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Heartwarming / Men in Black 3

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  • Jay being genuinely overjoyed when he finds Kay's past self, alive and well.
  • The Colonel's "He showed me how important you two are" becomes heartwarming once you learn that he's Jay's father. Also, since Griffin likely showed him his own death, that makes everything he does one big Heroic Sacrifice.
    "Your daddy is a hero."
  • Griffin sharing his foresight with young Kay and Jay. He sees so many futures, probably a lot of deaths and worse things, and he barely gets a moment to enjoy any of the futures he sees.
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  • When O shows Jay, Kay and Griffin the jetpacks so they can reach Cape Canaveral as quickly as possible, Griffin gleefully runs up to them while laughing like a child seeing a new toy.
  • The last scene with Kay and Jay at the Diner, where Jay thanks Kay for believing in him and Kay replies that it's been a privilege working with him.
    • And before that, the scene with Past Kay on the elevator up to the rocket. "I can see why I recruited you. You're a good man."
  • Seeing K singing The Empire State of Mind happily, which shows that the old curmudgeon finally has a genuine happy moment in his life.


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