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    Fridge Brilliance 
  • Fitting the ghost theme, Danny's school is named after a certain friendly ghost.
  • When I was a new fan of Danny Phantom years back, I had an irritating dislike for the main character of Danny because for every lesson and moral he learned, he almost never seemed to grow up... or so I thought. The more I got used to this show's rather excellent Character Development, the more I saw Danny was indeed maturing and developing his personality. Sure, the writing can be lax on this at certain parts, but they've relatively kept it going at a good pace. He's such a different person by the last season than he was at the beginning and I've come to enjoy his presence. —Neo Yi
  • It's ironic when you consider Danny and Vlad's respective secret identities and alter-egos. Their ghost forms are their true selves, whilst their human forms are the real ghosts of who they used to be (or pretend to be). Danny Fenton is the ghost of a lazy, selfish, immature kid. Vlad Masters is the ghost of a mild-mannered, gentlemanly, harmless millionaire.
  • Ironically, this thought was inspired by the Nightmare Fuel page, but it's mentioned that out of him and his friends, Danny is the only one who could've survived getting zapped by the ghost portal without getting killed. Looking back at "Masters of all Times", and seeing Jack Fenton survive the accident, it becomes clear that Danny inherited his father's robustness.
    • When you think about it, both Jack and Vlad being capable of withstanding the ghost portal's zap says a lot about why Vlad wants Danny as the son he never had. He sees a bit of his robustness in Danny, and it feels as though he could've been his son in another life.
    • That or it has something to do with the Fentons being ghost hunters for centuries. It's likely that they developed some genetic resistance to ectoplasm over the years, akin to how the Gamma Gene from The Incredible Hulk made it so that while the likelihood of any random two people being able to become a Gamma Mutant is very low, the chances of a relative of a Gamma Mutant, such as Jennifer Walters, mutating are much higher than average.
  • In "What You Want", Danny and Tucker resolve their friendship when the former admits he should've been more attentive to his friend's feelings and Tucker apologizes for letting his jealousy get the best of him. In other words, they're sharing the blame. It makes their tendency to share everything all the more meaningful.
  • This Danny/Valerie shipper finally figured out the unique angle for the Danny/Sam ship — Sam is a total Danny Phantom Fangirl. Despite her friendship with Danny Fenton, it's clear his alter ego is the one she's attracted to. She practically swoons while flying with him in "Fanning the Flames", she redesigns his costume (just like Cardcaptor Sakura's biggest fangirl), and she's livid when Danny gives up his powers in "Phantom Planet" because she's going to miss Phantom. The Last Minute Hook Up is more female fantasy fulfillment than male, despite Sam fitting the Rich Bitch trend in Danny's Love Interests. Because, by sheer coincidence, this Lois knows this Superman's Secret Identity from the beginning; it's weird, but weird is good (still not as good as this show's Dating Catwoman, but interesting enough). — Lale
    • My God, that's why she acted like she was slapped in the face during the Grand Finale. It wasn't Character Derailment at all! Granted, it's not a part of the characterization I like, but damn it, it fits! — Mullon
    • I actually came up with a pro Sam approach to the whole situation. Sam loves Danny for who he is and always will; when he gave up his powers, to her, it was just that... he gave up. It wasn't that he felt like he did his part and was finished with his share or something; he was beaten by Vlad and decided to stay down and let Vlad's goon squad take care of things for profit. In doing so, he stopped being the Danny that we watched through the series, who became stronger and more mature at the same time and instead in giving up, he became a shadow of his old self. This made Sam feel that he wasn't the same person that she fell in love with.
      • That's how I had interpreted it from the start. Sam had fallen in love with him, not because he was a hero, but because he had overcome the obstacles without losing sight of who he is. He remained the same well-intentioned guy throughout the entire series, he just became more mature. Giving up his powers was like giving up a piece of who he is. It's the same reason Paulina's fan-girl actions towards Phantom annoyed her. She knew that Paulina liked him because he was a hero and nothing else, while Sam loved everything about him.
    • Not to mention that until the third season, neither of them were willing to admit their feelings and with the ghost powers and fighting, they were able to see each other as they were growing up. Danny's ghost side is what helped him become Sam's dream guy and without it, she's unsure if she still would love him because he isn't the same person that she finally was able to admit even to herself that she loved.
    • Doesn't that arguably go back to the first example; that Sam liked Danny romantically because of his ghostly abilities?
