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Recap / Dennis the Menace

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1959 Series:

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    Season One 
  1. Dennis Goes to the Movies
  2. Dennis and the Signpost
  3. The Fishing Trip
  4. Grandpa and Miss Cathcart
  5. Innocents in Space
  6. Dennis' Garden
  7. The New Neighbors
  8. Tenting Tonight
  9. Dennis Sells Bottles
  10. Mr. Wilson's Award
  11. The Christmas Story/Dennis & Christmas
  12. Dennis and the Cowboy
  13. Dennis Haunts a Horse
  14. Dennis' Tree House
  15. Dennis and the Rare Coin
  16. Dennis and the Bike
  17. Dennis and the Open House
  18. Dennis and the Duck
  19. Dennis and the Swing
  20. Dennis and the Dog
  21. Mr. Wilson's Sister
  22. Dennis and the TV Set
  23. Dennis Creates a Hero
  24. Dennis' Paper Drive
  25. Dennis and the Bees
  26. Alice's Birthday
  27. Dennis Becomes a Baby Sitter
  28. Dennis and the Starlings
  29. The Party Line
  30. Dennis By Proxy
  31. Dennis Runs Away
  32. Miss Cathcart's Sunsuit

    Season Two 
  1. Out of Retirement
  2. Dennis and the Wedding
  3. Dennis and the Radio Set
  4. Dennis and the Ham-pher
  5. The Stock Certificate
  6. Man of the House
  7. The Rock Collection
  8. Henry and Togetherness
  9. Paint-up, Clean-up Week
  10. Dennis Learns to Whistle
  11. The Raffle Ticket
  12. The Christmas Horse
  13. Dennis' Allowance
  14. Dennis' Penny Collection
  15. Dennis, the Campaign Manager
  16. Miss Cathcart's Friend
  17. Pythias Was a Piker
  18. Dennis and the Saxophone
  19. Wilson Sleeps Over
  20. Dennis' Birthday
  21. Dennis Goes to Camp
  22. Dennis' Tool Chest
  23. The Going Away Gift
  24. Dennis and the Fishing Rod
  25. Dennis and the Good Example
  26. Dennis' Obligation
  27. The Dog Trainer
  28. Woodman, Spare that Tree
  29. The Boy Wonder
  30. The Soapbox Derby
  31. Dennis and the Camera
  32. Dennis and the Miracle Plant Food
  33. Dennis' Newspaper
  34. Mr. Wilson's Paradise
  35. The Fortune Cookie
  36. The Pioneers
  37. Father's Day For Mr. Wilson
  38. Dennis and the Picnic

    Season Three 
  1. Trouble From Mars
  2. Best Neighbor
  3. Keep Off The Grass
  4. Mr. Wilson's Safe
  5. Haunted House
  6. The School Play
  7. The Fifty-Thousandth Customer
  8. Dennis and the Pee Wee League
  9. Mr. Wilson's Inheritance
  10. Dennis is a Genius
  11. The Lucky Piece
  12. The Fifteen-Foot Christmas Tree
  13. Dennis' Bank Account
  14. Though Thick and Thin
  15. Calling All Bird Lovers
  16. Silence is Golden
  17. Dennis Has a Fling
  18. Frog Jumping Contest
  19. Where There's a Will
  20. Mr. Wilson's Uncle
  21. A Quiet Evening
  22. The Private Eye
  23. Mr. Wilson's Housekeeper
  24. A Dog's Life
  25. Dennis' Documentary Film
  26. Horseless Carriage Club
  27. Junior Pathfinders Ride Again
  28. The Treasure Chest
  29. Wilson Goes to the Dentist
  30. The Man Next Door
  31. Dennis and the Dodger
  32. Dennis' Lovesick Friend
  33. John Wilson's Cushion
  34. John Wilson Wins a Chicken
  35. The Bully
  36. The Club Initiation
  37. The Community Picnic
  38. Dennis and the Witch Doctor

    Season Four 
  1. The Chinese Girl
  2. You Go Your Way
  3. Dennis and the Circular Circumstances
  4. The Little Judge
  5. Poor Mr. Wilson
  6. Dennis in Gypsyland
  7. The New Principal
  8. San Diego Safari
  9. Dennis at Boot Camp
  10. Henry's New Job
  11. Wilson's Second Childhood
  12. Jane Butterfield Says
  13. Dennis and the Hermit
  14. My Uncle Ned
  15. Junior Astronaut
  16. Wilson's Little White Lie
  17. Dennis, the Rain Maker
  18. The Creature with the Big Feet
  19. Dennis, the Confused Cupid
  20. Dennis Goes to Washington
  21. The Big Basketball Game
  22. Wilson's Allergy
  23. Baby Booties
  24. My Four Boys
  25. Dennis and the Homing Pigeons
  26. A Tax on Cats
  27. The Uninvited Guest
  28. Dennis Plays Robin Hood
  29. The Three F's
  30. Never Say Die
  31. The Lost Dog
  32. Tuxedo Trouble
  33. Hawaiian Love Song
  34. The Lucky Rabbit's Foot
  35. Listen to the Mockingbird
  36. First Editions
  37. A Man Among Men
  38. Aunt Emma Visits the Wilsons


