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Speedy is in the closet

Considering he's a bachelor and the only "woman" he considered banging is Bugs Bunny in drag (who was always commented as being an "ugly woman", implying that his masculine traits are evident), good old Gonzalez probably needs to lay off his machismo ... or embrace it, who knows.

Daffy has a crush on Bugs.
Daffy wins a dinner for two in "Double Date" and asks Bugs. Bugs tells Daffy that that would be a date. Daffy doesn't seem to mind.He buys Bugs a cruise trip.He gets jealous when Yosemite Sam says he's going to sleep in Bugs' bed.When Bugs and Daffy fall asleep on the porch, Daffy's arm is across Bugs.Bugs just may not like Daffy back.

The whole "Double Date" episode was planned by Lola all along!
Think about it, her falling in love with Daffy because he reads the note SHE wrote in the first place?MAYBE she is just THAT crazy, but maybe she just planned the whole events just so Bugs would end up saying he's her boyfriend, which in fact makes her MORE crazy!
  • Then that doesn't explain why she snuck into Daffy's room out of Bugs' sight.

The series is an All Grown Up! version of Baby Looney Tunes.
It's better if you think of the series like this. Instead of explosive debates over Duck Season and Rabbit Season, these new "adult" Looney Tunes are instead facing the difficult hardships about being talking animals in a tough Real Life modern world. They'll be learning how to pay mortgage, getting jobs, going on dates and keeping their loan sharks at bay. In addition, they're bringing back Lola, a character who was exclusively featured in Space Jam and Baby Looney Tunes.
  • Pretty much Jossed by now, as Bugs and Lola clearly didn't know each other when they first met in the second episode.
    • They might have forgotten each other. After all, how many people remember all the little kids they went to kindergarten with, for instance?
      • There's a difference between forgetting someone you went to kindergarten with and forgetting someone you literally lived with. Also, here's a MAJOR problem. Taz was one of Bugs and Daffy's friends in Baby Looney Tunes. In The Looney Tunes Show, he's their pet. Yeah, those implications aren't very good...

The show creators are deliberately trolling the Lola fans, Lola/Bugs shippers, and possibly Looney Tunes shippers period.
Seriously, everything about Lola's introductory episode pretty much supports this.
  • Kind of weird considering the paring was already canon.
  • Alternately, perhaps the creators were forced to include Lola by Executive Meddling, so they proceeded to change her character in protest.

Similarly, Lola's characterization is a nod to the hatedom she has
Prior to this, she was rather normal. Now Lola suddenly became a
Stalker with a Crush whose sanity is questionable at best while the rest of the cast didn't really change too noticeably (compared with Lola).

The show is a Where Are They Now Epilogue featuring the Looniversity Professors.
How else could Bugs, Daffy and the rest of the Looney Tunes cast afford cars and rent on their homes?After the eventual graduation of the Tiny Toons cast, the Looney Tunes continued teaching becoming highly successful tenured Looniversity Professors until their eventual retirement where they then decided to move away from Acme Acres to instead quiet homes in the suburbs. The show is simply a Spin-Off continuation and the Tunes' residency to a modern neighborhood.
  • Except according to press releases, the premise is that the Tunes moved into the suburbs from the woods.
    • And it's called Acme Acres
  • It could be shortly before they became teachers of Tiny Toons and were dealing with being unemployed- once Tiny Toons began, they were all employed by Bugs to teach.
    • So then, Bugs is working at a nearby university as a job, which will eventually give him a large job at Acme Loo. That could explain how he can afford to live in his own large house and own a Prius, but teaching these days doesn't pay well.
    • Well, they probably have done the cartoon shorts in the wilderness which made them stars and gave them most of their money- it's just now most are unemployed and going stir-crazy. Otherwise, yeah.
      • Question answered! Bugs invented the carrot-peeler, and has apparently been receiving the highest royalties in the world for years!

