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Recap / The Looney Tunes Show S 2 E 24 Mr Wiener

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Daffy enrolls in a hot dog eating contest to win the title of "Mr. Wiener" and to defend his family legacy of winning this kind of events. But since he needs to eat 62 hot dogs to beat the record and his personal best is four and a half, he needs to train before entering. Meanwhile, the doctor orders Bugs to avoid stress and efforts because he has an excessive heart rate, but Yosemite Sam involves Bugs into preparing a daredevil stunt, to defend his (Sam's) legacy. In a third storyline, Porky has a date with Petunia and, following Daffy's dating advice, he tries to appear cool and secure by acting uninterested in her.



  • Balloonacy: Daffy inflates himself with helium and ties himself to the chair not to float away, but the thread snaps.
  • Balloon Belly: Daffy attempts to invoke this by asking the doctor to expand his stomach for the contest. The doctor obviously refuses. In the end, Daffy manages this in a literal way — by inflating himself with helium.
  • The Cameo: Plushes of Michigan J. Frog, Buster Bunny and Plucky Duck can be seen in some of the fairground stalls.
  • Eating Contest
  • Ferris Wheel Date Moment: Porky and Petunia ride on a Ferris wheel at the fair. The wheel stops, causing Porky to panic and drop the "cool guy" façade. Luckily, Petunia likes his dorky self better.
  • Ramp Jump: Sam's stunt: jumping a school bus over fifteen motorcycles (since his father already did the opposite).
  • Running Gag: Sam and Daffy describing their legacies, further underlined by their families' Theme Naming (see below).
    • Sam's great-grandpa jumped a horse cart over fifteen cows; his grandpa jumped a Model T over fifteen model Ls; his father jumped a motorcycle over fifteen school buses.
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    • Daffy's great-grandpa won a horse carriage at an eating contest; his grandpa won a model T and his father won a school bus.
    • According to Daffy, Porky's family legacy — again starting from the great-grandpa — is blowing dates.
  • Shown Their Work: It turns out that Bugs is perfectly healthy, and his high heart rate is due being a rabbit. This is Truth in Television: a rabbit's typical heart rate is 120-150 beats per minute. It could be argued that this is Zig-Zagged, though — would it make sense to apply normal rabbit biology to a human-sized, biped Funny Animal?
  • Theme Naming: Runs in the families of Yosemite Sam, Daffy Duck and Porky Pig.
    • Yosemite's great-grandfather, grandfather and father were Rocky Mountains Sam, Death Valley Sam, and Grand Canyon Sam, respectively.
    • In the same order, Daffy's ancestors are Dipsy Duck, Doofus Duck and Dummy Duck (bonus points for alliteration).
    Tina: Do any of the guys in your family have normal names? Like David, or Doug?
    • As for Porky:
    Daffy: Need I remind you of your great-grandfather, Pudgy Pig, your grandfather, Plumpy Pig, and your father, Plus-size Pig?
    Porky: (annoyed) Muh-My dad's name is Alan.
  • Toon Physics: How Daffy wins the contest — he inflates himself with helium to make more space for the hot dogs. Though this is regarded as cheating, and he is stripped of his title in the end.


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