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  • The intro sequence, which is considerably better animated than the show proper, as was common in the 80s and 90s. A lot of people recall wishing they could re-enact the badass walk of J and K in the first few seconds of the title sequence, especially the way they sway their shoulders back and forth. The Awesome Music, a moody instrumental Trip Hop piece composed by Jim Latham, definitely helps.
  • Jay and Elle fooling Alpha with a quick Clone who just so happens to be having a bomb inside of him, defeating the treacherous agent.
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  • Kay and Jay's one long Batman Gambit in "Dog Eat Dog Syndrome" and "The Puppy Love Syndrome" fooling Drekk and an alien mob organization into a trap.
  • One-shot Alien of the Day Space Demon, an expy of Alien gets to beat the stuffing out of Teletubbies wannabes.
    Space Demon: You were gonna off me, huh?
  • Frank gets his The Dog Bites Back against the slug alien that possesses his body.
  • To those who were fed up with the Scrappies, the Worms would be immensely satisfied to know that Zed reprimands them for their latest mishap. This was the last straw as the Worms nearly got MIB be destroyed by nuclear explosion and Zed made sure they get an earful how much their actions have consequences and finally orders them to be shipped back immediately.
    Zed: So what you're saying is that Coffee is the root of your incompetence?
    Worm 1: Blasphemy.
    Worm 2: Don't say about the bean we love.
    Worm 3: Is it too late to apply for an insanity plea?
  • "The Out to Pasture Syndrome" showcases Agent Jay proved his worth as an agent after being kept out of the loop about the secret plan to take down Alpha who effortlessly squashed it, including Kay. Jay didn't just fight Alpha, he provided a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown and delivers the final blow, thus destroying Alpha's new body allowing the recovered MIB agents to trapped the now crippled rogue into a tin can, ending the crisis that has plagued the MIB for years.
    • Jay once again in the fight against Alpha. The mastermind fools Jay into unknowingly releasing him and becomes a heavily armed cyborg. Jay manages to figure out exactly where Alpha is going and he and his team intercept him all because Jay played a few games of Chess with the former agent. Checkmate!
  • The Worms tell off Kay for neuralizing Jay. A touching moment that shows that if they had to pick between Kay and Jay, they'd stand up for Jay.
  • Zed gets back at Agent X for authorizing an alien news crew into MIB without his permission by permitting it but he decides who the crew would follow and that person; Agent Kay. Not only to boost the organization's reputation but rob Agent X of the fame and glory he desires all the while subtly insulting him.
  • The most obvious moment is the climax of "The Endgame Syndrome", when K prepares to fire on the missile headed for Earth.
    Agent J: Aren't we a little... close?
    Agent K: This isn't about us, Ace. (to anyone on Earth who might be listening) Duck and cover, people. (to his mentor and nemesis, who is riding the bomb) Goodbye, Alpha.


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