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The next film will feature Alpha
He'll be a full-on canon immigrant. And it will make up for the second movie.
  • Jossed. The next movie's villain will be a time traveler named Boris.
  • Next is relative.

Time travelers are to the present universe what space travelers are to planet Earth.
Men In Black III will introduce us to The Masquerade within The Masquerade. Most contemporary aliens are unaware of the presence of visitors from the future and many would dismiss the very idea of time travel. Ironically, the man teaching J to "time jump" will turn out to be a regular human.
  • Confirmed. Except that while most aliens don't know about time travel, at least one race can do it mentally.


The Arknet is rather faulty.
That's why
Edgar and Serleena even got to Earth in the first place. The Arknet is not very functional, and nobody could improve it due to not having the finances. This is probably a Hand Wave but it's the best I got.
  • Well, it may be that I don't remember the Arknet's qualities correctly, but wouldn't the MiB want it to remain deactivated normally for usual interplanetary traffic? Thus it might be easier for a single invader like Sarleena or Edgar to sneak by it than an entire Boglodyte war fleet.


The Arknet was created to counter Boglodite specific Biology.
Griffin people where slaughtered by Boglodite's. So they created an energy defence net that would destroy Boglodite biology. Which would allow normal alien traffic through but would destroy Boglodite's when they show up . Unfortunately , normal Alien traffic also includes non-Boglodite threats that show up from time to time.

  • In the possibility where future Boris Kills K. J doesn't think about using the time travel device to dodge Boris' spikes and is unable to stop future Boris from killing K.

In the Alternate Timeline, the colonel joined the MIB.
He later recruited J in the MIB while K had been dead since 1969.
  • Plausible, but missing detail: with K dead, how would the colonel have interacted or known about MIB?
    • He could have seen K being killed by Boris.
  • And in the original timeline, the colonel's recruitment is why Jay grew up without a father.

Agent K and Agent O are married. The character of Agent O and the wife from the first film are Same Character Different Actor.
It would seem cruel and inconsistent that K would outright leave his wife to join MIB, yet still love said wife as depicted in the first film.
It'd be terribly cruel for K to chase two other women and maybe more. The Agent K and O "how we met" story, described in the 3rd film, is very common even without the alien angle to it. Agents K and O obviously care about each other in 1969 and O clearly remembers his "coffee routine" in 2012. There is no indication in the first film that K's wife was ever neuralyzed. A circumstantial theory is that Agent O caught K having an affair in 1977 that produced a daughter (see second film). They could eventually split personal with professional, K working full-time at the agency and O as a deep-cover agent with a civilian life. When K was neuralyzed after the first film, O saw this as his "retirement". However, after Zed's death, O and K are the most senior agents, so O is named chief as she is the younger of the two and K is probably headed for retirement (again) before O.
  • Not likely, though. A close-up of K's screen in the first film, when he's observing his future wife, reveals her name to be "Elizabeth Ann Reston". Observed naming conventions would have put her as "Agent E", or possibly "Agent EA".

The tiny alien thing which moves inside and out of Boris's body is actually his chopped-off hand
Proofs: it gets delivered to Boris by the girl during the prison escape sequence, so it must come from outside the prison; Boris says it's a part of him; we see Boris' arm getting vaporized at the end of the third movie but his hand being chopped off and remaining (almost) intact; and, most important, younger Boris doesn't seem to have it.
  • If it's his hand, then how would younger Boris not have it?
    • It's his hand after it has been chopped off, which made it take on a life of its own. Younger Boris doesn't have any tiny alien around because his hand is still firmly attached to his arm (or whatever it is his body is made of).
      • Younger Boris does have it and may possibly have 2, one for each hand. When he has Griff on the motorbike he sends it out from his left hand to grab the box Griff has. I figured that's why he always refers to himself as "we", and says that since losing his left arm "we've thought about it everyday" because his right hand insect thingy misses its brother.
      • He only ever uses one hand to throw spikes, and the orifice in his right hand was empty when the symbiote (which was presumably in his left when K shot it off) freed him.

The big tongued woman in the Chinese restaurant and the big fish being towed away are one and the same
The long tongued girl was not killed during the battle, but the fish was. However, another giant fish is being towed away at the end.

Griff is the MIIIB universe's Doctor.
He can sense timelimes, is telepathic and is the last of his kind. He even has a strange alien device that kinda looks like a watch!

The reason why people have to jump off a tall building to time travel... because they have to reach speeds of up to 88 miles per hour to do so.
  • Lol, the MythBusters should try and debunk this theory.