    • I think the Danny/Sam relationship was shown as like one editor said, that Sam always loved Danny. That scene in "Fanning the Flames" to me was Sam's Love Epiphany which is why she admits part of her really like Danny's attention. Their eventual relationship is clear to almost everyone from day one, from Jerk Jock Dash to his clueless father. The powers were just made his unique as Sam pointed out. This also show the difference between her and Paulina, Sam loves Danny despite his powers, Paulina loves Danny because of his powers.
      • Now, his powers may have something to do with it. Ever since episode one, Sam has wanted to change the world for the better, and for most of her life she's satisfied this urge with her role as an Ultra Recyclo Vegetarian and saving the world from itself. Through a group of like-minded individuals, she sought to make a positive impact on her environment. And then Danny, her best friend, got superpowers. Suddenly, he possessed the ability to change the world for the better, and did so on a daily basis as Phantom, and she got to make a difference through him. Danny giving up the power to make the world a better place was unimaginably selfish to her, and knowing this, her disappointment in him is understandable. -Sesquipedalia
    • It never ceases to confound and amaze me how readily people latch onto the 'sam-is-a-danny-phantom-fangirl' theory. First of all, Danny Phantom and Fenton are one and the same. To quote Lois and Clark [Danny Fenton] is who [Danny] is. [Danny Phantom] is just what he does. And to further elaborate on this, a quote from Megamind: it's not what you look like that defines you, but your actions. Danny's powers weren't just ghost rays- they were a major outlet to a part of his personality- the Chronic Hero Syndrome part, the part that couldn't just "sit on the sidelines" and watch innocent people (people he didn't even know) being terrorized when he could "change things"- via his powers. That is the part of Danny's personality that Sam -and us, the audience- loved. And yet, that part of his personality vanished in the beginning of the movie. He sat back. He didn't care about strangers anymore. He didn't care about justice, all "the good he was doing" anymore. He just cared about having fun. In short, he became the same apathetic, selfish jerk that defined "normal kids" everywhere- chewing on corn dogs and blissfully watched his town being extorted on a gigantic scale- which is exactly what drove Sam over the edge and lead to her supreme What the Hell, Hero? speech. ("You're not you anymore!") And that's why Sam's eyes lit up when he got himself back to normal stage 1- the plan to save the earth ("Now that's the Danny I know!") and stage 2- retrieving his powers and the biggest outlet to the other part of his personality. — KariGray
      Sam: Danny! It's you! I mean, it was always you, but-
      Danny: *smiles* I know what you mean, Sam. Thanks.
      • And it's not like Sam was the only one who was upset. Both Tucker and Jazz were urging him not to do it, and saddened afterwards. Danny was having a hissy fit, and made a bad judgement. I mean he gets rid of his powers why? Because he's not popular anymore, and Vlad's Master's Blasters are arresting his parents looking for him. Well he's been less popular, like at the end of public enemies. And he may stop them from finding a ghost in the house, but the Blasters are run by Vlad. You know the guy who wants to destroy his father, and has the obsession with his mother. The guy he has no way of fighting now. The guy who sabotages the operation to destroy the Disastoriod so as to make Jack look bad and set up an attempt to blackmail the whole world. So yeah, they were right to be upset. Danny was making a bad judgement in the heat of the moment.
      • How is it a bad judgment? Danny tried very hard to be the good guy, to save the town, yet he was beaten to the punch and humiliated, over and over, by the Masters Blasters. The town had forgotten him and he came to the conclusion that he was not needed anymore. On top of that, his parents were thrown in jail. It baffles me when people call him selfish because that was the most selfless thing he did. He gave up a part of himself to make sure his family was safe. Did he loaf around after? Yes of course! But he's a fourteen year old kid. He's living the life he partially missed out on because he was too busy fighting ghosts half the time. He didn't have to worry about the overall well-being of the city anymore because it was already being kept safe by Vlad's team. And let's be honest, Danny's pretty damn clueless. He didn't know what was going on behind the scenes until it just about smacked him in the face.
    • I think the overall point to this that needs to be said is that Sam and Danny are teenagers. They're like fourteen. Teenage dating does not equal true love. I'm willing to believe that there's genuine feelings there, but let's not dissect this one too hard. They're both mid puberty, and find each other attractive. The dating is inevitable. Lasting power is unlikely. How many of you are still with someone you dated when you were fourteen? Do you even know anyone that is? Do you even remember the name of your junior high boyfriends/girlfriends? Breakup and return to Just Friends is kind of inevitable.
