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  • Boris the Animal's Establishing Character Moment, escaping from Lunar Max prison at the start of the film, all of it, but particularly "Rather hot in here. Mind if I open a window?"
  • Jay being a smartass to the racist cops and tricking them to neutralyzing themselves. Then he tells them off for pulling over black people just because they're driving a nice car, assuming it's stolen (even though Jay actually stole the car).
  • Agent Jay using a Time Jump in order to avoid Boris the Animal's spike attacks so that he can push him towards the rocket thrusters. "This is not possible!" "Let's agree to disagree." Badass use of the Time Jump, Agent Jay.
    • Another moment comes when young Agent Kay shoots off young Boris' arm off with his gun, then puts the Arknet on the rocket as the Men In Black theme plays triumphantly.
    Jay: That's my partner!
  • J's father near the end of the film, talking about how important both of the Agents were to the future, and selflessly aiding them. Goes into Fridge Brilliance when you realize that he probably knew his actions would result in his own death, but that he doesn't care since his son's life is on the line, thanks to being shown the future.
  • Let's face it, time-traveling by jumping off of the freaking Chrysler Building takes some serious balls.
  • Griffin's ability to see all possible timelines is awesome in and of itself, but it culminates in him grabbing J and young K's shoulders at the baseball stadium so they can see through his future vision too. And then Griffin starts listing off a ridiculous amount of variables that lead to the Mets winning the World Series. So cool.
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  • This Pre-Mortem One-Liner:
    Boris: Go ahead, arrest me!
    K: Not this time.


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