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In General

  • Danny, Sam and Tucker's friendship. Despite their different personality traits, they are extremely loyal and caring to each other and are True Companions.
  • Danny and Jazz's sibling relationship. Despite their differences, they love and are very protective of each other.
  • As well as the Fenton's family dynamic as a whole. While it's a rather dysfunctional family, this same family still has the best intentions for each other; Jazz wants her mom's genius to be more well recognized and Danny, despite being embarrassed by them, still clearly loves his parents. Jack and Maddie, in return, just want to be with their kids and show their own brand of love to them.
     Season 1 
  • Danny and Sam dancing together at the end of Parental Bonding.
  • Danny apologizing to Tucker and Sam at the end of Attack Of The Killer Garage Sale after blowing them off to hang out with the popular kids.
  • The Dairy King's only appearance in Bitter Reunions, when he frees Danny and proves that not all ghosts are in fact evil.
    Dairy King: Well, not all ghosts are evil, right? Some of us just wanna be left alone now, don't ya know?
  • Jack apologizing to Maddie for forgetting their anniversary in Prisoners Of Love, admitting that despite all his faults, he loves her greatly.
  • Something that is, for the most part, mostly only appreciable by older fans. In Teacher of the Year, Mr. Lancer, strict Sadist Teacher he may be portrayed as, is still acting out of genuine concern for Danny and his failing grades. By making him study in his classroom for a make-up test and having his parents stop him from playing his game, he is simply intervening as the one in charge of getting his student to learn. Once Danny shows himself to be serious about studying, Lancer is more than happy to answer his questions, and at the end of the day is clearly gratified to ultimately see him pass the make-up test. After all, making sure his students pass is his job.
    Lancer: When I see a student pass through the portals of Casper High for the last time brimming with the knowledge that it takes to make it in the outside world, to me, that's fun.
  • Just about everything in the episode My Brother's Keeper is heartwarming, but the best is Jazz giving a sisterly kiss to her brother to cheer him up. After she leaves, Danny gives off a brief smile before he ruins it with an "oh, gross" comment. Still, it was sentimental.
    Danny: (to Spectra) Man, I am so tired of you dumping on me. And I am so tired of dumping on myself. Jazz never did that, even when I was mad at her. And I won't let her down!
    • Jazz learning about her brother's secret. Rather than rat him out to their parents or directly confront him about being half-ghost, she chooses to keep his secret and pretends not to know.
    • The ending was probably the best. After watching Danny be miserable for nearly the entire episode, watching him fly around with a smile is welcoming.
    • Jazz's Pre Ass Kicking One Liner / Shut Up, Hannibal! / Don't Say Such Stupid Things speech when she bursts in to save her little brother is awesome too.
    Jazz: (to Spectra) Excuse me. I don't know this kid, but I hope it's okay if he gets a second opinion.
  • Jazz admitting that Danny was right about Johnny in 13 and even saying that she loves her little brother.
    • Earlier in the episode, when Johnny reveals his true colors and he threatens Danny, Jazz briefly breaks free from his control to defend her little brother and even yelled in concern when it looked like Johnny hurt him.
  • In Life Lessons, after they team up to escape from Skulker, Danny learns that Valerie is struggling to juggle both school, her ghost hunting and a part time job to save for college (which is being the mascot at the Nasty Burger). Feeling sorry for her and for how he had treated her, Danny fills in for her at work, allowing Valerie to have a day off.
  • Despite being an Alpha Bitch, Paulina realizing in Public Enemies that Danny is a good guy is pretty touching and the fact that she still thinks that despite the towns Untrusting Community level.
  • Danny hugging Maddie and calling her awesome in Maternal Instincts, just the sheer happiness Maddie felt was obvious, given that she spent most of the episode unsuccessfully trying to bond with her son.
    • In the same episode, Jazz starts to appreciate her parents' occupation and even dons one of her mother's jumpsuits to help Jack to fight a horde of ghosts attacking their house.
  • Despite it being bad for Danny, Maddie capturing him in The Million Dollar Ghost and letting Jack take the credit to cheer him up, shows just how much she loves her husband.