  • When "Masters of All Time" first aired, I hated it because as a Vlad fangirl, I thought the idea that he was a Jerkass even in an alternate timeline was just crossing the line, especially since it came after "The Ultimate Enemy" where he was sympathized. It took nearly three years to realize that this isn't the case. Vlad having a tragic, pathetic, and sad life even in another timeline not only has a "it's not coincidence, it's hitsuzen" feel, but makes him even MORE sympathetic. Because even in another timeline, he tries so hard to find love because he's painfully afraid of being alone. Instead of being angry for his treatment, I now see this episode as an Alas, Poor Villain episode and a Character Development to the Villainous Breakdown he gets in the Season Two Finale—the writing was just very subtle about it. Brilliant. — Neo Yi
    • I would see that as a Deconstruction of the Freudian Excuse. "I am not a villain! All I wanted was love!" Kudos for not being a Card-Carrying Villain, but no dice on the excuse. You're evil even when you have everything you want. ~ Lale
    • Call me a Vlad fangirl, but when a villain is usually played for sympathy, I tend to think there can be more then just him "being evil". Especially when this can be proven true if the alternative Bad Future was an indication. True, it took the ghost power out of him, but it goes back to my "Hitsuzen" time coincidence remark. What happened in another time could potentially work in the current canon. It can be argued it already happened in the Grand Finale when he regrets what he has done to the planet. — Neo Yi
    • He was evil for different reasons there: he was in a nearly loveless marriage and paranoid that Maddie would leave in a heartbeat for Jack. He was right. That was more for the fact that Jack and Maddie are made for each other. Either way, Vlad didn't recognize that Maddie didn't love him really or/and more importantly that Jack does love him in a platonic way. Although that one fic Tavalya Ra wrote was hilarious. -Anthiens
      • Jack: We shared everything.
    • This goes even deeper than everything mentioned. Vlad isn't evil because Maddie rejected him, or because high school was hell for him; he's evil because he places little to no value on the lives of those around him. He sees the world and those who live in it as chess pieces to be manipulated. Even Maddie just turned out to be a trophy for him, a prize he won through defeating Jack. His ghost powers only served to feed into his lust for power and in turn his blindness towards his self-destructive behavior. In "Ultimate Enemy", he became totally powerless. There was no one to manipulate, no mind games to be played. He was trapped in a game with an opponent just as smart as him and five times more ruthless that he had no chance of winning, and there he realized what he'd done wrong his whole life. -Sesquipedalia
      • To me it seems like the idea isn't that circumstances made Vlad a villain. His own selfishness did. Vlad shows it's not what happens to you that makes you evil, it's how you react to it.
  • In the fight with SkullTech, when they use the weapon that shorts out Danny's powers, Technus claims that it doesn't work on "their" Phantom. At first you think it's because Future Danny is just too powerful for such an attack to work. After seeing Danny fall from the sky after a second blast, though, I realized it wasn't just that; the weapon takes Danny's powers away by forcing him to revert to his human form...of which Future Danny has none! Of course the weapon didn't work on him, it was designed for use on half ghosts!
  • Upon watching "Eye for an Eye", I at first thought that Vlad's character had been completely derailed, going from a rather sympathetic character with questionable methods to just plain being a Jerkass. The one-uppance of the whole episode left a bad taste in my mouth, thinking that Vlad had lost his finesse and hit an all-time low in playing pranks. But, that was before I rewatched most of season 2 and "Kindred Spirits". I realized that Vlad's obsession with having Danny as a son took him to all-new levels in his behavior, and when Danny destroyed his clones and his lab, he blew a gasket. After that, I could easily see how Danny became less of a "son he never had" and became more of an enemy he just wanted to ruin and make miserable. - Captain Planette
    • After watching "Kindred Spirits" and season three I'm convinced Vlad was having his villainous breakdown during "Kindred Spirits". He's stopped being friendly to Danny, and trying to win him over. By this point it's becoming increasingly clear he has no chance with Maddie. Every Member of the Fenton Family has defeated him at some point. By the end of "Kindred Spirits" his clone project is destroyed, his most successful clone hates him, and his Maddie program loves the Jack program. Vlad is left realizing he has failed to attain all the things he really wanted (Maddie's love, Danny as a son, Destroying Jack, Buying the Packers...) and is desperately looking for new goals and purpose. He's in the aftermath of his actual Villainous Breakdown, and is a shell of what he was.
