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  • Daffy punching out one of Foghorn's teeth in "The Foghorn Leghorn Story" just because he called Daffy a "no-rooster." Bugs hitting Sam across the antique shop for trying to take all the credit for finding an expensive vase also qualifies.
  • Speedy Gonzales for taming the Tazmanian Devil without batting an eyelash. Badass incarnate.
    • Speedy near the end of "Sunday Night Slice". Must be seen to be believed.
  • In "Peel of Fortune", we get an idea/reminder of how much of a genius Bugs really is. Thanks to a chain of events (specifically, Daffy getting rich off of Bugs' automatic carrot peeler, and then it being recalled), the house Bugs and Daffy live in is about to be demolished. Bugs' method of fixing everything? Building a time machine, in less than a minute, and undoing said chain of events!
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  • Daffy the Wizard. Words cannot describe it. Even if it was all in his head
  • In "Pizzarriba", Speedy's cousin tries to run away from Speedy, only for Speedy to remind him how that won't work.
  • Come on, you loved it when Porky snapped and beat Daffy senseless in "The Float". He so had it coming that it wasn't even funny.
  • Three words:
    "Hook it up!"
  • Lola's Drives Like Crazy road test. Not only does she do this with a smile on her face the entire time, not only does she do it with Yosemite Sam as the instructor, but she passes herself because Sam is left frothing at the mouth from terror. Needless to say, this also doubles as a Funny Moment.
  • Lola's Crazy Awesome tale of how she broke her foot. Which involved climbing a building, breaking through a glass window, climbing up an elevator shaft, and falling off of a building. And she came out entirely unharmed. She broke her foot climbing onto the doctor's examination table. Then again, she is a Looney Tune.
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  • Granny's response to Daffy's hate mail: Punching him square in the gut.
  • "Marine Daffy" is just made of awesome.
  • Bugs getting some old school revenge (Disguised in Drag and all) against Cecil Turtle.
    • What's also so satisfying about it is how this is the first time in all of the franchise where Bugs actually WON against Cecil.
      • And how did he beat him? By being where Cecil was going to be before he was. That's right: the hare finally beat the tortoise by being faster.
    • And then Daffy comes in and fires Cecil. Why? Just to make him miserable.
    • Tina telling off Yosemite Sam for trying to counterfeit money and taking Lola's parking lot spot.
      Tina: I'll tell you what I'm lookin' at, a sad little man who buys his jeans in the children's department, and is about to get beat up with his own boots. (Yosemite Sam runs away in terror) You hear me?! And if you ever steal my friend's parking space again, I'll put you in a shoebox and bury you in my backyard!
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  • Lola's Tomb Raider-esque quest to get Bugs a gift for their anniversary.
  • When the cast of Lola's "A Christmas Carol" fall down a trap door and are unable to perform, Bugs turns it into a one man show and is able to keep the show going, even changing clothes in a blink-of-an-eye, until he falls down the trap door.
  • Tina socking Cecil Turtle during "The Reason Christmas Rules".
  • Bugs Bunny is Batman.
  • Yosemete Sam in "You've Got Hate Mail" reverting to his real persona, and giving a "The Reason You Suck" Speech to his book club, including a surprisingly cogent criticism of the book they were all gushing over.
    Sam: "(after returning from the restroom to put his old clothes back on) Ya wanna know what I think of Alex!? (beat) Well IIIIIIIIII think he's PATHETIC! I mean THAT'S your protagonist!? There's no arc to that character! What obstacle did he overcome? What was his emotional journey!? In fact, only thing that's more pathetic than Alex, is THIS BOOK CLUB! Now GET OUT!"
  • Granny's story in "Eligible Bachelors" from beginning to end. Who knew she and Tweety were such badasses in their youth?
  • Daffy's "World of Cardboard" Speech about becoming a hairdresser. "All my life, I've been trapped in a world of ugly people. And now I realize what my purpose in life is: To make them less ugly. I am a hairdresser!"
  • Wile E. and Road Runner fighting as ninjas.
  • Somehow, Taz not going into spinning tornado mode thingy until The Stinger of his debut episode makes it that much better.
  • Daffy riding a bear to catch the bus.
    Witch Lezah: Child, I am not a witch for nothing.
  • Porky, in a hilarious reversal of his usual Butt-Monkey status, gets one at the end of the Merrie Melody "Table for One." After Speedy explains that Porky is sitting alone because he's a loser, and starts making suggestions that amount to 'Give up all your interests, change everything about yourself, become a complete fake, and you'll get chicks.' Turns out Porky was at the table waiting for his dates.
  • An entire episode of Bugs Bunny as Superman, in what turns out to be the perfect combination of Donnerverse, DCAU, and Snyderverse Superman!
  • Marvin's job interview in Sunday Night Slice. Daffy asks what he would do in case of a robbery:
    Marvin: (taps his laser gun) "Let's just say I would handle it."
    • Daffy then leaves and comes back dressed as a robber. Marvin blasts him and instantly gets hired.
  • Daffy and the other Marines rescuing Bugs from an Albanian prison, culminating in Daffy hanging from the side of a helicopter firing a machine gun. It Makes Sense in Context. Sort of...
  • Porky chewing out Daffy in "We're in Big Truffle":
    Porky: "You can't fly, you can't swim- ARE YOU EV-EV-EV-EVEN A DUCK AT ALL?!?"
  • When Daffy tries to imagine Tina's reaction to the hate mail he accidentally sent to everyone he knew... well, her face has to be seen to be believed.
  • Daffy EXPLODING after becoming City Councilman and being bored to tears by the nebbish councilfolk arguing over almost nothing.
  • Bugs charging into a burning house and saving Sam's life in "The Stud, The Nerd, The Average Joe, and the Saint"
  • In "Shell Game" after Bugs and Porky expose Cecil's shell scam(wearing a fake shell with a crack to trick people into giving him money for a new shell) Cecil holds them at gunpoint, but Bugs tricks him into using Daffy's old broken recliner, which sends him flying and he ends up cracking his shell for real.

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