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The battle between The Hero and his Arch-Enemy.
Danny Phantom
  • In the episode where Skulker made his debut, "One Of a Kind", Danny finally beats him... by recruiting the purple-backed gorilla in the zoo. While it's an awesome moment for her, it is also one for Danny since he learned how to communicate with an animal, something it takes most trained professionals quite a while to do so. Sam even lampshades it.
  • The end of "The Ultimate Enemy", where Danny performs a Heroic Second Wind on his evil future self, proceeding to use his new technique to blow away the most powerful ghost he has ever faced. Twice.
    Dan: AHAHAHAHAHAHAAA! Oh, you are such a child! You ''promised''?
    Danny: Yes! I! PROMISED!!! (unleashes Ghostly Wail)
    Danny: I guess... the future... isn't as set in stone as you think it is! (unleashes Ghostly Wail again, slamming Dan through a building)
  • Any time Danny invokes Why Don't Ya Just Shoot Him? and fires the Thermos at a ghost after a display made to make them look badass. Doubles with funny.
  • The moment in "Bitter Reunions" where he, while overshadowing Jack, pretty much blackmails Vlad into calling a temporary truce. Even Vlad was a little impressed.
    Danny: Listen to me, I swear I'll walk out of my Dad right now and expose us both, unless you agree to a truce.
    Vlad: You're bluffing.
    Danny: No, I'm not. My parents will accept me, no matter what! But if I expose you... well, what would my Mom think of you?
    Vlad: (Has a look on his face that clearly says, "Oh Fudge Buckets, you're NOT bluffing, are you?")
    Danny: You'll be miserable and alone for the rest of your life, unless you call a truce.
    Vlad: Using your opponent's weaknesses against him. I am teaching you something, after all.
  • "Secret Weapons" has Danny demonstrating just how strong he truly is while going up against his sister inside a powerful Ecto-Suit. When it seems she has the clear upper hand, Danny intercepts her punch with his own palm (keep in mind, the Ecto-Suit increases the wearer's abilities 100-fold), and then proceeds to lift up the suit over him like a discarded paper towel and bury about ninety percent of it underground. Then he proceeds to talk some sense into Jazz.
  • Samurai Danny or Ninja Danny — he's been called either one.
  • A rare moment in Danny's life where he battles not in ghost mode, but in his weaker human half by initiating a plan to rescue the town's adults through use of his parents' ghost weapons, tactics, and a team of high schoolers. And succeeding.
  • Outsmarting Vlad in "Maternal Instincts": In order to lure Vlad close enough to put the Specter Deflector on him, Danny lovingly asks Vlad for a hug from his "new dad". Vlad obliges, then gets belted. Danny later sics his own mutant ghost animals on him.
    Danny: I'll give you a five minute head-start, Plasmius.
    Vlad: Really?
  • "Fright Night": After struggling to hold his own against Fright Knight, he manages to stop his nightmare-riddled sword by performing a Barehanded Blade Block, then chanting the spell to send him back to whence he came. That and throwing a grandfather clock at him at another point.
  • After sinking deeper and deeper into an Heroic BSoD throughout "My Brother's Keeper" (the ninth episode), he finally finds the confidence and Heroic Resolve to defeat the ghost who's beaten him three times by resisting Spectra's mind games to save his sister. Bertrand attacks Danny as a ninja with a bunch of fancy moves... capped off with a Why Don't Ya Just Shoot Him? with his thermos, and shaking the thermos mockingly at Spectra. Then there's this final exchange before Danny tosses Spectra in a dumpster:
    Spectra: You're through!
    Danny: And you're done telling me what to do!
  • Danny inside the Ecto-Suit, a Fenton gear that magnifies the user's abilities 100-fold. Simply put, Danny + Suit + Ecto Ray = Big Damn Explosions.
    • Him correcting the town on his own name.
    Paulina: Go get him, Invisobill!
