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  • A Funny Moment on JLA Watchtower-DCNation universe: Ralph Dibny is busy battling Sonar, leaving Flash and Hal Jordan to take Sue (who is in labor) up to the Watchtower. Mid-Nite is in surgery, and can't be paged, leaving the Dibnys' kid to be delivered by Flash, Hal, Martian Manhunter, and ''Eel O'Brien!''. For extra fun, get a Yiddish dictionary, since Nationverse-Sue is very fluent in Yiddish swearing.
    Sue: "Can you schmendricks get me to a god DAMNED doctor?!"
    Plastic Man:"Whoaaa, Sue Dibs, baby, this is NOT how I ever wanted to peek up your skirt!"
    Martian Manhunter: "Hal. Your ring. It can give you medical information and instructions, correct?"
    Plastic Man: "Sorry, but your ass is in the general vicinity of some major ju-ju that I REALLY don't want to get close to right now! Ask me again later!"
    Hal "Yes, but I...Damn. Damn. Just... damn. Ring, please bring up information on human reproduction... err... the delivery of human children. And begin providing pain-relief to Sue immediately.
    Flash "Should I be boiling water? You're supposed to boil water - or is that for the flu? Uh... do we have paper towels?"
    • Special applause for that scene should go to the two players who were Talking To Themselves with all this rapid-fire dialog.
  • It's on the black humor side, but, in the "Two Addicts" flashback scene where Garth is de-toxing from drugs from Chemical World, Dolphin is shown interfering with the Titans attempts to help him, leaving them exasperated. Tula, Garth's former lover, who is a ghost attached to him as a fetter offers a questioning speculation as to why Garth stick with the crazy girl.
    Tula: She gives you absolutely mind-blowing orgasms, right Garth?" Tula asked her unconscious boyf— ex-boyfriend. Mind. Blowing. Because she's not earning herself any points here.

Cartoon Network's DC Nation

  • Just about all the New Teen Titans shorts, including:
    • "Turn Back the Clock"
    • "Blackfire’s Babysitter"
    • "Taped In Front of a Live Studio Audience"
    • "Red X Unmasked"
      • The whole thing is practically one long Fandom Nod.
  • Vibe's break dancing contest.
    • "Curse your dopeness!"
  • Animal Man breaking down in tears because he couldn't stop Black Manta from destroying a crab's sand castle.
    Animal Man: I'M SO SORRY!
    • Also, Animal Man ignoring an invasion by Darkseid to chew out a guy for tying his dog to the sidewalk.
    Animal Man: You can't just leave your dog! A dog is a big responsibility! THE SKY IS ON FIRE! It's dangerous!
  • Teen Titanic, spoofing the movie with the Teen Titans cast, Young Justice cast and Blue Scarab. Special mention goes to Raven going happily "AZARATH METRION ZINTHOOOOOOOSSS!!!" spoofing the 'arms spread' scene with "My Heart Will Go On" instrument on.
  • The Farm League version of Catwoman, Cat Cat.
  • "Cyborg the Lifeguard", featuring a repeat of Cyborg's attempts as a lifeguard at a swimming pool, constantly failing miserably. The beginning started changing with Cyborg usually looking enthusiastic with his new job until it's eventually about his arms crossed, his face look annoyed and he starts the segment with "What!?"
  • In Tales of Metropolis: featuring Bizarro, Bizarro tries to enter the Daily Planet disguised as mild mannered reporter, Not-Bizarro. Lois Lane tells him no one is fooled, then Jimmey Olsen walks by totally fooled by the disguise. Bizarro later tries to give Lois a memory-erasing kiss to make her forget his alter ego, but she suggests that they do the opposite, and walks away without getting smooched.
    • His idea for dealing with Brainiac's invasion?
      Bizarro: Superman would throw spaceship into the sun! Me do the opposite - throw sun into spaceship! (Plunges hands into the sun) Ow. Ow. OW. OW. OW!
  • At the end of "Mayhem At First Sight" which has The Amazing Mumbo singing about falling in love with and marrying Mother Mae-Eye. After the Titans bring him down, Slade literally just pops out of nowhere.
    Slade: Why don't I ever get to sing?
  • When Lois interviews Batman in her Tales of Metropolis short, he tells her about his fear of bats and his low regard for Killer Moth, among other things, in a blunt and deadpan manner. Then they both discover that the Penguin has trapped Jimmy Olsen, and both exclaim, "I'll save him!"
    • Funnier yet, Batman apparently considers his scariest villain to be the Ten-Eyed Man, widely regarded by fans as one of the lamest villains in his entire rogues gallery.
  • In the Metal Men short "Cash for Gold", the Metal Men try to earn money to cover the damages they make to Doc Magnus's lab and end up turning in Gold for the money they need. Not only does Doc not question the absence of Gold, but when the Metal Men start deliberately wrecking his lab after he informs them that they didn't need money because he was insured, Doc Magnus just shrugs and joins the Metal Men in wrecking the place.
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  • When Billy Batson consults the Elders to answer a math question he's stumped on in the Shazam short "Wisdom", the Elders get into an argument about the question and are still shown arguing even after Billy figures out the answer himself using his Shazam persona.
  • Elliot "Lucky" Taylor ending up with the voice of a girl in the Creature Commandos short "Lucky Day".
  • Green Arrow and his artificially intelligent bow crying and declaring each other his best friend in the Green Arrow short "Cupid".
  • The New Teen Titans short "Kidz Korner 4 Kidz" is in general a very funny parody of shows aimed at little kids like Sesame Street and Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. The best parts include Raven saying that she is reading a book and the other Titans playing with balls should try it sometime and Beast Boy being late for the "Find Beast Boy" game.
  • Trigon attempting to warm up to Raven in the New Teen Titans short "Bad Dad", especially when he gives Raven a stuffed rabbit and politely asks if he can eat her soul.

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