  • It's reportedly taken more than one fan some time before it clicks that Vlad saying to Danny and Jazz, "You two know each other?" in "Secret Weapons" is not a goof — because Danny is in his ghost form, and Vlad doesn't yet know that Jazz knows his Secret Identity. - Lale
  • It always bugged me that The Nasty Burger sponsored Sam and Tucker's pirate radio in the episode of the same name, but it just hit me: all the adults were missing! It was probably an indifferent or irresponsible teenage employee who suddenly found himself with control over the whole place and made the decision to sponsor them, perhaps just for kicks. - Mazz
  • In his first appearance, Vlad Plasmius basically mops the floor with Danny, displaying not just more raw power then the young hero, but also a wider range of powers as well, justifying it as him having "Years of Experience". However, from Season 2 onward, the battles between Vlad and Danny become much more even, culminating in "Masters of All Time", where Team Phantom chases Vlad throughout history, with Danny fighting the villain on a more even footing. How did Danny close the gap in terms of power and skill so fast? Consider Vlad's personality. He's a Smug Snake who prefers manipulating people to direct confrontation, and who only fights when he's stacked the deck in his favor. It's actually taken him years to gain that much experience using his powers. Danny, on the other hand, is constantly jumping head-first into almost hopeless fights to try and protect innocent people, and thus having to improvise while in combat. He's effectively been Level Grinding, getting in "years of experience" in a shorter amount of time then Vlad took. - lonewolf23k
    • I think it is part level grinding and part the fact that many of the ghost Danny fought would have killed him if he got in the way, if were not actively hunted him. The whole win or die mentality kind of forced Danny into being better. darkwulf23
      • Not only that but think about the differences in the way they got their powers. Vlad was shot in the face and only in the face by a massive release of ectoplasmic energy and it took 5 years to become a complete hybrid. Danny on the other hand, had his entire body in the ghost portal when it fired up and became a ghost hybrid instantly. By sheer raw power Danny would have the advantage, and that isn't even going into all of the different possible implications and lingering effects of the idea that his soul had been telefraged between the ghost zone and the real world, then reconnected during the incident.
      • And that's not even mentioning that most of the tricks Vlad learned would have been through trial and error whereas Danny at least knew what was possible from watching Vlad instead of spending months trying to do something impossible.
  • You know in the last episode where Jack shows a picture of "skunk punks stink!" with several people with skunk stripes in their hair with Vlad? They may have been trying to help him feel better after the accident, but somehow gotten formed into a band. I liked how it showed Jack as really naive instead of stupid.
  • I was just watching TUE again, and I saw a pattern in Dark Danny's chaos. Ember's a singer, so he destroys her vocal cords. Johnny Thirteen is a motorbiker rider, so Dark Danny cripples him. Box ghost? Nothing, or so it seems. But then one remembers he and Lunch Lady had a daughter, and Lunch Lady is nowhere to be seen. The kicker is with Vlad, truly alone, truly powerless and solely at fault for creating this monster, all in a genuine effort to help the boy he wanted as a son. Dan Phantom was going for extremely cruel Irony.
    • Interesting theory. Now that I think about it, this could be Dark Danny's entire motivation for his evil acts. Remember he was created after Danny loses everything that mattered to him (his friends and family). So in an odd way, maybe Dark Danny is trying to make everyone know his pain, sort of like "if I am going to be miserable than no one else deserves to be happy". Skulktech even points out that Danny is responsible for causing the same misery and pain to everyone he knew just as much as he probably felt after losing his family. And maybe he doesn't want Clockwork or Danny changing his past because that would mean the return of his human conscience (and having to deal with the guilt of his actions) and the fact he probably feels he's too far gone for anything to change anyway.
  • Speaking of Dark Danny, it was always curious that Dark Danny continues to exist outside of time, remember when he let go of the Time Medallion? Oh, you don't? That may be because he never dropped it, he still had it when his Bad Future disappeared and that allowed him to linger on.
  • Why is The Box ghost ten years later so much more powerful? Well he didn't get Pandora's box until after the Nasty burger incident so in this timeline nobody stopped him when he stole it that time.
    • Another possibility for why the Box Ghost has bulked up so much. If the above theory about what happened to the Lunch Lady is accurate, Box Ghost would have lost his wife, and probably would have blamed himself for being too weak to stop it. And of course he'd want to be stronger so he could protect his daughter.