    Danny: It's not Invisobill! It's Phantom! Danny Phantom!
    • As well as his ensuing fight with Pariah Dark and when he finally masters the cloning technique. And on that note;
    All four Dannies in unison: Now LEAVE MY TOWN ALONE!
    • The delivery of that line is a Moment of Awesome for David Kaufman, Danny's voice actor. Man, can he yell.
    • A more drawn out moment of awesome: The Ecto-Suit drains Danny's ghost energy at a terrifying rate when he's forced to fight at full power. In the end, when he's well more than 90% dead and straining to hold Pariah Dark in the sarcophagus of forever sleep, he watches his own life force tick steadily down as he continues to hold it shut. Against a ghost who mopped the floor with Vlad through pure physical strength earlier. Considering the fact that he could have given up and phased out of the suit to save his own life, this was definitely a crowning moment of heroism.
  • The last episode where Danny commandeers and pilots the Fenton Jet by himself. Considering he couldn't pilot it prior (despite being able to land a spacecraft), it felt like yet another big leap in Character Development. Plus, it just looked so majestic.
    • Then there's him and the motorcycle in Livin' Large.
  • "Guess again, cheesehead."
  • One of Danny's most awesome lines comes from "Frightmare" when he's surrounded by an army of Sleepwalkers: "Pay attention, guys! You'll see why I'm not even scared."
  • The Hero Transformation that Dani and Danny did together. Yes, it was long... but it was also totally awesome!
  • What? No love for when Danny fights Johnny 13, in his first appearance as an antagonist for Danny? I mean Johnny tried to use Jazz as a vessel for his girlfriend Kitty to take control of the whole episode... not on his watch! Nobody messes around with his sister! Danny kicked his butt hard, then sucked him into the Fenton Thermos. "Better luck next time. But next time... Stay away from my sister."
  • One from that episode with the Amulet of Eragon:
    Paulina-As-Dragon: (meaning a fleecy t-shirt) Must have tee!
    Danny: (being held in Paulina's claws) Tea? Oh, good thinking. Coffee'll mess with your nerves. Better yet...(goes intangible and slips through her hands, then flies back up and punches her in the jaw) Have some punch!
  • Let's not forget Urban Jungle where Danny used his new ice powers to totally own Undergrowth.
    Danny (glowing blue): Bundle up. It's gonna get chilly. (blasts Undergrowth)
  • From the finale after Danny's powers are restored.
    Danny: You just made a big mistake.
    Danny: Well gang, there's good news and bad news. The good news? My powers are back. Bad news? My powers are BACK! (unleashes Ghostly Wail)
  • Danny has a realization when Technus infiltrates his video game.
    Danny: Ghost powers? Ugh, I'm such an idiot! Technus used his powers to enter the game, so... why can't I, right?
  • This exchange demonstrates the true character of our half-ghost hero.
    Tucker: Dude, don't beat yourself up about this. It's not your fault.
    Danny: ...Maybe not. But it is my responsibility.
  • Control Freaks: Danny saves Sam from falling off the bridge, while still under mind control.
  • In the episode "Torrent of Terror," when Danny duplicates successfully and exclaims, "I did it!" Also could be a heartwarming moment.
  • While Danny's first two confrontations with Walker in "Prisoners of Love" and "Public Enemies" proved incredibly exhausting and overwhelming for him (with Walker's influence in the second episode helping to damage Danny's reputation in Amity Park for a long while afterward), by "Claw of the Wild", Danny has gained enough experience and prowess in his ghost-fighting to face Walker in a much more assertive manner, frequently taunting Walker to boot. It culminates in their final confrontation, where an agitated Danny throws Walker's hypocritical sense of moral superiority back in his face.
    (Danny fires a ghost ray at Walker, hitting him in the back before he can reach Sam and Wulf)
    Walker: (turns to Danny, recoiling) Firing from behind! How very cowardly.
