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  • In the closing credits, there are mug shots of different alien beings. One of the alien creatures is simply a lightbulb, another is a sluglike being who has to hold his number in his mouth, as it has no arms. For the Bug perp, it also does not hold its number. You can, however, see that a human hand wearing a rubber glove is holding the number in front of it with a pair of tongs. Clearly terrified of getting within a few feet of the giant cockroach.
    • In the updated intro, there is a mugshot of a disgruntled Frank, and another of the worms posing with annoyed alien.
  • The episode "The Bad Seed Syndrome", where Jay is accidentally injected with a Truth Serum while he, Kay, and Elle attempt to fight off an invasion by parasitic Plant Aliens that have taken over most of their fellow MIB personnel.
    (Jay and the Worms are hiding in a closet, while infected agents are pursuing them)
    Infected Zed: Well, did we lose him?
    Jay: (unsuccessfully tries to keep his mouth shut, then jumps out of the closet) No, you didn't lose me! I'm right here! And the Worms are in there!
    (The Worms run away screaming)

    (Jay tries to stop a TV news crew from approaching one of the alien plant stalks)
    Reporter: Who are you?
    Jay: Department of Agriculture, Division 6.
    Reporter: Oh, really?
    Jay: No, it's a cover story. I'm actually a member of an elite top-secret organization, dedicated to policing aliens on Earth!
    (Infected Zed emerges from the ground on a giant vine, now looking much more monstrous)
    Reporter: What's that?!
    Jay: My boss!
    (Zed grabs Jay and drags him underground)

    (After the alien plants have all been destroyed)
    Kay: You didn't leak out any classified information while you were out in public, did you?
    Jay: Who, me? Nah. Yo, the truth serum wore off!
    Kay and Elle: Jay...
    • When Jay first hid in the closet and beaten by the Worms thinking he's one of the infected, he tells them he's not. One of them asked how can they be sure if he's telling the truth, Jay rolls his eyes.
  • "The Elle of My Dreams Syndrome" episode where Kay is the incompetent partner in Jay's dream world.
    Jay: He tries...
  • "The Mine, Mine, Mine Syndrome": The Emperor Worm is learning English, but with extremely low fluency.
    Emperor Worm: (to Bug Queen) You can take away our livestock, but you can't take away our forest fires!
    • The Queen and her two lackeys’ response to the Emperor’s butchered English. All three just stare, gaping at how bad he’s talking.
  • One episode where Kay and Elle are trapped on an out-of-control UFO. Good news - they find a stockpile of weapons. Bad news - most of them aren't indoor toys. Good news - Kay knows every single one. Rummage time!
    Elle: (picks up a weapon) Let's use one of these to blast through that door.
    Kay: (pushes weapon back down) Not that one. Sonic blast would liquefy our brains.
    Elle: (picks up a weapon) This?
    Kay: (pushes weapon back down) Grind us to hamburger.
    Elle: (picks up a weapon) This?
    Kay: (pushes weapon back down) Fry us to the bone.
    Elle: (picks up a weapon) This?
    Kay: (pushes weapon back down) Rain nuclear junk all over the countryside.
    Elle: (picks up a weapon) This?
    Kay: (Smiles)
    (Stuff Blowing Up)
  • Any Quick Clone's dying words. They would often say things that make no sense whatsoever before melding down.
  • Zed is showing off fish he was given as a gift from aliens to Kay. Him marveling at how they have quite a lifespan is barely out of his mouth when they are eaten.
  • Kay has referred to Jay as 'Slick' ever since their first meeting. Then Jay screws up big-time and earns a new nickname.
    Kay: Nice going, Sparky.
    Jay: "Sparky?!" ...what happened to "Slick"?
    Kay (disapprovingly): You have to work your way back up to "Slick."
  • Jay finds a way to control the recoil of the Noisy Cricket. He puts a silencer on it. Kay immediately calls him out on it.
  • In the episode "The Symbiote Syndrome", Kay shows up to rescue Jay and Troy, an alien symbiote, from the episode's villain. After separating Troy from the alien, the latter returns to being an angry three-foot, aged alien who can't back up his threats.