     Season 2 
  • Memory Blank:
    • Although it's unsurprisingly futile, Mr. Lancer jumping to his students' defense when one of the movie creatures attacks them, using a fire extinguisher as a blunt weapon, is a brave gesture, reinforcing how he genuinely cares about his students' well-being.
    • Danny immediately castigating himself for the argument with Sam, affirming that she's one of the only two real friends he has. He calls after her to apologize, but Desiree unfortunately cuts him off before he can go further.
    • After saving the day, Danny and Tucker ultimately deciding to skip out on Paulina's party and join Sam at the movies.
    • Danny and Sam's reconciliation (complete with blushing), where Danny reflects on how different his life would be if he had never met Sam.
      Sam: Still, sorry about that stupid fight. Can we forget it ever happened?
  • While it's mostly played for laughs (and quite effectively), the scene near the end of the Reign Storm movie. When (in no particular order) Maddie, Jazz, Mr. Foley, Mrs. Manson, the mayor, civilians, and the police all fight over who's going to fight Pariah Dark, possibly to the death in the Ecto Battlesuit.
  • This small scene in Identity Crisis.
    Jazz: (after seeing two Dannys earlier) One Danny... Then I'm not nuts. I'm not nuts!
    Maddie: (to Jack) Isn't that sweet! That's exactly what you said when you proposed to me!
    Jack: And you still said yes.
  • The Ultimate Enemy.
    • Just when it looks like Danny is about to fail to save his family and friends from an explosion, Clockwork freezes time and rescues them. Then, he takes Danny back in time so that he can undo his mistake.
      Danny: You knew all of this was going to happen. ALL of it! Even this part!
      Clockwork: Everything is the way it's supposed to be. And here we are, with you - a 14-year-old child. Risking everything to save the people you care about.
      Danny: (smiles back at Clockwork, appreciatively)
      Clockwork: TIME...IN!
      (Danny and Clockwork are transported back to the CAT test, just before Danny cheats. Clockwork picks up the CAT answers folder and hands it to Danny)
      Clockwork: You've given everyone else in your life a second chance. Why not you?
    • In the same episode, when Danny admits to having peeked at the answers to the test. Lancer's smile when he shows Danny the door and tells him that he will have plenty of time to study for the make-up test is wonderful. You can tell that he's truly proud, even with his usual behavior. And even earlier in Teacher of the Year when he finally gets Danny to take an interest in his studies - even if he had to use a gimmick, it is moments like these that show that Lancer truly does care about his students and wants them to succeed, making him less the monster the show portrays him as for the sake of a gag most of the time.
    • Heck, even Clockwork has a proud smile at Danny's actions in the end. If that's not heartwarming, I don't know what is.
      Observant 1: You manipulated the boy! You influenced his choice!
      Observant 2: That's a direct violation of the Protocol of Temporal Displacement. In other words...
      Both: You cheated!
      Clockwork: True, I cheated. But I assure you. His choice was his own.
    • Danny and Jazz's hug. After everything that's happened, their bond still stands strong and it warms my heart every time I see them hug in this episode.
    • Some fridge heartwarming for Bad Future Vlad. When last we see him he's looking all menacing and commenting that if he kills Danny he could prevent him from ever turning into Dark Danny. When next we see Danny he's flying in just fine, meaning Future Vlad had trusted in Danny to be willing and able to do the right thing and stop his evil future self.
      • Despite how it blew up in his face, the fact that he took in Danny and cared about him enough to attempt to remove the ghost part of him is touching. And he doesn't insult Jack when he talks about how Danny came to live with him.
    • Dark Danny, of all people, gets a fridge heartwarming moment when he says he missed Tucker's humor. He may no longer care for his loved ones, but he still have fond memories of them.
  • The Fright Before Christmas. When all the villains team up with Danny to take out The Ghost Writer, to make it clear that no one breaks the Christmas Truce and gets away with it. And especially when the villains all help repair the damage to the town so that everyone has a merry Christmas.
    Tomorrow you'll see what this baby can do! /... But all ghosts share the truce... even half-ghosts, like you.