    Walker: (blasts Danny into a wall)
    Danny: (recovers, charges at Walker, then turns human so that he can phase through Walker and land on the other side before changing back)
    Walker: (furiously) YOU!
    Danny: What do you say we put this feud on ice for a while? (blasts Walker with an ice blast, freezing him in place)

Dark Danny

  • His first appearance where he starts tearing down an entire city.
  • This line, delivered after he effortlessly smacks around his Worthy Opponent and has her in his grasp: "I suppose out of respect for our past I should let you live, but that's not how I work."
    • After he invades Valerie and her father's hideout, he quickly greets her, then proceeds to blast them to kingdom come: "Hello, Valerie. And good-bye!"
  • An entire city means squat when you see the destruction outside of Amity Park at the very beginning; it's heavily implied the entire world AND the Ghost Zone has faced his wrath.
  • Verbally tearing down his own parents for their ignorance. It was so satisfying to see some lampshading on the Clark Kent style superhero model, especially in this case as having his own parents after his blood was tearing Danny apart in some episodes.
    Dark Danny: "Hahaha! I am your boy! What kind of parents are you anyway? The world's leading ghost experts and you can't figure out that your own son was half ghost! Hello, Danny Fenton. Danny Phantom. Ever notice the similarity? Jazz did."
  • Let's make it five: Dark Danny gets up again after getting hit with the Ghostly Wail twice in thirty seconds. The same ghostly wail he used to destroy the defenses of an entire city and Danny later uses as his one-hit-KO for pretty much any ghost ever over the course of the series.
  • And an even six: the fact that he was in the middle of an explosion of an entire truck worth of gasoline...and then walked out of it as if it had done absolutely nothing to him.
  • Let's make it seven. In the flashback scene where we witness Dark Danny's "birth," the very first thing he does after killing his human half is blow up Vlad's entire mansion and fly away with a horrific grin on his face. Not bad for his first minute of existence.
  • The fact that they were able to get away with him in the first place is a CMOA for the creators. Sure, he can't say he'll use the creepiest possible euphemisms. He can't draw blood... but no one said anything about maiming. They didn't show him actually killing his human self...but that just made it worse. They essentially take every trope the censors use to avoid this level of terror and twist it against them. Awesome.

Vlad Plasmius

  • "Kindred Spirits," when he's thrown back from Danny's extremely powerful ghostly wail. Instead of faltering, he manages to get back up and turn ghost without any hint of damage. No doubt he'd have created some serious damage if not for Tucker and Sam's timely rescue.
    • Even as he was being pushed back he was able to resist the wail for several seconds.
  • Don't forget the end of "Reign Storm", after his latest Evil Plan comes to fruition:
    Danny: I - I don't understand...
    Vlad: What? That I used two fourteen-year-old pawns to turn a knight and topple a king? It's chess, Daniel. Of course you don't understand. But then you never really did.
  • And the first appearance of his ghost form in "Bitter Reunions", where he spends a good five minutes calmly and eloquently mocking Danny while beating the everloving crap out of him.
  • Not to mention how he angrily delivered his badass speech to Danny during "Eye for an Eye":
    Vlad: Even though the apology is a welcome departure from your usual childish arrogance, it belies a greater truth: you had this coming! Trust me when I tell you that your life has just begun to become a relentless nightmare beyond your feeble imagination! And one thing further: when I said this place was off limits to teens, that includes ghost teens!
  • He gets another one in "Eye for an Eye" when he quickly punches Danny who was on his way to save his father's possession during the election. It's small, but the fact that it came in so damn fast and unexpectedly just crowned another moment of awesome for Vlad.
  • Speaking of "Eye for an Eye" again, how about him overshadowing the entire voter's electorate at once while fighting Danny? I mean each one of those are clones right? So thousands of clones later, he can still hold his own against Danny. Awesome.
  • "Oh, please, Daniel, must I actually defeat you with one hand behind my back?"
