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  • "The Head Trip Syndrome" involves someone retroactively altering history so that the MIB never existed. Only J is aware it's happening because he fiddled with alien tech that gave him extrasensory abilities. After they stop the villain from changing history, J takes a detour to prevent his younger self from fiddling with said tech. But that leaves us with a rather puzzling paradox; if J never got the intelligence boost from that tech, he couldn't have known anyone was changing history, so the villain should have succeeded, by the very "ripple effect" rules the episode establishes. What gives?

  • Alpha is repeatedly referred to as one of the original Men in Black and Z's predecessor as head of the organisation, as well as having trained K. However in the Season 1 episode "The Head Trip Syndrome", the five later six original Men in Black are stated to be D, T, H, Q and K and Moffitt. It's unlikely Moffitt became A(lpha) given his first initial does not match nor does he look anything like Alpha's human form, nor does there appear to be more than maybe a decade between Moffitt and K, when there was a sizable age gap between the latter and A and the two did not meet until after the MIB was established.
    • My interpretation is that Alpha was head of the predecessor organization that became MIB after the official first contact. That organization sent D, T, H, and Q to where they were fairly sure that aliens would land to ensure future good relations. The "founding agents" are a somewhat symbolic distinction, as they consider MIB as they know it to have been founded at the moment of first contact, even though the precursor organization basically changed into the modern MIB immediately (with one new member). The non-symbolic distinction being that if those five hadn't been there, first contact would never have happened, and the precursor organization would've been disbanded before they had another chance. It's still full of holes, but that's my personal canon.
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    • Makes sense, or at least as much sense as MIB's fluctuating canon will allow. Perhaps Moffitt went on to become Z and that changed up the timeline a bit as well. Dude had to go somewhere.
    • Hang on... just trying to establish all the facts. Did they say for explicit certain that Alpha was a founding MiB member? I only remember them saying he used to have Zed's position.

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