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Kari Gray is, first and foremost, a shipper. She mostly loves ships with lots of subtext because "I happen to have an unfortunate masochistic gene...and, okay, I love to gloat my brains out when my One True Pairing becomes Canon". Although she likes subtle romances, she doesn't go for anything that's non-canon. Fellow shippers describe her as "the right kind of crazy".

She is a self-declared pacifist who has a tendency to speak very loudly ("I am using my indoors voice!!!") and an intolerance for injustice. She has a Sweet Tooth and loves good food; this usually results in her dieting once a month every year. Kids tend to fight over her attention and dogs like to follow her around a lot. She’s not quite sure why.


She is currently struggling between her love of Human Biology and her obsession with writing/books/anime/manga. She describes it as "having to pick between crispy peking duck and cookie-dough ice cream". She occasionally works as a Teacher's Assistant and claims to maintain her sanity after teaching a hyper class of 12 year olds for 5 hours. It remains to be seen if said claim is true.

She spends most of her time in the Fullmetal Alchemist fandom. She is a steadfast RoyAi (Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye) shipper who was witnessed to laugh hysterically and randomly shriek 'CANON!!!' for half an hour when the two were confirmed to be an Official Couple in an interview. Kari Gray is reported to neither deny nor regret this display of insanity.

She is well-known to fellow RoyAi shippers as My-name-is-foxglove on and as mayura_4_loki on livejournal. Her source of well-known-ness is her 100 Royai themes fanfic Black and Blond, which has received over 300 reviews and over 100 followers/favorites. Yes, she does count.


Kari Gray tends to randomly appear and disappear from the net. People who don't know her think she's got more important stuff to do. She does, but that doesn't mean she's doing them.

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