    • Really, any time that Danny and the villains of the show have a moment where they're on good terms. Like in Girls Night Out, when Johnny 13 escapes the Ghost Zone to blow off steam after having a spat with Kitty, and leaving after Danny tells him to.
  • From Masters of All Time we get this touching reunion between Danny's (not) parents:
    Jack: I never stopped wanting to see you. I just couldn't face you as the thing you despise: a ghost. But I had to come back because of this. (hands over Danny's wallet photo)
    Maddie: A family... with you? (tears up and hugs him) Oh, Jack!
  • From Reality Trip:
    • Freakshow and Lydia's interactions. In their first appearance, we don't see what becomes of Lydia when Danny destroyed Freakshow's Mind-Control Device, and here we find out why—because Lydia wasn't being mind controlled. Freakshow is shocked and angered when he sees that the Guys In White have her in their custody, frees her as soon as he can and when Freakshow himself is sucked into the Fenton Thermos, Lydia immediately attacks Danny over it (until he scares her off by turning her into different objects). It's strongly implied that Freakshow and Lydia are romantically involved.
    • When Danny's identity is revealed to the entire town in Reality Trip and the Guys in White go after him, all of Danny's classmates go out of their way to get him to safety.
      Danny: You're helping me?
      Dash: Well, duh. You've been saving us for, like, ever.
  • In the episode's ending, an exposed Danny faces his stern-looking parents, expecting a full berating for lying to them for months. What he gets is them accepting him, smiling and understanding his reasons to lie. Touched as he was, he still wiped their (and the rest of the world's) memories of his reveal.
    Maddie: We love you, Danny; you.
    Jack: Whether you're ghost, boy, or something in-between!

     Season 3 
  • Small potatoes compared to most of the examples on this page, but in Girls Night Out, Skulker going after Danny is motivated entirely by his desire to win Ember's heart back. Aww. On that note, one of Ember's commentsnote  implies that they're living together, which is weirdly adorable.
  • Frightmare:
    • Both Danny's and Sam's dreams under the machine feature them together as a couple. While they downplay anything notable happening in their dreams when Tucker and Jazz inquire about them, they also, as per usual, blush and give each other knowing smiles throughout the episode.
    • Sam insisting that Danny take her with him to infiltrate Nocturne's dreams, making if the first time he's brought someone else along with him for an overshadowing. It causes Jazz to comment on how close/in-sync they are.
      Danny: You sure you want to do this? I've never overshadowed anyone with a partner before.
      Sam: Can you...make room for me?
      Danny: (smiles, then goes intangible and takes Sam's hand to make her intangible as well)
    • Tucker making a jump to help save Jazz when she starts falling through the air after Nocturne's minions dissipate.
  • Claw of the Wild
    • Over two seasons after being sucked back into the Ghost Zone with Walker, Wulf returns and is reunited with Danny.
      • Furthermore, Danny learned Esperanto in the meantime just to be able to understand Wulf.
    • Some requisite Danny/Sam Ship Tease moments for the episode:
      • Danny and Sam are the only two humans who haven't been caught by Walker yet. Danny is about to head out and reassures Sam when she worried about facing a monster.
        Danny: (smiling) Come on! You know I'd never let anything happen to either of you. I couldn't imagine my life without you.
        Sam': (blinks while looking at him blankly)
        Danny: (looks away, realizing what he said) ...or Tucker.
        Sam: (smiles, looks away, blushing)
        (sound of rustling bushes causes Danny and Sam to gasp)
        Danny: Stay here! Wake up Wulf!
        Sam: Be careful! I couldn't imagine my life without you either.
        Danny: (raises eyebrows, surprised)
        Sam: (blushes, looks away) ...or Tucker.
        Danny: (smiles)
      • Danny and Sam watching the stars together while Tucker falls asleep next to them.
    • During Danny's final confrontation with Walker, he shoots the ghost from behind, causing Walker to compare him to a coward. Danny, not having any of it, says that Walker is in no position to talk after the torture he inflicted on Wulf and tried to inflict on Sam, indicating just how protective Danny feels towards his friends.
    • Wulf giving Danny an affectionate lick before heading off into the woods, free. Danny offers a bemused response.
