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Awesome / Assassin's Creed: Embers

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You don't mess with a Master Assassin, no matter how old he is.

  • The Chinese Emperor's agents attack Ezio's villa at night. Ezio gets more kills than Shao Jun, who is probably a third his age and in her prime.
    • Ezio manages to pull off a hook-and-run without the hookblade, then a disarm counter.
    • He nabs another kill by throwing his fire poker through a dude's eye.
    • Not to mention his flying, spinning stab that gets another guy in the eye.
    • Along with that, he jumps out a window and kills the truck of a man while being tackled.
    • And at the end, while having back pains, the old Mentore laughs it off, as if saying 'Still Got It!'
    • The crowner has to be when Jun slits a bad guy's throat with a hidden blade in her shoe. Using a roundhouse kick.
    • The unnamed Brute agent gets one: he got stabbed through the goddamned eye by Ezio, and is clearly in obvious pain, but it doesn't slow him down at all.


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