  • Remember Danny's line about how "all my beauty sleep" left him fully charged to fight Nocturne in Frightmare? Sleep works in stages, going from Stage 1 (barely asleep), to stage two, three, four, and then it goes backwards until about the point where it hits stage one again, but instead of going into Stage 1 sleep, an individual would normally enter what is called REM sleep, or 'Rapid Eye Movement' due to how your eyes move rapidly under closed eyelids. This is where the most restorative sleep occurs, but also where the most vivid and remembered dreams occur and the involved brainwave activity. This happens in about ninety minutes, then it loops back around, cutting a stage each time until it is essentially unbroken REM until the person awakes. Now, Nocturne's power focuses on dreams and characters were deep in them for an unknown amount of time and everyone remembered them perfectly. Although the dreams were of unknown length, that much "recharge" would have left all of them with more than enough normal energy (to say nothing of Danny's ghost energy) to do the things they do fighting Nocturne.
  • It always bugged me how naive Jack was about Vlad, treating him like his best friend despite how Vlad acted around him. But then it hit me: Vlad isn't just a friend he hadn't seen in twenty years and who now only makes the barest possible pretense of actually liking him—he's a friend who Jack accidentally put into the hospital for five years, ruining his life for a while, and who has only recently (apparently) forgiven him. Jack probably feels guilty and really, really wants to see friendship and forgiveness where there isn't any. It could also be that he can see Vlad hasn't entirely forgiven him, despite having gotten back in touch, and he's trying very hard to show that he still cares and is a good friend—trying to make up for the past. Either way, it's suddenly easy to see why Jack would overlook/ignore all the various hints that Vlad hates him.
    • And in the finale, it must've shocked Jack to know his worst fears were right (that Vlad still hated him), but that his friend was actively retaliating him. But what really hits home is, their final conversation up in space was one in which they finally brought up the issue that had festered beneath the surface for so long. Jack brought up their previous friendship as a show that all his efforts to make amends were to return to the friendship they once knew. And hearing Vlad reciprocate it with spite was the wake-up call he needed to realize "Vladdy" was dead, and Vlad Plasmius was nothing but his ghost.
  • During "Reign Storm," Poindexter spent a lot of time with the Dragon Ghost (the one that looks like a blond girl from the middle ages with a necklace when she isn't a dragon). In fact, he was riding her into battle against the skeleton army of Pariah Dark. In a later episode, we learn that the Dragon Ghost girl is essentially pushed around and bullied by her brother who has the same type of transformation object as her. Poindexter's whole back story deals with bullying. No wonder they got along.
    • Additionally, Poindexter is a Hollywood Nerd. Loving fantasy, dragons, and princesses is all part of the stereotype package.
    • The Dragon Ghost's first appearance shows her shouting about how she wants to go to the ball. This isn't her being a Spoiled Brat; balls aren't just dancing get-togethers, they're events where rich men and women can search for marriage partners without breaking the bounds of etiquette. If the Dragon Ghost got married, she would leave her family with the new husband of her choosing. She's not raging at her mother for not letting her have fun; she's angry enough to turn into a dragon because she can't access her one socially acceptable escape route from her brother.
  • Marathoning the series, I've realized just how brilliant Jack and Maddie really are. At the beginning everyone just sees them as ghost obsessed kooks. But here's the thing. All their ghost catching inventions work perfectly, despite the fact they've never even seen a ghost!
  • A very short line in "Double Cross My Heart" just stood out to me. During one of Danny's confrontations with the Guys In White, they say (in the middle of a longer rant) that he has the "ectoplasmic power" of a "Scale 7." At this point in the series, Danny does seem about as powerful as a Class 7.
  • In "The Fright Before Christmas", Ghost Writer pretty much takes over the whole show's writing just to teach Danny a lesson, and part of his control is that everything rhymes. If he's taken over the whole show, possibly the one thing that kept the opening credits from being altered is the fact that they already rhyme to begin with.
  • In "D-Stabilized," Valerie uses some kind of scanner to track down Danielle, but when the latter switches from ghost-mode to human, Valerie can't tell she's a ghost even when she's looking right at her. Somehow, whatever scanner she's using that led her right to the spot can't point out the half-ghost to her. Weird, illogical, obviously just done for the sake of plot... unless this is equipment she received from Vlad (her original suit may have been destroyed, but who knows how many weapons she hid like that ecto-gun from the end of "Reign Storm"). Of course Vlad wouldn't give her any equipment that could alert her if someone who looked human was half-ghost!