The Looney Tunes Show takes place in the 90's when they were filming Tiny Toon Adventures simultaneously (making this just another show for them).
Cartoon aging at work. They gotta be at least... 70, if we're going by normal time? Of course this show could take place anywhere in history since they starred in pictures. Unless we see some hint that this takes place in another decade.
  • Except it's already been Jossed by the TTA episode "Fields of Honey," in which the mysterious voice tells Babs that laughter keeps a toon young, citing the fifty-plus year old Bugs Bunny as an example.
  • Maybe in an alternate 90s since in TTA Babs states that she doesn't have a mentor, and here we have Lola.

Bugs and Daffy moved into their summer home
Because Bugs and Daffy were constantly going on vacation together in the old shorts, and Daffy spent the weekend at Bugs' in "The Million Hare". At some point they decided "What the heck, let's just buy a summer home", and ended up liking it so much that they never left.

Why will it? CN keeps delaying it. The only reason we still even have premiere dates is because they originally scheduled it to air before problems arose! It will eventually be given up on entirely and go the way of DVD!

This Bugs is the descendant of Babs and Buster Bunny
Because Pink + Blue = Light Purple
  • Eh, I think this was just bad art direction. In recent episodes Bugs looks more and more grey like his old self.

Pepe le Pew will never be a central character or have any focus on him otherwise.
Pepe, while he is this troper's favorite character of the Looney Tunes, is one of the most controversial. He was likely put in the TV teasers just to tease, or as a stock character. Sure, he may have a cameo or very, very brief lines, but... no episode plot involving him. Plus, this troper cannot think of a single short in which he interacted with any other Looney Toons... aside from Sylvester, ONCE.
  • Carrotblanca
  • In which he still mainly interacted with Penelope and Sylvester... this troper thinks.
  • Jossed. Pepe had a big part in the plot in the second episode.
    • His behaviour is less rapey than it used to be in the main show, albeit not in "Skunk Funk".

There will be an episode where Bugs Bunny will meet Happy Hare.
Simply because it would be interesting to see how Bugs reacts to his own prototype character.

The Looney Tunes Show is the result of Bugs' promise to Daffy at the end of Back In Action.
He told Daffy that from that point on, they'd be treated more like equals. While he may not have been entirely serious about that promise, Daffy took it at face value, and it led directly to this show, where Bugs finds himself thrust into a Butt-Monkey role — much like Daffy.
  • Genius. Pure genius.
  • This makes so much sense—especially when you take Duck Dodgers into consideration. First Daffy got to be "cool" like Bugs for a while (or at least, his definition of cool) and now Bugs gets to be lame like Daffy. It all evens out!

Bugs and Daffy are a canon couple
And every time they say "Best friend", they mean boyfriend. They live together for years, they bicker like they're married, they go on couples game shows, and cruises together, they even had an episode where Bugs doesn't want Daffy smothering him because he doesn't want them to be like those other kind of "best friends", while pointing to two gophers who might as well be Sickeningly Sweethearts.
  • This would hold water if both weren't getting girlfriends later in the show.
  • cough bisexual cough
  • Having Mac and Tosh as gay creeps me out, largely because they look exactly the same. I hope they're not related. Anyway Daffy, as said above, seems more like The Thing That Would Not Leave. He's too much of a pain in the butt, though half the time its his own butt.
Alternatively, Bugs and Daffy are the only acceptable slash couple of the series.