    Alien: I'll rip you apart! I will ensure that you will never see dayl-(gets backhanded by Kay twice, falls to the ground)
    Kay: (dismissively) Got my strength back.
  • "The Jack-O-Lantern Syndrome" is loaded with fun moments, from The Worms going Trick 'r' Treating with J, to Zed's increasing frustration with the supposedly supernatural antics happening back at HQ being attributed to an urban legend called Jack-O-Lantern.
    [Everyone in MIB HQ starts floating]
    Troy: This is Jack's doing! His dark powers are greatest on Halloween night!
    L: Troy, I'm with Zed on this one. We can't attribute this gravitational anomaly to Jack-O-Lantern.
    Zed: THANK YOU!
    L: These are definitely symptoms of a haunting.
    Zed: [Blank stare]
  • The Running Gag of Jeebs getting his head blown off as an interrogation technique. One episode has him spill the beans without having to be coerced, and Kay shoots him anyway, earning him a quizzical remark from Jay.
    Kay: Force of habit.
  • Jeebs’ brother Dak has some hilarious moments as well. When J opens the airlock to MIB’s satellite, the vacuum of space removes his toupee. Then he gets sucked into space itself, and what should be a horrifying fate worse than death is dulled downed by the fact that he’s stuck as a screaming blob with hands, feet, a mouth and one eyeball. In his second appearance, he ends up accidentally merged with Alpha. Alpha, of all people, uses a hilarious choice of words to describe their predicament.
    Alpha: With your head in my armpit.
  • According to the series finale, only one President in the entire history of the United States was ever aware of the MIB and was allowed to remain aware: Richard Nixon.
    Zed: Say what you want about him, the man could keep a secret.
  • In the ‘I Want My Mummy Syndrome’, MIB is investigating a mummy, actually an alien that was stranded in ancient Egypt, that broke out of a museum. When informed that the alien in question flipped a taxicab, J jokes about how the latter “woke up on the wrong side of the sarcophagus”. K, L, Zed, and Frank just stare at him, with Zed breaking the awkward silence by taking a sip of his coffee. An annoyed J tells them to lighten up.
  • Frank ends up the victim of Toilet Humor thrice in the series by accidentally swallowing something (or in one case, someone) only for it to come out the other end.
    • In the Irritable Bow-Wow Syndrome, he snatches a device from Jeebs’ shop, but accidently swallows it when startled. It turns out that the device acts like a miniature black hole that was outlawed for its terrorist potential. When the alien intending to use it knocks away L’s tool that would allow her to surgically remove it from Frank, J decides to obtain it “the easy way”. He grabs a nearby fire axe and “scares” the device out of him. Humorously, L uses a towel to hold it, while K has no issue with grabbing it with his bare hands.
    • In the Bad Seed Syndrome, Frank eats an alien seed that was hiding in his salad, which goes thoroughly through his digestive system when he decides to do his business by the fire hydrant next to his newsstand. It turns out his alien enzymes allowed the seed to germinate, giving it the opportunity to spread its parasitic spores all over the city. Amusingly, the plant refers Frank as the “giver of life”.
    • In the Bad Doggie Syndrome, the king of a race of small, slug-like aliens hides in a burger that was confiscated by MIB, and Frank ends up eating him. This allows the king to possess Frank, and command his mech-piloting subjects. When J shoots Frank in the mouth with a special fluid designed to counteract the slugs, Frank is freed from the possession, and ends up flatulating the king right out of his behind like a cannon. What makes the scene more hilarious is that moments before the ejection, J was asking about what happened to the king, with Frank believing that he was talking about Elvis. And when J sees that Frank just shot the king right into the mech that his subjects prepared for him, he runs off annoyed. Frank, oblivious to the true situation, thinks J ran off because of the flatulence, which he justifies as a “natural bodily function”. By the climax, the king is confronted by an angry Frank, who mauls him offscreen to J’s displeasure.