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Recap / Men in Black: The Series

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A list of episodes from Men in Black: The Series, an animated television series based on the live-action film, which is in turn based on the comic books of the same name.

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    Season 1 (1997–1998) 
  1. "The Long Goodbye Syndrome"
  2. "The Buzzard Syndrome"
  3. "The Irritable Bow-Wow Syndrome"
  4. "The Alpha Syndrome"
  5. "The Undercover Syndrome"
  6. "The Neuralyzer Syndrome"
  7. "The Symbiote Syndrome"
  8. "The Inanimate Syndrome"
  9. "The Psychic Link Syndrome"
  10. "The Head Trip Syndrome"
  11. "The Elle of My Dreams Syndrome"
  12. "The I Married an Alien Syndrome"
  13. The Take No Prisoners Syndrome"

    Season 2 (1998–1999) 
  1. "The Little Big Man Syndrome"
  2. "The Quick Clone Syndrome"
  3. "The Heads You Lose Syndrome"
  4. "The Dog Eat Dog Syndrome"
  5. "The Big Bad Bug Syndrome"
  6. "The Jack O'Lantern Syndrome"
  7. "The Sonic Boom Syndrome"
  8. "The Bad Seed Syndrome"
  9. "The Fmall, Fmall World Syndrome"
  10. "The Black Christmas Syndrome"
  11. "The Supermen in Black Syndrome"
  12. "The Star System Syndrome"
  13. "The Blackguard Syndrome"

    Season 3 (1999–2000) 
  1. "The Worm-Guy Guy Syndrome"
  2. "The Cold Sweat Syndrome"
  3. "The Puppy Love Syndrome"
  4. "The Lost Continent Syndrome"
  5. "The Way Out West Syndrome"
  6. "The Mine, Mine, Mine Syndrome"
  7. "The Bye-Bye Worm Syndrome"
  8. "The Lights Out Syndrome"
  9. "The Out to Pasture Syndrome"
  10. "The Sardines and Ice Cream Syndrome"
  11. "The I Want My Mummy Syndrome"
  12. "The Baby Kay Syndrome"
  13. "The Bad Doggie Syndrome"
  14. "The "J" is for James Syndrome"

    Season 4 (2000–2001) 
  1. "The Musical Chairs Syndrome"
  2. "The Spectacle Syndrome"
  3. "The Back to School Syndrome"
  4. "The Opening Gambit Syndrome"
  5. "The Future's So Bright Syndrome"
  6. "The Loose Ball Foul Syndrome"
  7. "The Hots for Jay Syndrome"
  8. "The Circus Parade Syndrome"
  9. "The Virtual Crossfire Syndrome"
  10. "The Breaking News Syndrome"
  11. "The Zero to Superhero Syndrome"
  12. "The Endgame Syndrome: Part 1"
  13. "The Endgame Syndrome: Part 2"