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Is the entirety of 52 out of this?

  • Player Reply: Nationverse broke off from DC continuity before 52 was written, and therefore ignores it in favor of the concept of hypertime which has infinite universes and timelines. This is further reinforced by having an original character, Shift, use hypertime manipulation as a power.
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  • Second Player Reply: You will see a lot more of Hypertime coming soon, both Shift's fault and not his fault. When it's his fault, it will be him trying more than his running/flying brick powers. When it's not... expect cool stuff to go down.

Cartoon Network block

  • Why is Cartoon Network so incredibly determined to screw over this block and the shows that air on it (sans Teen Titans Go!)?
    • Because once they realized that Young Justice and Green Lantern had a healthy following of female fans, they decided continuing the shows weren't worth it because they think that girls don't buy toys. I wish I was making this up.

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