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    Ghosts and half-ghosts in general 
Ghosts are among the main species and antagonists in the Danny Phantom universe.
  • Alien Blood: Apparently, ghosts (and half ghosts in their ghost forms) bleed glowing green ectoplasm, as shown in "Fright Knight" when Danny gets a cut by a blade.
  • Amazing Technicolor Population: Ghosts are shown to be able to have skin colors like blue, white (not pale beige), gray, and green.
  • Beat It by Compulsion: Ghosts' typical behavior makes them vulnerable to this. A notable example is Desiree granting every wish she hears, even ones that work against her goals.
  • Call a Smeerp a "Rabbit": Zig-zagged. Many ghosts are clearly hinted or explicitly shown in-series to have been living humans (or animals), note  and Maddie defines a ghost as an "odd manifestation of ectoplasmic energy and post-human consciousness". However, Butch Hartman insists that they're not the disembodied spirits of dead people, but "monsters/creatures" who have ghost-like powers, contradicting canonical evidence. Some actually do behave more or less like stereotypical ghosts with Ghostly Goals and Unfinished Business, especially early in the series, but in later episodes (especially in Season 3), the newly introduced ghosts started to look and act more and more like humanoid monsters instead, who are "ghosts" in name only aside from the ability to become invisible and intangible. In general, three types of ghosts can be identified: spirits of the dead (Ember, Desiree, etc.), ghosts that are personification of concepts (Nocturn, Clockwork, etc.), and naturally existing ectoplasmic creatures (the Ectopuses, Wulf, etc.).
  • Color-Coded Eyes: Danny in ghost-mode has green eyes, along with most of the ghosts. In fact it's something of a give away when it comes to the ones that can pass for human since while there are some human characters with green eyes, that particular shade of bright ectoplasm-green is unique to ghosts.
  • Demonic Possession: Ghosts can take over the body of a living person and operate it like a puppet. This is called "overshadowing" in the show. If they do this to another ghost, it can result in a Fusion Dance and Merger of Souls.
  • Doing In the Wizard: Word of God has retconned all ghosts as not the spirits of dead people, but actually otherworldly aliens made of ectoplasm, with the more humanoid ghosts simply making up human backstories.note 
  • Even Evil Has Standards: All of Danny's ghost enemies hold an annual truce with any and all other ghosts (including half-ghosts like Danny) so that they can celebrate Christmas. When they discover the Ghost Writer broke the truce, they are not happy, teaming up with Danny to stop him, and save Christmas.
  • Fantastic Racism: Most ghosts don't like humans and most humans are terrified of the ghosts (justified in the humans' case, since the existence of ghosts was revealed to the general public in an attack by Walker's goons in a scheme to make Danny a Hero with Bad Publicity). Danny being half-ghost makes it worst, as he's hated period by most ghosts he meets and his Alter Ego is feared and hated by most humans except his Secret-Keeper friends/sister and the Alpha Bitch. It gets creepy when Danny hears about his parents discussing what to do with his alter ego's remains if they ever caught him.
  • Fog Feet: While most ghosts have legs in their standard form, many can form a ghostly tail while they're flying. Some of them, such as Desiree and Clockwork, have a permanent ghost tail.
  • Ghostly Goals: Which (if any) ghosts have "unfinished business" and will pass on after completing it is up for debate, considering the show never addressed the afterlife beyond the Ghost Zone. However, almost every ghost Danny fights is the "attack the living" type.
  • Hand Blasts: While not really a thing ghosts usually do, some ghosts can fire ectoplasmic blasts or "Ghost Rays" from their hands.
  • Hand Wave: The mechanics behind the concept of a "half-ghost" are never really explained, and many fans has tried to figure out how being half-dead really works.
  • Improbable Hairstyle: Many of the ghosts have this, but this is averted with most of the humans. Except for Danny. What kind of hairstyle is that, a reverse mullet?
  • No-Sell: For half-ghosts. Their human half makes them immune/resistant to things that affect ghosts (ex. ghost shields, Danny's ghost sense, Mind Control over ghosts), while their ghost half make them immune/resistant to other ghosts' powers that affect humans, like Ember's Magic Music.
  • Nuclear Mutant: Half-ghosts are the result of the exposure to high levels of ghost energy.
  • Our Ghosts Are Different: Most of the ghosts diverge from mainstream paranormal expectations.
  • Pragmatic Villainy: In "Phantom Planet", this is why they ultimately help Danny save the world from the Disasteroid; the Ghost Zone and Earth are linked, and if the planet is destroyed, the Ghost Zone will go with it.