  • In Poindexter's first appearance, he says that Danny is the Halfa, and that everyone in the Ghost Zone talks about him. It's not unlikely that Danny's infamous enough to have rumors about him, but it makes more sense if he mistook him for Vlad. Vlad's been active in the Ghost Zone for years, whereas Danny hadn't even entered it until that episode. Poindexter comes across as a hypocrite for attacking bullies and condemning Danny for doing the same, but if he's conflating Danny's actions with Vlad's, Poindexter taking over Danny's life comes across less as Disproportionate Retribution (compared to his other punishments, which were momentary) and more like someone preventing a dangerous criminal from hurting other people ever again. Also, the other ghosts in his version of Casper High suddenly respecting him for defeating the halfa makes more sense given how Vlad was The Dreaded.
  • The idea of using a thermos, of all things, to contain ghosts seems a little odd. However, real thermoses are also designed to contain something intangible: heat. With this in mind, a thermos being used to capture creatures/beings that can turn intangible suddenly goes from weird to clever.
  • It's commented on the Awesome Moments page that, on a meta-level, Danny's Ghostly Wail power is the first ghost power. A little more thought makes this true in a very real-world, literal sense. How many spirits in mythology have some kind of wail or other vocal power? The Ghostly Wail isn't just a call back to ghosts going "Oooo OOO Ooooh", but a call back to the ghosts and spirits of myth.

    Fridge Horror 
The Ultimate Enemy
  • Dark Danny is both Danny, to whom Maddie is his mom-and Vlad, who loves/lusts after her. Though we can't (thankfully) know for sure, if Vlad's memories and negative feelings are as present as Danny's clearly are in him, well...think about that a moment. No wonder he's so messed up. -Anthiens
    • To further this, Dark Danny is capable of both duplicating himself and having these duplicates overshadow people, just like Vlad can. He traveled back into the past, when his parents were still alive. Even back when he was Danny, he had experience of overshadowing his father. Think about that.
  • How about the scene where Dark Danny kills his human half? Nightmare Fuel in and of itself, right? However, look at how Dan's looming over Danny with his fangs bared and tongue lashing about. I'm a Humanitarian, anyone?
    • I can honestly say I wish this didn't happen, but my mind went... another direction.
    • Also keep this in mind with Vlad from the mentioned alternate timeline. He viewed Danny as the son he never had, and, seeing Danny's broken spirit being wasted away into nothing by his grief, decided to act like a decent human being for once. So he did something to help Danny, just because he wanted to ease the poor kid's suffering and end his pain. It blows up in the guy's face in more ways than one. His ghost half gets ripped out of his body! He watches the defenseless human Danny DIE A HORRIBLE DEATH SO BAD HE CAN'T EVEN MENTION IT WHILE HE'S POWERLESS TO DO ANYTHING TO SAVE THE KID! The monster that was created, which pretty much is killing people on a daily basis - in the now apocalyptic world - was a result of something Vlad himself did, JUST TO HELP A KID HE WANTED TO SEE STOP SUFFERING! And now he lives alone in his huge torn up home... for years... with nothing but the haunting memories of this ALL to reflect on! I don't know what he's on to keep him from becoming insane or killing himself... BUT I NEED SOME!
  • Older Vlad makes it very easy for Danny to find him through the Ghost Zone. Earlier, it was said that Dark Danny had a hard time locating Vlad's ghost portal. It's extremely possible that Vlad simply stopped trying to hide from Dark Danny and 'wished' to be killed. Years of self-loathing will do that.
  • Speaking of "Ultimate Enemy", where exactly is Bad Future!Lunch Lady? After all, she did marry Box Ghost and have a daughter with him... wouldn't someone expect her to want revenge on Dan too? wonder Box Ghost was so ticked off...Dan very likely killed the guy's wife!
  • Before the end of "The Ultimate Enemy," the only reason Dark Danny doesn't kill his younger self is because if Danny doesn't grow up, he won't exist ("What are you gonna do? Waste me? What happens to you then?")... or so everyone thought. Thanks to Danny getting the Ghostly Wail 10 years too early, Dark Danny knows the future has been changed, that Danny Phantom won't turn into him... but he still exists. And now he knows he doesn't need Danny to turn into him to ensure his own existence. So if he ever breaks out of that thermos, he no longer has any reason to keep his younger self alive...
