insects and one of them- likely the Ladybug- covered him with it as he slept.