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Trivia / James and the Giant Peach

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  • Acclaimed Flop: Critics and audiences liked it (and still do) pretty well, but it failed to repeat the financial success of Disney's previous stop motion feature and they haven't made another one since. Peach is one of at least four movies to come from a Roald Dahl story to turn into an Acclaimed Flop, with Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, Fantastic Mr. Fox and The BFG being the other three (the latter is another Disney project, but replaces Burton's role in the creation of the film with Steven Spielberg).
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  • Actor Allusion: This isn't the first time Richard Dreyfuss played a character that had a nearly fatal face to face encounter with an enormous killer shark that ended up exploding, nor the last time Miriam Margoyles played a character who has a career working with magical produce.
  • Acting for Two: In addition to playing Aunt Sponge, Miriam Margolyes also voices the Glowworm.
  • Box Office Bomb: Budget, $38 million. Box office, $28,946,127. This would not be the last Disney/Dahl film to underperform and it wasn't Dahl's first.
  • Celebrity Voice Actor: Most notably Richard Dreyfuss as Centipede and Susan Sarandon as Ms. Spider.
  • Creator Killer: The last of only two projects created by Skellington Productions, Disney's stop-motion division assembled for The Nightmare Before Christmas.
  • Executive Meddling: Roald Dahl's widow Felicity liked the character designs by Lane Smith so much, she asked him to create new illustrations for a new printing of Dahl's book. When Disney became aware of this they told Smith to create new character designs for the book, because the company owned his film designs. In Disney's defense, though the way the bugs look in the film are a little different from how they're described in the original book (especially the Centipede), so Smith likely would have had to re-design the characters anyway to accommodate Dahl's original narrative.
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  • Non-Singing Voice: Jeff Bennett provides the singing for the Centipede.
  • Playing Against Type: Mike Starr, who is known for playing foul-mouthed tough guys, has a cameo in the end as the caring beat cop who helps James when he arrives in New York.
  • Role Reprisal: In a production sense—Lane Smith illustrated Dahl's book, and he returned for the film as a concept designer.
  • Unintentional Period Piece: When James defies her aunts for the first time during the film's climax, he claims that he isn't anything like they said and lists all the feats he and the insects performed upon leaving their house with the peach. Among them, he says that he landed on top of the tallest building in the world, that being the Empire State. Coincidentally, one month before the film was released, the Shun Hing Square was completed and took over the Empire State Building's position as the tallest building in the world. It was later followed by the CITIC Plaza that same year. Over the years, more new tallest buildings have followed. As of 2019, the tallest building in the world is Burj Khalifa and the Empire State Building ranks as the 46th. So perhaps Sponge and Spiker now have a new argument to prove to James that he's nothing...
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Aside from the peach being a cherry in the original manuscript of the book, there was a deleted scene supposed to play after the credits in the film that revealed what happened to Spiker and Sponge: still wrapped up in their silk cocoon, they were put on display in the Central Park Zoo labeled as unknown species, and are shown bickering and demanding a separate cage.
    • Skellington Productions and Miramax (which was owned by Disney at the time) planned to adapt Carol Hughes's book Toots and the Upside Down House with live-action and stop-motion elements. Unfortunately, because of the box office failure of James and the Giant Peach, Skellington Productions was shut down and the project was scrapped.

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