  • Driving Danny to ultimately blackmail him in his first episode, achieving his goal of giving the boy a taste of his own darkness — one that has its own Myth Arc, his entire first appearance is one Moment of Awesome.
  • Then there's the fact that he [probably] spent oodles and oodles of money to run for mayor just so he can piss off Danny. I think I can safely go on record when I say Vlad just walks this trope.
  • When he sics his ghost pets on Danny in Maternal Instincts.
    Vlad: I tell you this because I've seen your grades, and I know you're bad at math. These are my latest experiments. What do you think? Oh, that's right. Who cares what you think? I'll give you five minutes before I send my minions to destroy you. The clock's ticking, Danny...on you and your father. Run. *Danny takes off* Get him! *ghost animal mooks go after Danny* 5 minutes, 5 seconds, Oh, apparently I'm bad at math too. *cue his evil grin*
  • After Jazz discovers Vlad's secret lab, she does a victory dance. Cue an angry Vlad Masters who silently crosses his arms until Jazz bumps into him during her moonwalk, knowing full well that Jazz was up to no good no matter how much compliments she throws at him. It was just another crowning moment of magnificent bastardry. Then he brilliantly pits her with her brother, which leads to...


  • ..."Secret Weapons." Three words: "No. Not surprised."
    • Which doubled as a Funny Moment.
    • While it seemed villainous at the time, it was pretty awesome to watch Jazz get her own back by beating up her superpowered brother effortlessly and throwing him into the ghost shield repeatedly. Bonus points for her actually doing it as a ploy against Vlad!
  • Also, in "My Brother's Keeper", giving Spectra a "second opinion" on the Breaking Speech she just gave by shooting her in the face with an anti-ghost super weapon. Jazz is a wonderful big sister.
  • Though "Girls' Night Out" didn't represent Jazz well (nor Maddie and Sam), I do give her props that she was the one who created a plan that ultimately beat the baddies, then literally kicked their asses. A perfect combination of brains and brawn.
  • "The Ultimate Enemy" contains two notable ones by sheer presence of mind. With her last memory being getting shocked by Dark Danny and waking up in her bed, she immediately figures out that she could reach Danny by flinging a message forward and does so with only a hairband, a note, and the Boo-merang.
    • The second one is when she arrives at the Nasty Burger, fully equipped and immediately opening up by revealing Dark Danny to everyone. After the revelations are done, Jazz is the only one who manages to get a shot off - and her parents had weapons aimed!
  • Her Calling the Old Man Out in "Reality Trip" when, after Danny's identity is exposed and Jack wonders why Danny never told him or Maddie how he was half-ghost, Jazz immediately mimics one of the many times Jack gleefully declared he wanted to rip the ghost-boy apart "Molecule by molecule."


  • Though usually falling into the role of Bumbling Dad, Jack Fenton got his Moment of Awesome in the episode "The Million Dollar Ghost" by single-handedly beating up Vlad Plasmius and tossing him into the Ghost Zone. He may be a bumbling idiot and is obsessed with ghosts, but underneath it all, he's a Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass who'll fight to protect his family.
    Vlad: It's not impossible! You're an idiot! An idiot!
    • He later tops this in the B-Plot of "Girls' Night Out". Danny and Jack go fishing, when Skulker brings out a giant lizard ghost which eats Danny. What does Jack do? He uses a fishing rod to swing himself onto the lizard and knocks the hunter off, then sprays the sea monster in the eyes with hot cheese and causes it to smash into a rock wall. Jack then takes Danny out of its mouth and uses the fishing pole to literally hook Skulkers's head by the chin, taking the hunter ghost's head clean off.
    • He later tops that in the series finale after finding that his best friend is a bitter half-ghost hybrid and wants to kill him and steal his wife (and, by extension, his family).
      Vlad: You wouldn't turn your back on an old friend, would you?
      Jack: An old friend? No. You? Yes.