Bugs will eventually crack from being abused by Daffy, and revert to his old ways.
Bugs hasn't tried to prank a big bad guy in this show at all, but he has been beaten by the universe, as if it hates him now. There will be an episode late in the season where he finally sticks up for himself and does a "Rabbit of Seville", if you wille.
  • Actually came true on Casa De Calma. Bravo!
    • Actually no. There is no indication that says Bugs' happier ways in that episode directly resulted from cracking. In fact, the only time Bugs ever put harm on Daffy was when he drained all the water in the pool just so Daffy could smash into the concrete- the rest was due to Daffy's usual selfishness and ignorance.
    • Actually actually, there was one point where Daffy pushes Bugs in the pool, and Bugs says something to the effect of he could let this go, but he won't (I'm going by memory here). That could be seen as a subtle moment of cracking. He also shined a light in Daffy's eyes, and it's ambiguious whether it was on purpose or not.
    • He did plenty of subtle things to undermine/sabotage Daffy—pretty classic Bugs things, actually. Besides shining the light and pulling the plug, he pretended not to hear Daffy when he wanted to come down from the hang glider, and probably caused most of his trouble on the golf course as well.
  • If it didn't come to pass on Casa de Calma, then he's dangerously close as of Newspaper Thief. He was practically ready to strangle Daffy by the end of the episode!
  • Let's hope that this is the direction "The Shelf" will go in.

Lola was brain damaged by the tennis ball that struck her on the back of the head.
She was fine up to that point, and thats why she's so different now. That ball DID hit her hard enough to knock her over.

Daffy is only acting like an idiot.
He's doing this as a clever way to get revenge on Bugs for one upping him for decades.
  • YES.

Executive Meddling broke Bugs' spirit.
The last thing he wanted was to friendly roommates with Daffy. He wanted to remain a screwball under the freedom of Negative Continuity, and the reason the show was in Development Hell that long was because Bugs was wreaking havoc with dynamite and Take That Kisses. Eventually, somehow, they wrangled him and forced him into line. Now he wanders through the episodes with a near suicidal look on his face, occasionally snarking off to Daffy but going no further. But, as mentioned above, he will crack. The only reason he loves living in prison or wishes he had attended high school is because they were all different than what he has to do on this show, and are the only places where he is in a positive mood and where he can actually be himself!

Granny will no longer talk, or the character will even retire, after this show's run.
June Foray is one of the only remaining original voice actors to reprise their roles since their characters' conception, and was always the voice of Granny. Five episodes in, and we see Granny in two but have yet to hear her speak! The Witch, also previously voiced by Foray, was replaced in this show with a very different voice! There are also reports of Foray's failing health. Do the math.
  • Granny has finally talked in "Devil Dog". It IS June Foray.

Daffy's new lack of intelligence is due to brain damage.
He's been shot in the head by Elmer so many times, he's no longer able to think as straight as he once could.

How this show fits into the canon...
The original shorts were a show in this universe and theirs. This show is simply a "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue.
  • The only problem I can think of with this theory is that Bugs Bunny doesn't seem to be famous in this show's universe—people only know him as the "I like it" guy, not Bugs Bunny the "I like it" guy.
    • But he won countless awards, was the (interrum) president of Mexico, and is Batman!
  • NOTHING is canon with the original shorts, depending on who you ask.

Tweety is an Immortal.
Granny has aged, but Tweety has not. Clearly, Tweety is just waiting for the Gathering. "Playing" with Sylvester is just a way to kill time.
  • He hides a four-inch katana in the floor of his bird cage.

Bugs and Lola's relationship will be a Story Arc that will last until the Grand Finale and end with the two getting (officially) married.

This series is a Deconstruction of slapstick comedy.
  • How?