1986 Series:

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    Season One 
  1. So Long, Old Paint/Trembly Assembly/Private I
  2. A Visitor From Outer Space/Train That Boy/Genie Madness
  3. Cheer Up/Ghost Blusters/The Life You Save
  4. Shark Treatment/Jungle Bungle/Racetrack Menace
  5. All the President's Menace/The Love Rowboat/Wilson the Menace
  6. Fishing For Trouble/Future Fortune/Time Bomb
  7. Spah Blahs/Whale of a Tale/Disaster on the Green
  8. Here, Kitty/Circus Berserkus/The Monster of Mudville Flats
  9. The Price of Stardom/Space Menace/The Magic Flute
  10. Dennis' Yard Sale/The Abominable Snow Menace/It Came From the Planet Dennis
  11. Snowman Madness/The Invisible Kid/Home Destruction
  12. Chitty Moon Walk/Wet 'N Wild/Dennis at the Movies
  13. The Supermarket/The Big Candied Apple/The Defective Detector
  14. Henry The Menace/Come Fly With Me/Camping Out
  15. Up Up and Away (From Here)/Going Ape/Dennis the Pirate
  16. It's a Ruff Life/Professor Myron Mentalapse/Dennis Race 2000
  17. A Better Mousetrap/The Wizzer of Odd/Canine Car Wash
  18. Ride'Em Cowboy/Tenting Tonight/A Hare Raising Tale
  19. Medieval Evil/Beaver-Mania/Say Uncle
  20. Hopping Mad/Mayan Mayhem/The Big Power Trip
  21. Strong Medicine/Gold Strike/Lights! Camera! Mud!
  22. Invasion of the Blob/Wild West Show-Down/The Hen Party
  23. Up Up and Oh Boy!/The Company Picnic/Aw Nuts!
  24. Clip-Joint Capers/Tanks For the Memory/Second Honeymoon
  25. A Couple of Coo-Coos/The Cloneheads/Nothing But the Tooth
  26. Mummy's Little Boy/Horsing Around/Dennis Plasters Pamplona
  27. Dennis Predicts/Dennis and the Kangaroo Cavalry/Meatball Mess
  28. My Fair Dennis/A Good Knight's Work/Life in the Fast Lane
  29. A Nightmare at the Opera/A Royal Pain/Having a Marbleous Time
  30. Marky the Menace/Dennis the Genius/A Step Ahead
  31. The Boss Gets Scalped/Mr. Dennistein/Lean Grean Jumping Machine
  32. Laundry Business/Journey to the Center of Uncle Charlie's Farm/Dennis Springs Into Action
  33. Ruff's Hat Trick/A Moving Experience/Lemon-Aid
  34. Sounds in the Night/Dennis Does Hollywood/Ruff to the Rescue
  35. The Bicycle Thief/Menace of the Mine Shaft/Margaret's Birthday Party
  36. So Sorry!/Shock Therapy/Yard Wars'
  37. Ruff's Masterpiece/Going to the Dogs/Big Baby
  38. Building a Better Dog House/Dennis and the Dragon/Hic!
  39. Strike Up the Band/Queen of Chinatown/Tale of a Tux
  40. Give a Little Whistle/Charmed I'm Sure/After Hours
  41. Baseball's Best Ballplayer/Mr Wilson's Diet/The Backyard Band
  42. Double Dennis/Timber Wolves/Help Not Wanted
  43. Million Dollar Dennis/3-D and Me/Barber Shop Disharmony
  44. Bowling For Dennis/Dennis Conquers the Navy/The Longest Half-Yard
  45. Vampire Scare/Give Me Liberty or Give Me Dennis/Wilson For Mayor
  46. Dangerous Detour/The Prodigy/The Chimp
  47. High Steel/Bicycle Mania/Little Dogs Lost
  48. Dennis Destroys Dallas/Black and Blue Hawaii/Oil's Well That Ends Well
  49. Door to Door Bore/Dennis in Venice/Young Sherlock Dennis
  50. Surf's Up/Yo Ho Ho/The Karate Kiddie
  51. Dennis and the Deep/K-9 Kollege/Housepests
  52. Animalympics/No Bones About It/Dennis Takes the Cake
  53. Quiet Riot/The Magic Pen/A Feeling For Stealing
  54. Househusband Henry/Wheeling and Double-Dealing/Stop That Car!
  55. Lights, Camera, Auction!/Boy Ahoy! Faulty Alarm
  56. Hail to the Chief/Dennis in Microchipland/Handy Dandy Dennis
  57. Dennis the Businessman/Soccer it to Me, Dennis/Camp Over Here-Over There
  58. Hullaballoo at the Harmony Homes/Phantom of the Wax Museum/Dennis and the Gypsy Woman
  59. Attack of the Giant Tomatoes/The Dinosaur Doozy/Funhouse Grouch
  60. Dennis Rocks Out/Deserted With Dennis/Fashionable Menace
  61. Back to the Drawing Board/Part-Time Helper/G.I. George
  62. Wanted: Scarface Wilson/Ruff Come Home/10-4 Dennis
  63. Heroes Unwelcome/The Martians are Coming/Ancient Olympics
  64. Pool Haul/Fool for Gold/Nothin' to Be Afraid Of
  65. Yankee Doodle Dennis/Dennis the Barnstormer/Trial and Error

    Season Two 


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