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Trivia / Dennis the Menace

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The animated series

  • Cross-Dressing Voices: PeeBee, Tommy and Joey
  • Edited for Syndication:
    • The current version of the show, which debuted in 1992 replaces the original opening and ending sequences in all but one episode. Moreover, this carries over to the DVD releases.
    • When the series aired on Fox Family in the late 90s, the original opening was used, albeit shortened to allow more time for commercials. A commercial break was added in the middle of the second segment and the original bumpers were edited out along with compressed credits.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes:
    • Averted for the original 1986 series. Mill Creek Entertainment released it in its entirety in September 2016 after releasing the first season two years earlier. Up until that point, only a few individual segments were released on VHS and DVD.
    • Twelve episodes of the 1993 series were released in 2004 in Australia but they're now out of print.
  • Meaningful Release Date: In "Lean Green Jumping Machine", Dennis and his pals meet a man with a strong resemblance to Mark Twain and his works are featured prominently in the episode. Halley's Comet visited Earth in 1835 (the year Twain was born), 1910 (the year Twain died) and 1986 (the year this episode aired).
  • Name's the Same: In All-New Dennis the Menace, there's a teacher named Miss Finster, which is also the name of a character on Recess. Coincidentally, she also has the same voice actor as Miss Grotke from the same show.

The film

  • Actor-Shared Background: Mr. Wilson refers to when he was five years old in 1925. Walter Matthau was indeed born in 1920.
  • Billing Displacement: Christopher Lloyd (as Switchblade Sam) is top-billed on the posters, followed by Joan Plowright (Martha Wilson), Lea Thompson (Alice Mitchell), Paul Winfield (the Chief of Police)... and then Mason Gamble and Creator/Walter atthau, who only play, er, Dennis and Mr. Wilson.
  • The Other Darrin: The sequels both had a completely different cast from the original:
    • Mason Gamble / Justin Cooper / Maxwell Perry Cotton (Dennis Mitchell)
    • Walter Matthau / Don Rickles / Robert Wagner (George Wilson)
    • Joan Plowright / Betty White / Louise Fletcher (Martha Wilson)
    • Robert Stanton / Dwier Brown / George Newbern (Henry Mitchell)
    • Lea Thompson / Heidi Swedberg / Kim Schraner (Alice Mitchell)
    • Kellen Hathaway / Danny Turner / Jake Beale (Joey)
    • Amy Sakasitz / Jacqueline Steiger / China Anne McClain (Margaret Wade)
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  • Real-Life Relative: Mason Gamble's actual sister Casey has a bit part as a neighborhood kid playing hide and seek.
  • What Could Have Been:

The live-action series

  • Billing Displacement: For the first three years, the credits featured Jay North by himself, and then one screen with three credits in the order of Herbert Anderson (Henry), Gloria Henry (Alice), and Joseph Kerns (Mr. Wilson). When Gale Gordon joined the cast, he became the second person to be credited, followed by Anderson and Henry.

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