This incarnation of Daffy Duck has autism
This troper is autistic and sees many aspects of it in Daffy.
  • "Best Friends": Daffy can't remember social things, like Bugs's birthday.
  • "Monster Talent": Daffy can't understand why Gossmer can't repeat his dance steps.
  • "Reunion": Daffy can't differentiate fantasy from reality.
  • "Devil Dog": Daffy wants "Poochie" to go on the grounds that he dosn't like him.
  • "The Foghorn Leghorn Story":
  • "Newspaper Thief": Daffy is quick to accuse his neighbors of theivery despite a lack of evidence. It also shows Daffy's lack of social skill via flashbacks.
  • "That's My Baby": While he can't actually take care of Zachary, he is extremely good at playing with him.
  • "Sunday Night Slice": Daffy insults a footballer because everyone else does it, but does not know when he's gone to far.
    • Also, Daffy shows he is unable to work in a team without being in charge.
  • The DMV: Daffy does not understand why he needs a licence to drive.
  • Off Duty Cop: Daffy can't differentiate fantasy from reality.
    • He doesn't like cellphones because "the calling plans are confusing and the buttons are too small", which might imply poor focus on things he doesn't find interesting and some degree of physical clumsiness.
  • Working Duck: Daffy is unable to keep a job.
  • French Fries: Daffy freaks out after Porky eats what Daffy to believe to be his chips.
    • Also, Daffy refuses to admit he's wrong, even after Speedy proves he is wrong.
  • "Peel of Fortune": Daffy is incredibly specific about his ice cream—what order the scoops are in, where the sprinkles are placed, and so on.
  • "The Float": Daffy becomes heartbroken after the destruction of his parade float, like any child would if they're most favourite thing in the world was lost or broken.
  • "You've Got Hate Mail": It is mentioned that Daffy's hate mail was very detailed.
  • "Rebel Without a Glove": Daffy takes the title of the book "Baby Names" seriously.
  • His tendency to ramble off on tangents is also a known symptom.
    • This troper agrees, though it could lead to Unfortunate Implications.
      • Autistic people can be jerks as well, either for unconnected reasons or because they aren't aware of or don't care about the issues the autism causes.

The character's "new" personas are tied to the suburb in which they live.
When Bugs and Daffy go on vacation in "Casa de Calma", they instantly revert back to their old-school selves.
  • Sort of, I guess. But within the realm of believability on the show.

Other places that are probably outside the suburb include:

  • The prison in "Jailbird and Jailbunny". No wonder Bugs wants to stay.
  • The office where Porky works until he's fired—as soon as Bugs gets there, he stops reasoning with Daffy and just tries to push him off the top of the building. Then he gets a job there simply so he can heckle Porky while he works. This feels more like the old Bugs!
  • The desert in the Wile E. and Road Runner shorts. Hence why Wile E. and Road Runner have yet to receive new personas.

Lola is high on Spargle all the time.
Explains her Character Derailment as compared to Space Jam, as well as the fact that she's overactive, jumps to wild conclusions and has zero concentration. Watch Bugs in "Off-Duty Cop" if you don't know what I'm talking about.

Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner will eventually appear in the "sitcom" portion of the show.
They'll at least make a cameo. There are animated versions of them in the theme song, so...
  • Wile E. Coyote did appear in the waiting room of "Point, Laser Point."

Daffy's parents will appear in a later episode, possibly a season finale.
They will be a jarring Knight of Cerebus, and will reveal a serious Freudian Excuse for Daffy, who will become a full-fledged Jerkass Woobie. It will be the darkest episode yet.

Daffy's brother or sister will also make an appearance.
It will be similar to the WMG above.

All incarnations of Looney Tunes are canon.
The characters did a lot of time traveling in that time machine Bugs built in "Peel of Fortune"...
  • None of them are meant to be canon with each other, including individual shorts, which suffer from Negative Continuity.

Daffy really is a sociopath
A really, really stupid one.
  • Who says sociopaths have to be smart?
  • He still feels guilt and embarassment, and is too emotional and whim driven to be a sociopath in the traditional sense. He's more likely a narcissist, which fits well with his melodramatic tendencies.

Speedy is secretly Cheesethief from Redwall.
What does "Queso Bandito" translate to? That's right.
  • Cheesethief wouldn't be annoyed by being called a rat because he is one, and nor would he share cheese.

