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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Charlie able to hold his own for a decent period of time against a gang of muscled thugs until the numbers game catches up with him.
  • King Gator chasing Carface at the end... no, better still, his entire Big Damn Heroes moment counts. It starts out with him coming out of nowhere (naturally) and then not only does he free Charlie from being drowned but he also tears a hole through the ship! Sure, the ship wasn't exactly in top notch condition to begin with, but still.
    • The very start is an amazing "Shit is about to get real" moment, as Charlie is bitten and lets out the same howl King Gator loved so much, followed by the utterly silent image of Gator surfacing outside.
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  • Charlie putting Anne-Marie's life above his own, considering what he knew and where he would be going? It's an act of sacrifice so selfless and noble that he earns his way into Heaven.
  • The Giant Hell Beast (hell hound) having no power within Annabelle's presence, the Angel Whippet, whom was several times smaller in size. It was significantly intimidating during the scene of Charlie's return, right up until it rears up in anger when she appears and she casually plows past it like it isnt even there. Devastating it with a burst of blue flame and light seemingly caused just by being in close proximity to her, the last we see of the multi-story hellhound it has been sundered into ash and nothingness as it lets out a defeated groan while Annabelle makes her way to Charlie.

Alternative Title(s): All Dogs Go To Heaven 2


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