  • In D-Stabilized, when it seems that Danny's attempts to save Dani seemed to have failed... she reforms and comes out of the puddle of ectoplasm in one piece. The two Phantoms embrace.
    Dani: I'm me again! (hugs Danny) I knew you wouldn't let me down!
    • At the end of the episode, when Danielle thanks Danny for saving her, he replies "That's what family's for, cuz!" Right before she lives, she kisses him on the cheek and promises to see him again. It goes to show that despite where she came from and how they met, Danny considers her family and will be there for her. And Danielle, in turn, shows gratitude for everything he's done for her and promises a reunion.
  • Phantom Planet, the Grand Finale.
    • Danny and Sam's Big Damn Kiss. Specifically, right before Danny goes off to attempt to save the world and Sam gives him the "Wes" ring back (which hadn't been seen since season 2). The conversation is extremely heartwarming. When Butch Hartman finally has a long awaited pairing happen, he doesn't slouch.
      Sam: It’s the ring you were going to give Valerie. You asked me to hold it, remember? (Flips the ring over to show the “Wes” engraving reading “Sam”) Something tells me it was really meant for me. Take it with you. But promise to bring it back. If you promise, then... I know I’ll see you again.
      Danny: ...If we make it through this-
      Sam: When we make it through this.
      Danny: Right. When we make it through this, I have a few things I need to talk to you about.
      Sam: I think I'd be willing to listen. And no matter how this thing ends...this whole ride we've been on together, I wouldn't change it for the world. (Places her hands in his.) Not. One. Bit.
      Danny: Me neither. I- (Sam kisses him on the cheek. Danny grabs her chin, tilts it upwards and kisses her on the lips. Cue a beautiful slow rendition of the main theme, Foot Popping, and rotating camera.) ...Wow. Remind me to save the world more often.
      • Don't forget their second moment at the end of the episode when they become an Official Couple:
      Danny: Sam, I could never have done any of this without you. (He slips the ring on her finger. She tears up.) And I don't care what's coming next. I just hope that, whatever it is, you're there to share it with me.
      Sam: I will be. I just have to warn you, I'm no pushover, you know. I still have my own way of doing things.
      Danny: That's what I'm counting on.
      (They kiss)
    • Nearly every single ghost enemy that Danny has ever faced (as well as some ghost allies like Danielle and Wulf) coming together to help him save the Earth by making it intangible so that the asteroid can pass through it.
      • While Skulker is quick to downplay Danny's thanks, rationalizing the ghosts' participation as little more than self-preservation, his final words to Danny make their relationship out to be more of worthy opponents than arch enemies.
        Danny: I don't know what to say, other than "thanks", Skulker. To all of you.
        Skulker: (Grabs Danny by the collar) Don't get too mushy on us, ghost child. Remember, I'll never stop hunting you. (Smiling) And now that you've saved your world, you're a much more valuable prize.
        (Danny smiles as Skulker lets go of him and flies off)
    • Sam, Jazz, and Tucker embracing Danny in a group bear hug immediately after he returns from saving the day.
    • It's no surprise to anyone at this point (having been done in past episodes), but Jack and Maddie's support for Danny as a half-ghost being allowed to stick this time is a relief to see.
    • Tucker, as the newly appointed Mayor of Amity Park, presents a commemorative statue of Danny, holding the world in his hand, symbolizing him as its savior. He also reveals that duplicates of the statue will be exhibited in the capital of every nation of the world, showing just how wide-reaching the appreciation for him goes.

  • According to Word of God, had the series been allowed to continue, the Fentons would've adopted Danielle, making her Danny and Jazz's little sister. Awwwww!
  • David Kaufman (Danny), Grey DeLisle (Sam), Rickey D’Shon Collins (Tucker), and Colleen O’Shaughnessey (Jazz) all appeared as guests on the Nickelodeon Animated Podcast and more or less affirmed how great an experience working on the show was, describing Butch Hartman as very engaging to work with as a director of actors. They also share fun experiences they've had meeting fans and seeing so much of the support the show has had. Additionally, they all appear to get along with each other very easily.

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