Daffy is really Obfuscating Stupidity, and is a genuine villain
He will become the next season's Big Bad

This incarnation of Tweety really is female.
Why not? He was sometimes female in the comics. Besides, the show doesn't exactly hold a ton of regard for canon, given that Gossamer is an innocent little boy, Witch Hazel is his sassy black mom, and Lola's suffered a complete character overhaul.

Daffy will actually get positive Character Development next season.
Boy, does he need it.

The "Chintzy" number in "The Shelf" was animated by the old "Laff Riot" crew.
The animation style is noticeably different, and Daffy's personality seems a bit closer to the old one.

The reason why Daffy Took a Level in Dumbass and Jerkass
It's a Take That! to viewers who found him Unintentionally Sympathetic.

Daffy actually has a traumatizing Freudian Excuse
The episode involving it will possibly be Step One of his Character Development.
  • Implied in "Fish and Visitors".

Lola was turned into a true Looney toon at the end of Space Jam
Bugs kissed in the last scene in toon world, she goes all silly, laughs and pulls down the curtain. The next time we see her on this show, she's as nutty as the other characters. Bugs' kiss turned her loopy!!!!
  • Jossed. Bugs and Lola show no signs of knowing each other when they first meet in the show.

Porky will totally snap in the second season
And it will be awesome.
  • He snaps in 'The Float'. And YES, IT IS AWESOME.

Lola wailing like a banshee is just a trick
She probably does this to keep Bugs in their relationship whenever he tries to break up with her, making him regret what he said and get back together.

The show takes place in the same universe as Duck Dodgers.
Near the very end of the series, there will be a one-off mention of Daffy signing up for some sort of cryogenic experiment...

Daffy is always The Wizard... in his head.
The music and animation continues after Daffy wakes up and goes for quesadillas, continuing to narrate his actions in bombastic fashion. The adventures of Daffy the Wizard is a continually-playing fantasy epic, taking the information Daffy receives and converting it into the reality we witness during the song. This may be a facet of Daffy's supposed psychological disorders, and explains why he has such a disconnect with even simple or common-sense aspects of reality: He experiences everything through the filter of The Wizard's world, which is overlaid across the real world (so he can more-or-less function), but is much more attractive than Daffy's mundane existence.
  • Daffy's jerkass attitude can usually be described as Daffy placing his wants far above those of everyone else, or treating them as if they only exist for his convenience; not an unusual attitude for a high-and-mighty wizard.
  • His parade float may have been the source of his power, a mystic monument, or a mighty chariot, explaining why he was so fixated on it despite it having no practical purpose. Perhaps, that dragon he "rides" to the 'Quesadilla Shack' in the video? That would explain the need for his vehicle to be anthropomorphized as a parade float.
  • His ice-cream order is not just a delicious treat, but an elixir which must be properly prepared, or else the consequences may be dire.
  • Similarly, Daffy's spazzing over Porky supposedly eating his fries is a result of said fries having supernatural importance in The Wizard's world, since they're intended for The Wizard himself.
  • He's unable to keep a job because he can't distinguish between the real-world requirements and their fantasy counterparts, and anyway, why would a wizard need a repetitive, menial job when he has universal power?
  • And Daffy's genuine shock, when things don't go his way, is natural when you think of him as he sees himself, as an almighty wizard who can conquer everything in his path. Of course, his delusion quickly rewrites his 'failure,' painting it as someone else's fault or forgetting it altogether.

Adult versions of the Tiny Toons Characters will join the cast in Season Two
Because it would be AWESOME!
  • Adult Fifi Lafume? YES PLEASE.
    • Amen sister
    • An adult Babs voiced by Kristen Schaal would be pretty cool.

The series will end with Bugs snapping.
  • After one too many screwups by Daffy, grabbing a rifle declaring its duck season and chasing after him and firing looking to kill him. A fitting end.

