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Awesome / Dennis the Menace

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  • In the cartoon, any time Mr. Wilson stands up for Dennis is this and a Heartwarming Moment.
  • Dennis saving a lumberjack from a Conveyor Belt of Doom in "Timber Wolves".
  • Dennis, Joey, Margaret and Gina helping Henry and Mr. Wilson catch a purse snatcher in "Strike up the Band".
  • In "Nothin' to be Afraid of", Dennis shows Joey that the Haunted Mansion ride isn't scary by showing him the mechanics. They also wind up scaring the living daylights out of Margaret and Gina.
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  • In the movie, while he and Mr. Wilson are discussing the combination to the latter’s safe, Dennis immediately makes the correct guess of what it is (Mr. Wilson’s address), which is kind of impressive for a 5-year-old.
  • Any pain or injury towards Swissblade Sam can feel like karma for him. Plus the fact he got defeated by a 5 year old.


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