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Tear Jerker / Men in Black 3

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  • Boris killing his girlfriend Lilly. That was just so heartless. Thankfully, she is saved by Boris dying in 1969.
  • Griffin's backstory, especially because he's such a hopeful and kindhearted person. This is a guy who lost everything, yet still came to love Earth as his home anyway. His sadness at having failed to stop Boris before is only matched by his hope that the current situation won't end the same way.
    Griffin: I lost my planet. I don't want you to lose yours. It'll take a miracle, but if you pull this off, it'll be my new favorite moment in human history.
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  • Part Tear Jerker, part Nightmare Fuel. When J time-jumps, he is hit in the face by a newspaper on the stock markets crashing, and as he's falling, other men in suits are jumping out with him to their deaths. Ouch, man. Ouch.
  • The twist at the end, that J's father was killed by Boris, and the young J never knew what happened because K neuralized him to spare him the truth. This is all witnessed by Future!J.
    • "Would you like to take a walk with me, James?"
    • "Where there's death, there will always be death."
    • At first, J doesn't realize it, but once he sees K trying to avoid telling the Colonel's son, whose name is "James," that his father was killed by Boris, it suddenly hits him. You can even see his eyes turning red.
    • Which retroactively adds to a couple of moments in the original film: "Hey, K, have you ever flashy-thing-ed me?" and "That's one of a hundred memories I don't want."


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