Daffy is now as dumb as a sack of bricks because he gave himself a lobotomy (twice!)
Taking into account that they ARE 'toon actors working for Warner Brothers, Daffy might have given himself a lobotomy after Space Jam; which would explain his "paranoid idiot" behavior in Looney Tunes: Back in Action, another movie where, afterwards, he gave himself another lobotomy; which leads right into the Looney Tunes Show, a show where he's so lobotomized, he completely forgot how to be looney to match the rest of the show's non-looney roommate-sitcom scenario.

Daffy's "issues" stem from his highschool days.
Daffy didn't just have an unhappy home life, as implied in Fish and Visitors; once he hit high school, he was at the bottom of the food chain, where Marvin and Pete wouldn't hang out with him, and was also bullied by Porky. This likely extended to the other kids we see in the Reunion flashback, and Daffy's lack of social status, plus his tendency to stand out rather than blend in, would have made him a target. Daffy thus spent his high school years utterly friendless, with parents who filled their house with "fighting, resentment, and so much tension that no one could stand to live [there]." Aside from proving traumatic enough that he believed the memories he came up with to make it bearable, it also made him incredibly self-centered, as he never developed the relationships that would let him empathize with others. He may have had a positive relationship with his grandmother, given the flashback in Rebel Without A Glove, but that may have just made things worse given that she would likely have died while Daffy was still fairly young, resulting in Daffy being even more isolated than before. This lack of socialization, which might have begun before high school, may explain Daffy's Jerkass behavior.

Porky is The Atoner, having become enough of a loser to regret his former treatment of Daffy, especially if he realizes that his bullying was instrumental to Daffy's crazy. That's why Porky puts up with so much from Daffy, though occasionally his guilt is overcome by anger, as in The Float, and he retaliates; this just makes Porky feel worse after his anger passes, and he goes back to being Daffy's Buttmonkey until the next incident. This may also be why Daffy is so desperate to be Bugs' friend in Best Friends: Daffy may not be aware that he's a jerk, but somewhere in his denial-addled delusions he remembers how miserable he was when he had no friends. The fact that Daffy considers Tina's condemned-building simile to be the nicest thing anyone's ever said to him says a lot about his relationships with others, though how much of it is a result of his "condition" vs. how much of it is Daffy's own fault is debatable.

  • Chintzy also has a photo of Porky and Daffy as children, implying that they were friends while young and grew apart in high school only to reconnect afterward. Daffy and Porky might have gone through the "one friend gets popular and treats the other badly" teen movie trope, the difference being that Daffy didn't get over it so easily and Porky's still making it up.

Bugs Bunny works for Batman Incorporated.
He's the Batman of California.

Daffy grew up rich.
And it's part of why he's so messed up. In Daffy's flashback from Rebel Without A Glove, both the room and Daffy's grandmother appear to be upscale, and "Grandmummy" is an affectation associated with the upper-class. The only other character who approaches his Cloudcuckoolander status is Lola: She displays a lack of common sense, is easily distracted, and often seems oblivious to those around her. This could be because Lola grew up wealthy, as we've seen from her parents; growing up sheltered from the 'normal' world makes it difficult for her to fit in and pursue relationships or jobs in a normal manner, all of which are traits that Daffy shares. The difference is that Lola has caring parents, while Daffy's parents were implied to have been in constant conflict: Lola's family made it easier for her to become a mostly-normal adult, but Daffy's parents failed to give him structure or proper role-models. Daffy's personality isn't stellar, but his irresponsible behavior and entitled attitude come from the fact that he never had to worry about those things when he was younger, and never grew out of that juvenile stage.
  • The song "Chintzy" might imply in childhood he actually did receive lavish gifts, possibly in an attempt to cheer him up if his home life was so awful. "Casa de Calma" shows he has an uncle living in a trailer park; if one of his parents was poor and the other was rich, their arguing could have sprung from them having a Cinderella-style romance and discovering they had nothing in common once the honeymoon period wore off.
    • So Daffy has the same backstory as Bojack? Yeesh.

