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  • Ceridian convincing Death herself to let his daddy and stepmother asking nicely.
  • "Heaven or Las Vegas" Plot: The Zamarons, attempting to refine the process behind the Star Sapphire rings, and figure out what makes the GreenLanterns tick, capture Earth's Lanterns and their current sweethearts (except Hal - he ends up with a "greatest hits" collection), and put them in a bad, theme-park rendition of Vegas. This includes Kyle and Jenny (Jade). Separated from Jenny, Kyle literally stumbles into one of his sillier sexual fantasies. He fights through that, only to have a Sinestro Corps member show up. Queue Jenny barging in and brawling said Yellow Lantern on a bed, both of them covered in massage oil. The Sinestro Corps member is teleported out of there. Kyle and Jenny start having a moment...and in comes a Star Sapphire gem. Jenny successfully fights it off, only to have it hit Kyle instead. She argues with the Sapphire to let Kyle go. The Zamarons are so freaked out by both Jenny and the idea that a male can get nailed by their concept of love that they recall the gem. Manages to be Crowning Moments of Awesome, Heartwarming, AND Funny in different places.
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  • The plot of "J." Jericho has been trapped inside the heroes' computer system for years, with a nasty technopath and a menacing avatar of a black lion in pursuit, thwarting his attempts to summon help. Thinking he's a hacker, Oracle tracks him down, only for Jericho's powers to misfire and trap her in the system with him. Queue Oracle realizing that she isn't confined to a wheelchair in cyberspace and might be even more frightening there than she was as the original Batgirl.
  • In "Cry for Justice" (No relation to the DC story of the same name). the JLA has tracked Dr. Light back to the old satellite where he once attacked Sue Dibny. Light's enhanced powers are unleashed and the satellite;s defenses turned against the heroes. The JLA team are on the ropes - Green Arrow's lost an arm, Hal Jordan is critically injured, The Flash and Black Canary were knocked out. Ralph Dibny tries to suffocate Light by pouring himself down Light's throat, but it's not working. Then in storms Sue Dibny, armed with Hal's ring and swearing a blue streak in English and Yiddish. She literally opens up a can of whoop-ass on him, distracting Light long enough for John Constantine to subtly bend the laws of physics in the immediate area to cause Light to blow himself to bits.
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  • Most of the Titans readers and Titans fans on DCN were less than thrilled with Dolphin as a romantic lead for Tempest, which made the scenes where she is being a bitch to "King of the Woobies" Garth that much more vile, expecially concidering Tula's ghost was fettered to Garth and cannot do anything while she watches the man she loves get abused for YEARS. Finally, the odds get evened, Tula and Dolphin are, due to story events, on the astral plane, fighting. Tula proceeds to take out much pent-up frustration on Dolphin's person with extreme prejudice.

Cartoon Network's DC Nation

  • In the second Tales of Metropolis, Lois Lane goes through some pretty impressive lengths to land an interview with Batman. She swims to Gotham City, punches a thug, and sneaks into Penguin's hideout, all the while bombarding Bats with questions and never breaking a sweat. Ultimately she succeeds in getting Batman to tell her six things about his career.note 
    • Also when she saw that Jimmy Olsen had been captured by the Penguin, she immediately proclaimed she'd save him. The only reason she didn't do so was that she remembered she was on Batman's turf and that it would have been rude for her to intervene.
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    • The short becomes even more awesome in itself when you remember that Batman is one of the most illusive characters in the DC Universe, capable of sneaking past even Superman himself. Lois manages to surpass the Bat in stealth and surprise, much to his astonishment and frustration. Maybe she has a minor in ninjutsu?
  • The fact that Plastic Man, I repeat, Plastic Man was able to best Batman when he was still a thief, as in before he got his powers.
  • The Batman Beyond short made to celebrate Batman's 75th anniversary has a very awesome tribute to the Batman franchise in general that begins with Terry and Bruce taking down a robot duplicate of Bruce when he was Batman. Shortly after that, they get into a battle with robot duplicates of the Golden Age Batman and the incarnations of Batman that appear in the campy 1960's show, the 1989 film, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, The Batman, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and Beware the Batman.

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