    • After Danny (Phantom) unveils his ultimate plan to save the Earth, he then asks the uncertain Amity Park citizens who is with him in pulling it off. Jack, likely boosted by his final conversation with Vlad, is the first one to show his support by clapping, without even waiting a full beat. This leads everyone else to join in and rally behind Danny.
    • Maybe a minor one, but Jack managing to overpower Vlad for a short time in "Bitter Reunions" so he could warn Maddie should count. And this is considering he's been instantaneously overshadowed by Danny many times before.
  • The episode "Frightmare" not only got Tucker delivering the final blow to the baddie after shutting down his dream-sucking machine, but him diving down to rescue Jazz from falling to her doom; a giant step above what he normally gets on the series.
    • He also has a rescuing moment with Gregor in "Double Cross My Heart." Not bad for a Techno-Geek.
    Gregor/Elliot: Dude, you saved my life!
    Tucker: Yeah, but I despise you now!
  • Maddie Fenton in "Maternal Instincts." Fighting off dozens of ghost animals to protect her son, now that's parenting!
    • With a lightsaber, no less.
    • Maddie gets another one in "Public Enemies," shooting down two ghosts and marking the kills on her absolutely oversized gun with her lipstick while everyone just sorta stares in pure terror.
    • My personal favorite Maddie scene is from the alternate timeline in "Masters Of All Time": "Consider this an annullment!"
  • Sam's Badass Normal moment when she takes down a savage ghost in "Memory Blank" during Danny's momentary power loss.
  • Though she didn't succeed in defeating Dark Danny, the fact that Valerie Gray was the only one in the alternate future to even stand up to him on a daily basis is badass on its own.
  • Orchestrating the entirety of "The Ultimate Enemy" plot could be considered one CMOA for Clockwork, but if you have to pick one, one of his most awesome lines has to be telling off the Observants: "Now... care to observe the door?"
    • This quote defines Clockwork's personality to a tee and just makes him all the more awesome:
      "The Observants look at time like they're watching a parade, one thing after another passing by in sequence right in front of them. I see the parade from above; all the twists and turns it might or might not take."
    • Let's face it, Clockwork is a living Moment of Awesome. Everything he says and does is awesome. He's not an Ensemble Dark Horse for nothing.
  • All the ghosts in "Reign Storm" gets their crowning moments when they help Danny combat Pariah's army, even the Box Ghost! Do not underestimate bubble wrap.
    • Hell, Pariah himself is a badass. He shows us that the current generation of ghosts are no more than children to him. Even Vlad was on the receiving end of a Curb-Stomp Battle against him. Danny has to use a suit that increased his power hundredfold just to beat him. Even after Pariah loses one of his power enhancing items, Danny only barely manages to shut Pariah back into his coffin.
  • Valerie gets one in "Reign Storm". After Danny and Vlad are knocked out in one shot by Pariah's ghost ray, Valerie comes in and blasts the ghost king in the face with pink ectoplasmic goo. While he quickly recovers, she was able to briefly disorient the most powerful ghost in the series.
  • Valerie and Danny do a good job evading Skulker together during the Chained Heat episode "Life Lessons," with the flying board in Valerie's boots being subtle enough for Skulker to miss when he searches her for weapons.
  • The unnamed archer ghost in "Beauty Marked" gets a few impressive moments in his first fight with Danny. First, he shoots an arrow that he deliberately lets Danny catch ... only for Danny to realize that it has a stick of dynamite tied to it. Later on, after Danny steals his quiver, the archer ghost whacks him over the head with his bow, then shoves Danny into the bow and shoots him like an arrow.
  • Walker also gets one in "Claw of the Wild". When Danny confronts him with a secret plan up his sleeve, it gets temporarily put aside because Walker pulls out the Fenton Thermos unexpectedly and sucks up Danny.
