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  • Todd coming to the class's rescue in the pilot movie.
  • Mrs. Jewls climbing up the school from the outside to check on her class in "Class Cow".
  • Dana finally breaking the rules and getting Myron to stop being 'it' in "He is It".
  • Todd turning his oral report into a dance routine to win the dance contest with Maurecia.
  • Todd somehow held up the ENTIRE SCHOOL when it was falling over. After several attempts to fix it, Kidswatter comes along and just puts an origami crane under it.
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  • Maurecia turning from a girly girl into a tough roller skating tomboy after Fluffy is turned into a pineapple and using her newfound speed to save the class and defeat Mrs. Gorf.
  • Myron actually pulling his weight and creating a amazing swimming routine when Maurecia gets a cramp in "My Partner Gets All the Credit".
  • Louis taking the Wayside final exam. He may not have finished but it's revealed he actually did graduate after Myron comes back.
  • Myron outwitting Le Chef and saving the school.
  • Todd and Maurecia saving the whole class by holding each other's hands in "Age of Aquarium".

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