  • When he's about to send Danny back to the past, Vlad briefly considers, "Or I could just destroy you now and prevent this future..." Fortunately, he decides not to do that, but what if he had gone through with that plan? He obviously thought stopping Danny from growing up would erase his future self from existence. However, the audience learns at the end that, even with the future changed, Dark Danny still "exists outside of time." Had Vlad killed Danny, it would have changed nothing... except stopping Danny from going back and saving everyone. Far from preventing the Bad Future, he came within an inch of dooming it for good!

Everything Else

  • ALL of the ghosts have nasty Fridge Horror implications. Let's take a looksee:
    • Most obviously, there's Sydney Poindexter. A kid so ruthlessly bullied, he's thought to still haunt his locker. Why the heck would anyone think that, unless he died during that bullying? He may have killed himself, or one of the bullies may have taken it too far... Both are fairly likely.
    • Ember - just listen to her song. Maybe I'm reading too much into things, but it sounds like someone used her, dumped her, cheated on her, or some combination therein, and she couldn't take it. This troper's guess is that she tried to burn his house down, and somehow got trapped inside. Or maybe she did something bad to him, and he burnt her house down with her inside.
    • The Box Ghost - He's a particular source of fridge horror for me. I mean, he probably worked at a shipping yard or something, and got crushed under a load of boxes. Suddenly, likely painfully. Maybe he had a wife and kids, we really don't know. But, still, the whole, "You will be crushed under the belongings of <insert name here>. Prepare to meet your cardboard fate of DOOM!" thing... it's just very cringe. Very, very cringe.
    • Youngblood - he seemed to have played a lot as a kid. Probably drowned, playing 'pirates' or something. Horrible...
  • Everything concerning Danielle's life. What we see is a spunky young girl who kicks butt. Then think about what REALLY happened with her on screen. In her first episode, it's a little girl who was emotionally manipulated by her father to do bad things only to find out he never loved her. Then there's her second episode where she's betrayed by a person she helped and had the one person who cares about her captured. Before she's TORTURED to death by her father. Who she very likely still cares about since she gave him the benefit of a doubt and asked if he found a way to fix her. Not to mention all that time between the two episodes she was effectively dying a slow, horrible death while living on the streets.
  • Minor compared to this other stuff, but what exactly happened to those plane pilots in "Infinite Realms" after that natural portal spit them out in the Jurassic Period!?
  • All of Danny's powers have some serious Fridge Horror potential... lucky he's as nice as he is...
    • Which makes Dark Danny even more terrifying, since he likely fulfilled this potential.
  • When I was younger, it took me a few watches for this to really sink in: Danny is half dead. It seems pretty obvious, but it's easy to forget, with all the "normal teen" and ass-kicking stuff.
    • Not really, ghosts are sort of another species in Danny Phantom. He's what they refer to him as sometimes in the show, a hybrid.
    • I'm going to have to side with the first troper on this one, because he kind of is. Ghosts in this show are never really implied to be a separate species. Not to mention the fact that they're, y'know, dead.
    Ghost Perp: You'll never take me alive, copper!
    Bullet: You're a ghost.
    Ghost Perp: Well, you'll still never take me!
    • In "Public Enemies," Maddie calls Danny an "Odd manifestation of Ectoplasmic energy and Post-human consciousness." So yeah, ghosts are dead people with a bit of extra supernatural oomph attached.
      • It's been confirmed by Butch Hartman that the ghosts are ectoplasmic beings, not dead people.
      • Though that doesn't make sense in some cases, as several ghosts are explicitly stated to be the ghosts of someone who died (Sidney, Desiree, The Dairy King, Ember...). It's possible it's a little of both, and that many entities of the Ghost Zone are ectoplasmic entities who simply belong in that world, but also serves as a purgatory of sorts (which is further supported by the existance of the Elsewhereness and the Unworld, the DP-verse's versions of Heaven and Hell, respectively.
      • Given that Butch's statement is basically the Western Animation equiv of Ash still being 10, most would just ignore that and that was just Butch's Christianity getting in the way of continuity.
  • Box. Lunch. How the hell was she... made?
    Danny: Um, ew.
  • HOW HAVE WE GONE THIS FAR WITHOUT MENTIONING THE GHOST PUPPY? In the episode where Valerie first got her ghost hunting gear, there is a ghost dog with two forms. A big menacing one, and a cute playful one. And then we learn that the place where Valerie's father works used to have guard dogs, but they were "gotten rid of." And the thing that the ghost dog was after the whole time? A squeaky toy in the old dog pens. Yeah.