    • Lest we forget that he's one of the few of Danny's Rogues Gallery that actually succeeds in his plan against the hero! Through a series of elaborated plans, Walker by end manages to get Danny to be the most hated ghost in his own hometown. And he already faces that in the Ghost Zone plenty! It takes the rest of the season and the beginning portions of Season Two to get this fixed.
  • The Box Ghost in the future.
    Future!Box Ghost: Beware...
    • Box Ghost in the Pandora's box episode. In this episode, the guy who couldn't beat Danny even if Danny wasn't aware he was battling him became one of Danny's hardest enemies to defeat and by the end of the episode is finally feared and gets his own wanted poster.
  • Speaking of Ember, her theme song "Remember"—a full three minutes, no less—is awesome itself, and a good aversion of giving musicians informed skill.
  • Ghost Writer: He may have ended the episode in ghost jail (and with an aversion to oranges), but he did manage to teach Danny a lesson. In good, consistent rhyme.
  • Dani's was in D-Stabilized after she came Back from the Dead and owned the Vlad double. First she punched him into the ceiling, then grabbed him by the cape and swung him around into four or five columns before firing a barrage of ecto blasts from her hands and her feet, a first for the show. And even though Vlad dodged it, she went and delivered a knockout punch into the wall.
    Dani: Guess that'll teach him to pick on a defenseless girl!
    Valerie: There's no such thing.
  • The purple-backed gorilla gets one in her fights against Skulker in "One of a Kind"
  • Dora the Dragon Ghost Girl has one in "Beauty Marked" where she finally stands up to her Jerkass older brother, Prince Aragon.
    Prince Aragon: Dora, you imbecile! What do you think you're doing?!
  • Valerie. Just... Valerie in general. She's single minded and gets led down the wrong path on occasion, but that doesn't change the fact that she's a determined person who sticks to her beliefs — and is bent on getting revenge on every ghost in existence.
  • Danny and Dani both get a few at the end of Kindred Spirits, in quick succession.
    Dani: You are not the boss of me!
    • Then Danny destroying the entirety of Vlad's lab and pinning him to the wall with his Ghostly Wail.
  • Jack and Maddie taking out a circus full of ghosts with lasers all across their jumpsuits by breakdancing.
    Maddie: I ask again: YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH JUMPSUITS?
  • Youngblood had several moments. Being the youngest villain of the series and being able to show he's a skilled fighter and even knock Danny down several times in both his appearances qualify. Also in his second appearance after Jazz discovers him she chases him with ghost weapons and he's able to dodge all of the blasts.
  • Star the Beta Bitch has a one-off joke that Fridge Logic blows into an Offscreen Moment of Awesome. In Beauty Marked, she attempts to bribe Danny with a stack of completed math homework that includes next semester's work, only a few days after she found out that he would be judging the pageant. She completed over a semester of homework assignments, probably containing concepts that she hadn't even learned, in only a few days. That's not even getting into how she found the questions. Even if she cheated, she still stole a ton of answers without getting caught.
  • In the Christmas special, The Fright Before Christmas, the Ghostwriter puts Danny through hell for accidentally destroying his finished book. When Danny finally decides to confront him, the Ghostwriter makes it so he runs into all his other enemies instead, expecting them to jump at the chance to pound Danny. Instead, they all invite him to their Christmas Party, refusing to break their annual Christmas Truce, the one thing that doesn't happen like the Ghostwriter expected it to. Once Danny tells them that The Ghost Writer has broken the truce though they all agree to help Danny and the Ghoswriter is assaulted by almost every villain in the show.
    Danny: Every ghost holds this truce?
    Skulker: It's a fact!
    Walker: It's a rule.
    Danny: Well the Ghostwriter broke it.
    Ember: That's really uncool!
    Danny: I'm trapped in his story! The guy's off his nut!
    Skulker: He ought to know better.
    Box Ghost: Let's go kick his butt!
  • That Lunch Lady attempting to fight off Cujo in Shades of Gray.