When K came back in the second movie, it brought back his hidden memories of the 1969 events.
He had hidden that from himself (hey, there's precedent). The reason he recruited J was the timeline auto-correcting. Once he remembered, he decided not to bring it up in hopes it would never happen. Maybe the memory was just loose and foggy until the present film happened.

The bug inside the cake is what a Boglodite looks like. Boris isn't a Boglodite, he's made out of them.
Much like an insect or lizard with camouflage capabilities, Boglodites have instincts which allow them to "blend in" (or in this case assemble a replica of the species which surrounds them.) Since it's a reflexive, subconscious action, it's extremely hard to completely drop the disguise on command unless injured (see the theory above that the bug was part of Boris's arm) or in extreme danger (Boris transforming into a primal state near the end.) Years of being stuck in human form have conditioned Boris to want revenge for his "arm" rather than his slain teammates.
  • So why is he called "the last" Boglodite? Especially by Kay, who ought to know better considering his long history of dealing with aliens.

J died trying to save K in the original timeline.
This theory proposes a semi-stable time loop. In this, Boris always went back in time, and J always went back to chase him. The character Griffin shows that there are a near infinite amount of possibilities that can happen. Basically though, something happened in the original timeline, and the adult J died to save K. This is what traumatized K so much, and why he was so quiet about the whole incident. In the new timeline, where K didn't witness his partner's death, and then meet a younger version seconds later. Notice K doesn't seem as grouchy at the end, he actually seems quite content and happy. This also explains why the mission was classified. It makes no sense for it to be classified due to time travel in an unaltered timeline, since the younger Boris wasn't interested in time travel at all. Time travel would've had nothing to do with that mission if the timeline wasn't altered. It's also why K didn't want J chasing after Boris, he'd already seen J die once from it.

The mission to stop Boris was only classified to Agent J.
Even if K didn't recognize James as that kid he neuralized forty years ago, (James Edwards being a common name, and adults look nothing like kids, and it was forty years ago) in the process of deleting J's personal records, he saw the birth certificate and figured out that J was the little kid who lost his father and whom he neuralized. K pulled some strings with Zed and O, and made it so J would never find out that K knew exactly what happened to his father and covered it up. K also didn't want J on the mission, since it might come up that Boris killed J's father; such things tend to lead to blind rage and wrecklessness, likely to get J killed.

Alternatively, it has been surmised that in the original timeline that J's father wasn't killed but recruited (since we don't know how that timeline occured, it's possible things changed in such a way that J's father would've taken up that offer to join MIB). Even so, the mission was still classified, and only to J. Both because joining MIB is supposed to be like disappearing off the globe, so family members aren't allowed to know about recruitment, even if that family member joins MIB (probably official legal stuff that wasn't changed simply because this doesn't come up often enough). And also because if J knew that MIB was the reason he grew up without a father, he might defect. Any other agent would be able to access the full mission report from their account if they tried, but J didn't think of getting somebody else.

In the timeline where K was killed, the mission wasn't classified because K wouldn't be able to report about J's father. O had no idea about J's father and simply assumed the mission was classified due to time travel. Interestingly, since Boris wouldn't have a reason to go down and kill James's father, and K wouldn't be around to recruit him, this means that James was raised by his father, but doesn't remember it due to Ripple Effect-Proof Memory.

The mission to stop Boris wasn't classified until O saw J looking into it.
J only started receiving "Access Denied" messages after O seemed to notice what he was doing. From her point of view, something very strange was going on. One of her agents who, from her point of view, knew nothing about K has suddenly become obsessed with him and started looking at a 40-year old file. Whether the file was originally "above his paygrade" or not, it was certainly suspicious behavior from her point of view. Being a responsible boss, she decided to intervene to find out just what the hell was going on, and used her higher security clearance to lock J out of the file until she found out what was going on.

Griffin was considered a violent one among his species.
In addition to their five-dimensional nature, the Archanans were beings of great kindness and hope. Foreseeing the arrival of the Boglodites, they put all their efforts in a next to impossible peaceful outcome. Only a few were, like Griffin, willing to work toward the extinction of another culture.

Lunar Max is a prison for supervillains, not aliens.
They throw aliens who pose a threat there, but they also incarcerate wizards, mad scientists (like the guy who invented time travel), and other abnormal threats that normal prisons couldn't hold.

Griffin's race didn't bother putting up a fight when the Boglodites came to destroy them
Why would they? They know it's got to happen in at least one possible timeline, and there's bound to be thousands more where it didn't happen. Basically they're this universe's Tralfamadorians. This assumes Griffin is unusual among his people, of course.

K's eulogy was the highest form of praise an MiB can offer a colleague
Calling attention to Zed's total aversion towards close human contact was intended as approbation for Zed's talent for secrecy, something MiB agents must prize very highly.

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