  • Considering that we know at least some of the ghosts are the genuine souls of dead people, this means that the the Ghost Zone would be the afterlife of the Danny Phantom universe. This means that when the Men in White planned to destroy the Ghost Zone, they are effectively trying to obliterate the afterlife, which would both destroy every dead soul and deny the human race an afterlife-and all just to get rid of the ghost haunting. Even if blowing up the Ghost Zone didn't destroy the Earth as well, that is seriously messed up.
    • Well, who's to say everyone becomes a ghost when they die? All the ghosts seem to be troubled or have had horrid deaths so maybe they're going with the concept that people with baggage become ghosts, until they deal with their issues at least, while everyone else goes to a normal afterlife (or becomes reincarnated). It still means the Men In White are planning to murde people but they're not deleting the afterlife at least.
    • That actually makes sense. This just gave me a thought. What if the Ghost Zone is the Phantom verse's version of Purgatory? Maybe ghosts like Desiree, Poindexter, and Ember are all in Purgatory and unable to move on (yet) to (Heaven/Hell/afterlife/reincarnation/etc.).
    • Confirmed: the Ghost Zone is purgatory! The DP-verse equivalents of Heaven and Hell are called The Elsewhereness and the Unworld, respectively, and the Unworld is also where souls go who are forgotten. Sound familiar, anyone?
    • One of the fanfics on the recommendations page postulates a third alternative theory: the Ghost Zone has something to do with the transition between this life and the next, possibly being akin to a veil between them. Ghosts are ripples in this veil, when a death is particularly tragic or traumatic. They're not the person's soul, but the echoes of said soul's passage.
    • Given that Butch's statement is basically the Western Animation equiv of Ash still being 10, most would just ignore that and that was just Butch's Christianity getting in the way of continuity.
  • Dani's Big Eater moment. Seems like just a funny moment? Later on though you find out that if she runs out of energy she will melt into a puddle of goo. She's eating so much because she needs the energy to fuel her metabolism.
  • In Reality Trip, the trio heads to Goth-A-Palooza only to find that it's been turned into a teddy bear land due to the influence of the Gem of Form. Sam rips a teddy's head off out of frustration. Once the gem is removed from the area, the teddy bears turn back into goth people. Doesn't that mean that Sam decapitated an innocent person offscreen?
  • You... do know what has to happen to you for you to be a ghost, right? People have come up with some disturbing ways for the show's ghosts to have died. Butch Hartman once said the ghosts are actually creatures from another dimension, not actual spirits. Many have a hard time believing this since at least three ghosts are confirmed to have once been alive.
  • This troper realized something that puts a whole new terrifying spin on Spectra that I'm honestly shocked hasn't been brought up yet. Spectra being a psychiatrist going from school to school deliberately picking at teenagers personal issues has a lot of dark places one could go to especially since her plan involving jazz (which was straight up murder all to crush everyone's spirit) raises some very dark possibilities. What do many teenagers sometimes do when they can't escape their misery? This brings up an even more horrifying question: what if the teenager Spectra is tearing away at has a fear of their family not loving them, or their friends not caring? Picture it: Spectra convincing someone no one loves them. How many suicides did Spectra likely cause and not just cause but revel in? I think we might have another candidate for complete monster in this show.
  • Vlad's Villain Decay in Season 3 has some pretty dark undertones when you remember what happened in his last appearance in Season Two: his son (well, the clone of a boy he wants as his son and probably considers his son) disintegrated right in front of his eyes, and he was helpless to stop it. And it was technically Danny's fault. He's probably suffering PTSD and wants Danny deader than dead as a result.
  • A nightmare fuel tied one: per Butch had Sam or Tucker got in the portal like Danny dead, they'd have died. Per the fridge brilliance, it is Jack who Danny inherited the survivability from. However not every child inherits a specific trait from their parent, which raises two questions. Would Jazz have survived such an incident, and more concerning, is it possible for one of Danny's kids to not inherit the resistance while also getting 50% of their DNA ectoplasm-ridden. Because if it is, Danny's wife (quite possibly Sam, who definitely doesn't have Danny and Jack's resistance) might have more than a few miscarriages.
  • In her first appearance, Desiree gets uncharacteristically angry at Danny when he grabs her during their last fight, shouting "no man may lay a hand on me unless I wish it!" This is worryingly easy to interpret as a reaction borne out of some past trauma, which raises some disturbing questions about what might've happened to her after the jealous Sultana forced her out...


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