Witch Leeza will turn Daffy into the wierd flower-headed, flag-tailed, platypus whatchamacallit from "Duck Amuck"
You know it will happen eventually

The false plot from "The Best Friend Redux" on demand description will be an episode
Bugs tells the story of Super Rabbit with Elmer as Lex Luthor and Daffy as Zod.

The Looney Tunes from this series are actually imposters from planet Nudnik
In the short Invasion of the Bunny Snatchers some Looney Tunes characters are replaced by poorly animated version of themselves. Basically, the same thing happened here, but this time, unlike in the animated short I mention, Bugs wasn´t able to stop the imposters.

It is worth noticing that in Invasion of the Bunny Snatchers the alien imposters were drawn in a very similar manner than the characters from The Looney Tunes Show. Additionally, the alien replacements from Yosemite Sam and Daffy Duck were strangely friendly towards Bugs Bunny, pretty much like in this series.

The series will be revived
As of "Super Rabbit", the series has been cancelled with 2 seasons and 52 episodes. While some fans don't seem to mind, others may want it back. The series has its own flaws and strengths which audiences can either like or hate. Maybe within a few years, the show will be brought back by public demand.
  • If not, we can hope that the next Looney Tunes spin-off will be just as good, or better. At least in the Looney Tunes Show, most of the characters had similar personalities, and it kept its slapstick at a minimum to suit both adults and children.

The presidents from "Presidents Day" were the actual presidents in the LTS universe
People think it was just Lola being her usual crazy self, but she was actually discussing all the people who have been President in this universe. Apparently you dont have to be American (or even human) to be President in this universe either.

Road Runner is a sadistic sociopath and a serial killer.

Obviously. Sadistic sociopath that tries to injure Wile E. Coyote? That is given in some of CGI shorts, especially in Wile E. Sisyphus, Remote Out of Control and Silent but Deadly. Serial killer? Desert is completely lifeless, except the two heroes and a python from Remote Out of Control. Deserts have, although not much, larger number of animals. The reason python attacked Wile E. Coyote? It is afraid that Road Runner will come for her.

Tina is a metamorphamagus.

Rodney Rabbit was a very obscure, meta in-joke.

In DC Comics' Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew!, Captain Carrot's alter ego was originally named Roger Rabbit. After a movie with that character name was released—a movie which prominently featured the Looney Tunes—he was renamed Rodney Rabbit for the (oddly gritty) return to them in 2007. Thus, this show based the character off of it, and Rodney even resembles his namesake in fur color and large glasses. The fact that the very next episode was a Superman homage makes it seem even likelier.

Bugs was a child actor.
Even in a Looney 'verse it would be hard to fit in all the activities he did in his teens according to "Reunion", and it would explain where he got any money which didn't come from inventing the carrot peeler.

Tweety is some variety of genderqueer.
When Sylvester asked if Tweety was a boy or a girl, the whispered answer was "nope".

As is Daffy.
He constantly mixes up the genders of small kids, suggesting he doesn't have a good grasp of the cues. He wears women's clothing, passing it off as a way to get something, but does so even when it's unnecessary (he couldn't have dressed as a male student for the discount?) As seen above, he has a lot of tendencies to the autistic spectrum, and possible correlation has been shown between autism and gender dysphoria. Dysphoria might also be connected to his dubious grasp of his self-image in general and his possible depression ("cries himself to sleep every night").

In an AU where the characters were human...
Taz would be an actual Tasmanian devil. He behaves and is treated like an animal while the others behave like humans, and he looks about as much like his real-life species counterpart as the others look like humans.

Bugs and Daffy are a couple, but they're in an open relationship.
My personal Head Canon to get around the Relationship Writing Fumble created by the subtext in Bugs and Daffy's "friendship" while still dating Lola and Tina respectively, is that they have an understanding with the girls that they are unwilling to break up witheach other, but will otherwise remain faithful to them, and Lola and Tina are fine with this arrangement.

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